Diaries of a Tron:Legacy Fanatic

20 Dec

Dear Diary,

I have a feeling my friends are all tired of me dominating their Facebook feeds with back-to-back posts about Tron:Legacy… as if the billboards and commercials weren’t enough already. So I’m going to fangirl in private. I watched the movie in IMAX-3D right after my flight from China, jaw-dropped the entire time. I stepped outside the movie theatre onto the grid of the Real World, imperfect in the way the Grid was “perfect”. I’m glad I got a taste of the Grid when I visited Disneyland weeks before, for the elecTRONica street club/party (read my post about it here). The Daft Punk cameo nearly caused me to wet my pants. Is my life that unexciting that I have to find solace in a fictional, glow-in-the-dark world? Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces, and we are notorious for living in our imaginations 70% of the time. Or maybe I’m just bored of my environment, despite the fact I was traversing in Asia the last week (wait.. that’s another attribute of Pisces… right?)

I went to see the movie again the next day at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood–a dazzling laser show preceded the viewing.

Tron:Legacy laser show at the El Capitan Theatre.

A replica of the shiva device transporting you into the Grid (at the El Capitan)

I must say I enjoyed the movie more the second time… and who am I kidding, I have to see it again with my dad, for whom I just bought a Tron Light Cycle toy for (I got the Kevin Flynn one). The more I look at that toy the more I realize I should have bought one for myself… I mean, it LIGHTS UP!!!!!! Damn it’s cool.

!!!!! Now I really want one for myself!!!!

While at the Disney store next to the El Capitan, I also picked up the hard copy of the Tron soundtrack. I must point out 2 extremely cool things about this item:

1. The CD resembles an identity disc–it’s completely black on both sides, the top side printed with circles of turquoise.
2. The CD insert explains how the soundtrack was created, starting with Daft Punk meeting with director Joseph Kosinski at 101 Cafe in Hollywood, WHICH IS LITERALLY DOWN THE STREET FROM WHERE I LIVE! HOLY CRAP!!!!

Tron:Legacy soundtrack CD

Reverse side of Tron:Legacy soundtrack CD

After viewing the movie for the 2nd time, listening to the soundtrack on repeat, and cozying up in bed with my Tron:Legacy artbook, I started sketching the details for my Quorra costume (next year’s Comic-Con), trolling the web for screencaps and promotional images. I guess it’s no wonder my friends all associate me=Tron. Sigh.

And while scouring the internet for images, I stumbled upon this poster of BRILLIANCE!! I need more music posters to adorn my room, anyway. AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Unfortunately it was only sold with the pre-order of the soundtrack. But you know what that means! Time to eBay.

Tron:Legacy Daft Punk limited edition poster. Image via highsnobiety.com

Well, that’s enough Tron talk for now. Better get back to work and contemplate things happening in real time, like Christmas and potlucks.

The Menace

P.S. Cool elevator unit in my Guangzhou hotel. Portal into the Grid?

Why do I feel like I'm the only one who is giddy over these things 😦

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