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Voootttteee (I NEED MONNNEEYYY xD )

4 Jun

Other than this, I am supah busy..going to college takes lots of money which means I enter stupid lame contests. …so please check it out. ;___;

Sale! Sale! Sale!

30 Dec

Tell your friends!! xD

Go Buy Stuff!!!

I have some wigs up, fabric, lots of games, PSP stuff, anime, mangas, and some Chinese style clothes. Please help fund my Ikkicon trip. ♥♥


I want to post some pictures of what Juan and I found when we went to High Fashion Fabric store in Houston. He was so happy. ^_^

It was all around this huge building. It was nice. Plus it made the trip to Houston not so bad. He really had no reason to come only to keep me company. xD I’m glad that we found this.


CHRISTMAS! So what did everyone get?


I love it so much. I was so happy when I opened them both. Now I just need a lock for my door to make sure no one uses it when I’m gone. >_>

I also got a gift card to Best Buy for $100 … and went and blew it all. xD It has been a very long time that I have gone and blew a bunch of money on stuff I just well…want. xD Soooo, I got two Incubus CDs(S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Make Yourself) a new Thursday CD (at the time I thought so, but it just has three new songs and the rest are lives. >< ..but it comes with a DVD with lots of stuff on it…still, I was decieved…) and The Misfits (Famous Monsters) ..because Juan made me. xD Thheen I bought The Sims 2 (OMG I LOVE THAT GAME) and Final Fantasy XII…..that made me realize how long it’s been since I actually bought a video game. I never have time anymore to sit down and play them. ;_; …so now, I am making time. xD

So yeah, I have spent a long time working on that little stupid selling thread. Annnd writing our skit out for Ikkicon. I am super excited and wished I did not have to sleep. Why must humans sleep!? We waste so much time sleeping. Oh well, I will hopefully wake up somewhat early and start sewing. Yeah!


Before Christmas, on my time off, I went crazy and super cleaned my room. When I get my grandpa’s camera back, I will the before pictures, but for now, see what I have done. This is one side of my closet. The dumbass who designed the house I live in made the closets this way which is really stupid…>> …so now here is my cosplay side. HUGE improvement and way more organized than ever. ><

As for the other side, my ‘personal’ side…yeah, that’s another story. o_____O

….I think I am going to go to bed now..or play the Sims 2.

♥♥ Happy New Year everyone!! ♥♥

No Heater = No progress

16 Dec

So the heater isn’t working again. It hasn’t been for the whole day. When I woke up after thinking it was a school day(which was omg nice when I realized it was Sunday) the cold hit me. It was 50 degrees in my house. Maybe even lower(the thing only went to 50) So yeah, I have been cold…really cold. And when I am cold, I don’t really do much…at all. Good news I am almost done with my FIT and FIDM applications. I’m really scared. I have this really bad feeling that I’m not going to get in. But I have a school in Chicago that I am pretty much good to go with. The only thing that really worries me about it is that they don’t ask for any sketches, essay, or even a transcript. I just had to have an interview over the phone to see if I was *qualified* … oh well. Who knows what happens. For now, I just want to get everything done and sent.

Dinner at my house usually doesn’t happen. Well, let me take that back: It’s a good day when mom cooks. >__< So tonight I ate spaghetti with meatballs. o___o I didn’t eat much of it. The meatballs were gross.

Anyone else ever eat these things anymore other than kids? xD


…I think I’m going to get a bunch of covers and go to bed. ;_;

I hate trucks.

9 Dec

Soooooo…my weekend..well, it was planned really well, right? Wellll, half of the things I planned to do never happened. Why? Because of my damn truck. >_______________< So here’s what happened:

On the way to Baytown where Meaghan, Logan, Will, and I were going to see The Golden Compass and tons of other things, the light “Check Gages” comes on. After Will looks over my gages, it seems fine and we think it’s just faulty because my truck is somewhat old. So thinking nothing is wrong, Logan starts his myspace picture taking ritual.

Once we get on the highway, I notice that there are plastic bottles flying out of the back of my truck onto the road…on the highway. Yeah, it was freaken dangerous. Plus, at this time I notice my battery is dying. So, we pull over, on the highway shoulder, taking care not to turn the car off and try to control the hundreds of plastic bottles in the back of my truck. Why are these bottles in there in the first place?!? Michelle wants to recycle them, but never got them out of my truck. Thanks Michelle. So, after fixing all of that, we head out on the highway, now changing our plans from Hobby Lobby to Sears.

Once we get to Sears, we get a check up and decide to take a tour of Sears while we there. It was fun. We watched the beginning of Transformers and tried out the exercise stuff.

Then we go back and they tell me that I need a new battery, which would cost $53. Ok, I can do that, whatever, just let me get out of here. So thats all good. THEN, they tell me that I need a new alternator and without that, I have no lights and my truck would only run on the battery, which is not good. So I’m like ok, how much is that? $277. I didnt think I could afford. At all. So, with my mom at work, my step dad no where to be found, I opt to call my grandpa. So I get his credit card number and think everything will be ok. THEN they say that there are no more alternators, so the truck has to stay the night at Sears. >_______________________<


Logan’s family was in Baytown for to see the choir concert that their mom was singing and that we could hopefully see as well, so they helped me out. Logan’s dad, who can fix nearly anything, said that they were asking wayyy to much money for that and to just leave. I was able to make it to Autozone, where I got an alternator for about $200(with this ‘core charge’ that was $62 because I need to take back the old one to get my money back) Soooooo, we went to CiCis and Sallys. (WHICH WAS SO GOOD …I missed pizza..and after all that crap, oh man was it good xD ) Thennn, we saw Mr.Brown and Logan’s mom sing and play at the Christmas concert which was nice. I was sad because we had to leave for The Golden Compass…WHICH WAS AWESOME. xDD I am so reading that book now. I have only read The Subtle Knife. xD

So we made it home alive and the next day Logan’s dad put in my brand new alternator. Then I saw Juan and we watched UFC. Then we tried to fight like how they do in UFC. xDD It was fun. And he can pick heavy old me up on his shoulders and run. ^^ It makes me feel like I am not that big. Haha.

