Everything Is Better With Zombies.

11 Feb

Especially Oregon Trail.

Thank you to The Men Who Wear Many Hats for introducing to us the lovely game of “Organ Trail”= Oregon Trail, with zombies. Instead of worrying about one of your comrades dying of snake venom, you have an important life decision once one of your passengers gets bitten by a zombie–kill them, or no? Depends how long you can utilize the manpower for.

I was about halfway through the game until the constant clicking of the spacebar grew a bit too conspicuous as I sat here at work, but my entire team died save for the leader. Yeah, I named them after all the members of the K-pop boy group Big Bang, heh.


Sure, Facebook’s revamped Oregon Trail is pretty cool, but this is a throwback to the original DOS-style Oregon Trail, updated with zombies (therefore better). Your important life decisions include:

1. Scavenging for food (pressing the spacebar to shoot zombies)
2. Trading with survivors
3. Buying fuel. I guess this would be in place of repairing your wagon, except I really hate keeping my eye on my mileage in-game, GRRRRR.
4. Facing zombie mobs (not as bad as it seems)

Important life decisions

So it’s now almost 12:30pm on your Friday (PST), if you’ve got nothing to do while crunching away on that goddamn mundane Excel spreadsheet (or if Oregon Trail on FB is lagging), head on over to hatsproductions.com and you’ve got entertainment for the next 3 hours.

One Response to “Everything Is Better With Zombies.”

  1. facebook February 16, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    i love it

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