Firefly Returns (sorta)

6 Mar

Reading the title of this post might have given you the (false) hope that the cult-classic TV show Firefly was finally getting more than 14 episodes…but, alas, you would be mistaken.

(Yes, I let you believe it for a sec. Bad Marz. But, rather than just being mad at me, reflect! Reflect on why you felt that angry at my raising and dashing of your hopes and remember that it is because Firefly is awesome. It’s awesome and you love it and even that brief moment of hope was totally worth it because it reignited and reminded you of your love of this series.)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, SHAME on you. Firefly is easily the one TV show that every single geek has to see.

Here’s your chance to watch it on TV, conceivably in the right order…already better than when it first aired. The Science Channel (of all things) is going to be airing all 14 episodes of the Firefly TV series on Sunday nights.

For me and other lovers of all things space cowboy, our favourite cancelled-before-its-time TV show is baaaack.

The Science Channel’s making it more science-y (and thus relevant to the channel’s title) by explaining the theoretical concepts behind the fiction. Apparently, terraforming might not be that far away.

The two hour pilot, Serenity, plays today at 8:00pm ET. Episode 1, The Train Job, will play at 10:00pm.  Every Sunday from now on, they’ll replay the episode from the week before at 9:00pm and play the next/new episode at 10:00pm. Watch it! That’s an order you should be happy to follow.

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