Big Daddy

17 Jun

I know, nobody’s posted in a long time. I can say for myself that I’ve been trying to wrap up my 2 cosplays for Anime Expo and I have a slew of games I have not finished yet, anime I am halfway through watching, and manga queued up to my neck. Last week’s blog posts would have just been me blog-vomiting my excitement post-E3 debuts, I’m sure enough of your Facebook friends have spammed your feeds with all their “likes” already from the E3 streams so …. I’ll just write more when we get to the actual release dates of these games, yes?

Sunday is Father’s Day. Some of us are closer to our fathers, some of us are closer to our mothers. Many of my girl friends are close to their mothers, saying their mothers are their best friends. I’m pretty jealous; I can’t converse with my mom for over an hour without her expressing her disapproval of my hair color, my extracurricular activities, my car, the food I cook, the way I sit, etc etc. I just don’t get along with her at all. I will give my mom props for marathoning Initial D with me though, one summer in elementary school, that was very memorable.

My dad, on the other hand, I’m very close to. I know I’ve written about my dad before, probably very briefly, but Sunday is Father’s Day and he was instrumental in making me who I am today (who am I though :\) so I’m going to elaborate more on why my dad is more interesting than the Dos Equis man.

Firstly, my dad trolls me with photoshopped images and says they are real. My dad is a boss at Photoshop. He is also a boss at 3D Studio Max. Look at that image below, hell yes it was rendered.

My dad is a bawss

My dad builds Gundam models. I bought him a Master Grade last Father’s Day and he said he had too much work to do so he wouldn’t be able to build it until the next month. I went back to my parents’ house the following week and saw the legs assembled >>;

My dad cracks dirty jokes while we eat dinner. Well, I don’t live at my parents’ house anymore, but he used to tell us jokes in Chinese, and my mom would roll her eyes while my dad and I chuckled.

My dad owns the entire DVD box sets of Robotech and Full Metal Panic!

He collects Batmobile model cars.

He takes me to watch 3D movies; I took him to watch Tron:Legacy in 3D for Christmas and gave him a Lightcycle toy, which he displays next to his Bumblebee figure.

He bought me my first game system–Super NES.

He installed Doom on my first computer and taught me how to play. He bought me a lot of PC games after that, including the Tomb Raider games, Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA. I don’t really play games on the PC anymore though :\

But the above are pretty typical of dads, amirite? There are few that can say that their fathers cosplay, though….

2002 - As Cyclops. I remember he used empty film canisters for this.

2004 - My mom did the sewing, he did the sculpting.

2005 - "Fat Batman"... an original... lol... he was so proud of it. Hell, I'm proud of it.

2007 - CLOUD.

2008 - Wolverine. Asian one. Lol. Formed from fiberglass.

2008 - Wolverine. Asian one. Lol. Formed from fiberglass.

….and help them with props.

Here's my dad helping me on my Xianghua sword.


2 years ago though, something happened that would change my life forever. My dad, who had long been the breadwinner of our family, lost his job. I felt compelled to move back home and support my family, but at the same time I felt selfish because I had worked so hard to move out and solidify my career in LA. Not too many people know of this event because it’s not exactly a pleasant subject, but I was down for a while. I called my dad, and he told me not to move back home, that I had worked too hard to be on my own, and that he would figure something out to continue supporting the family. My mom had to start working, and my sister continued working her part-time job while all my parents’ money went into my sister’s college education. I realized I had nothing to bounce back upon, I didn’t have a backup in case I couldn’t pay my rent anymore, or if I had lost my job, I’d be fucked. My dad was jobless for a couple months. I never thought too much of money before, but after this whole deal, I started to watch my money a bit more carefully, and tried to do more for my parents. I had taken everything for granted, previously, and suddenly my mom was raving about how her friends felt sorry for her and were giving her groceries. I came home on several holidays to cook dinner for my family when my mom had to work overtime. As I already felt disconnected from my friends for graduating 3 years earlier than everyone and having to work instead of party, I had to grow up, now. My parents had always lived fairly modest, but this event flipped us 180 degrees. It brought all of us closer together, as we began to appreciate the little things, together. I think for that brief time, we were all happier than when my dad was the VP of a furniture design company, because he wasn’t working all the time–and he would help my mom with the household chores, and he’d help me on my cosplays. Christmas wasn’t about gifts for 2 years. It was a time for us to come together, eat the feast I made, listen to my mom whine about how I undercooked the string beans and almost gave everyone in our family food poisoning, the typical nagging.

My dad finally got a job last September, at another furniture design company (he is a furniture designer). I am not sure how things are going as he has been out of the country supervising production since December. He sends us (my family) emails everyday with pictures of Vietnam and China, where he’s been traveling back and forth. It’ll be unfortunate that he won’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day with me this year, otherwise I’d take him to see X-Men: First Class, but if he doesn’t come back soon I’m afraid this Gundam I got for him is going to be halfway completed.

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