Then Logan, Meaghan, Carly, and I went to Dylons and Virginias Chirstmas party. It was fun. I got a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart. I like money. It adds up people. xD

Now I need to clean my room a bit and get ready for the band Christmas concert. Hopefully I can get someone to record all of it on my camera so my mom can see/hear us. ^__^

♥♥♥♥ Thanls stomponfrogs for fixing my layout. Everyone adore my new layout! xD ♥♥♥♥

!!!!!!!Thank you so much stomponfrogns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Dec

It’s been a while since I last posted because, honestly, I have been busy. >__< Who isn’t though? Sooo, I just had to start posting again when I found out that the layout that stomponfrogs made me was done. And I looooovvvve it. Thank you so much!! <333333 …but I didn’t do something right, so you could you help me. ;______; I failed at setting it up, but I love it so much. ^____^

Anywayyyys…things have been busy, like always. I have been sewing more, so that is always good. ^^ After the holidays, I only have a semester left of high school! ZOMG..awesome. xD But I am very sad because that means I have to leave all my friends and even Juan for college. I don’t want to at all. I hate it. I don’t want Juan going to the Marines. I just don’t. Gah, I don’t feel like typing and ranting on about that stuff right now.

I want to write more…I will later(ha) maybe tomorrow or something. We are going to see the Golden Compass Friday! YEAH! Plus I get to buy some stuff. o__o Waste er, spend some money. Not really..stuff for cosplay. Plus I need to buy Christmas gifts. >___< …hello amazon. ❤

And again ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH STOMPONFROGS <3333 I know how busy you are to so to make this for me really means a lot to me. <33333 If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. <33333

I am soooo not working….

22 Oct

I need to finish my Charles Dickens project. Bahhumbug!! ><;;

But I want to post about Oni-con. I only went Sunday, so here is my small collection of photos:

I made a skirt the night before (my own pattern and all ~ inspired by an outfit in a Gothic & Lolita Bible) and bought a red jacket from JCPennies for only $6!! I added some cute fur trim to the hoodie and some ears and I had something to wear. xD When I was making it all, I thought about my hair. Then I thought “Hey, why not go as Misa?” I have the Death Note that Logan made me and I have been wanting another excuse to carry it around. ^^ I usually don’t do things like that, but I wanted to cosplay with that cute Death Note. And it worked. ^__^

Tomorrow at school is “Dress up as your favorite hobbie” COSPLAY! xD Misa will get another wear! Good thing I washed it last night. xD

So at Oni-con we had a Houston Cosplay Scout gathering. It was really fun! I had a wonderful time meeting everyone! ^^

Also, I saw this:

He/She was walking with an Axel, so it made some kind of sense. o___o And the othe girl popped up out of no where. o_o



I’m gonna stop wasting time and work. >>


I am excited about cosplay though. ;_; Ikkicon yeah!


Oh and we are going to Area from Marching Band!!YEAH! I pray we can make it to state. :DD

Parental Controls Suck ASS

17 Oct

It’s a really sad day when I am celebrating the fact that I am now an administrator on the home computer and I have no more parental controls on the internet. Yes, sad day it is. Why, you ask? Because my mom went a little overboard with the new computer and thought “Well, all my other kids have blocks, so why not my 18 year old as well?” Actually, I’m not sure if that was her reasoning, but it was pretty stupid. The stupid things wouldn’t let me go to!! I can go to those sites on the school computers!! ><;;; Soooo, I demanded to have them taken off, because it was just ridiculous. If I really wanted porn, I could go out and buy it. Well, I pissed off my already pissed off and stressed mom so she didn’t change it. Then she had a bunch of days where she was working and she ‘forgot’ her password. Who knows if she really did, but I don’t think she did. But who cares. So, today, I get home and omg I have everything back. AND I can download music and stuff!! OMG Yeah…

I also found her debit card and I want food. Hmmm…(no one is here and there is no food ;____; ) and I can’t get a hold of anyone. Where is everyooonnee?!?!

The past weeks have been stressful. My nose stopped hurting about two weeks later and I started to switch it out with a cute gold ring. I put it in for the first time for the Tiger Army concert. OMG THEY WERE FUCKING AWESOME. I wish I could see them again. There are only a few English/American bands out there that I really like, and Tiger Army is most definitely one of them. Listen to their stuff. they rock. I bought an awesome shirt with Nick 13(lead singer and guitar) and took this picture:

Yeah, I’m a dork, but oh well. I loves it.

So why I am at it, why not post more photos? I thought that since I have my new camera, I want to start making this blog more of a photo blog..thing.. I think people enjoy photos because sadly you don’t have to read. xD And they are fun to see who is actually beyond these crazy entries. ^^;;;

This was after I got my hair cut. I wish I could style it like this again. ><;;; Stupid professional hairstylist. xD And this was when Juan and I were in the car wash. xDD

OMG MYSPACE PHOTO!1!!1 xD This was after we got back late at night from eating which was after the blasted Gatorfest pageant. >> I looved my hair and makeup + dress even if I didn’t win anything. It’s just a small stupid thing that is rigged through the ass. >>;;;

This is what happens when the only person around at the time in the band hall before a football game is Valerie and I and I have a camera. xDD She lurves the myspace photos. yes…we are dorks, we know. Thank you. xDD

Switch Day. ’nuff said.

Now I am going to find something to eat. -____-

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