30 Mar

The title of this post is a very accurate representation of my face upon opening the box and deflowering my new 3DS. In fact, my face still kind of looks like this. It is a good thing I have no roommates, she/they would not approve of the current situation in my bedroom right now. Enough of my blabbering. You want to see the system, and I will give you a visual guide below, because I know you don’t really care to read at 8am on a Wednesday morning.

I got the black version.

The new stylus! Very sleek, love that the length is adjustable.

Compared to the DSi (back view). The stylus is located at the back of the 3DS.

Right side, stacked on top of the DSi. The 3DS is slightly thicker.

Left side showing volume control and SD card slot, compared to the DSi.

Main menu.

Different set of controls compared to the DSi, there is now a "Home" button!

If you're tired of the 3D you could switch it off or adjust the depth using this to toggle.

Hardware aside, I have not received my Lego Star Wars game yet (should be tomorrow) so I can’t write up my gameplay experience yet. HOWEVER, I did receive these interesting “AR Cards” that are fucking magical. Fucking. Magical. See below as I tried to capture my excitement:

Don't bend these babies.

You will see what these do, mwahahahahahhaah!!

If you find "AR Cards" on the home menu, follow the directions. First, it told me to line up the AR Card in a well-lit area, placing the card like so on a flat surface. I have taken a series of photos showing the card on my notebook as well as the graphics displayed on the screen.


Excuse my messy nightstand. Oh and yes, that is a Lego Stormtrooper Alarm Clock.

Onto the next level! To truly experience the 3D effect you are encouraged to move around, as long as you stay within 14" of the card. I had to move in order to shoot some of the targets. I realize how lame I must look while doing this.

Boss level, ahahahaha.

Now you may be wondering (or not) what the character cards do. Like the DSi, you can also take photos on the game system. I had a little too much fun with this.

The Link card. Photo is from the SD card. You can make him change poses.

Samusssssss. I don't have enough LIGHT in this damn room. I was going to setup Samus to fire at my Gundam model. Oh well.

Heh heh heh. I am so immature.

YEAH, Link vs Ryuk. When will you EVER see that outside of this blog? That's right.

There are a ton of other features that I did not write about but I’m sure you’ve read about the 3DS everywhere else and we don’t so much like to regurgitate information without adding our own spin to it on this blog.

One last thing I want to point out is the Mii Maker. You can walk around and try to pick up other Mii’s Mingle. Apparently, leaving your 3DS on “sleep mode” and having your wi-fi enabled, your Mii shared, will help to alert you of other Mii’s in your area as you walk around.

You can make a Mii! Just like the Wii! Do I really look like this? WHO KNOWS. MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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