21 Feb

Hola dudes, MegaWoman here, back from an extended unofficial hiatus. I’ll bet you’re wondering – where’ve I been? You know, the usual – writing other shit, marathoning Party Down (Are we having fun yet?), doing bootyshots (that’s when you do the shot out of the stripper’s butthole instead of the torso). That was two truths and a lie, in case you hadn’t figured that out, you disgusting creeps.

Recently I had the pleasure of purchasing, playing, and completing the first installment (of five) in Telltale Games’ Back to the Future series. As an obsessive fan of both the game production company and the film trilogy I was predisposed to enjoy it – they would’ve had to colossally fuck up for me not to. And lo and behold, I was pleasantly… pleased! Excuse the redundancy, my brain’s been suffering from a bit of retardation lately – my vocabulary hath escaped me.

I was first introduced to Telltale Games when they took over the helm from LucasArts in creating the newest installment of the Monkey Island series in Tales of Monkey Island. My insurmountable love for that franchise is something that’ll be saved for another post. I admire Telltale Games because they’ve proven themselves to have consistently brilliant writing – a high compliment coming from someone like me; I don’t just watch things… I judge them.

Back to the Future – The Game is no exception. The first episode, entitled “It’s About Time” was released on the PlayStation Network on February 15th. The story takes place about half a year after the third film – Doc Brown’s has been missing and, much to Marty’s dismay, all of his possessions are being sold. Suddenly, the DeLorean appears! There’s a mysterious message from Doc – he’s in trouble and Marty has to sleuth his way into figuring out where he is in time. He ends up in Prohibition-era Hill Valley, where Doc is incarcerated and Marty has to save his life! DA NA, NANANA! That was the Back to the Future theme song. It doesn’t translate well into text.

I was able to finish the episode in a very short amount of time – the puzzles are fairly simple and the gameplay is rudimentary – there are very few places to explore. However, these are the game’s weakest links. This is a game based off a movie, and it actually doesn’t suck! The interpretation of the beloved characters is crazily good – as is the voice work. Christopher Lloyd returns as the classic mad scientist figure Doc Brown, and, as Michael J. Fox wasn’t available to contribute, actor AJ LoCascio takes the helm as Marty McFly in a creepily spot on impression of Fox’s voice.

With a satisfying story, fun dialogue, and a tone that exactly matches that of the movies, Back to the Future – The Game is a virtual handjob for fans of the film franchise. So buy it and get your Happy Ending.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to rip the plastic off my copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to quell this massive anticipatory fighter-game ladyboner I’ve been sporting for the past year or so. PEACE.


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