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It’s A Different Kind Of Marathon

26 May

I’m gonna go off a tangent here and break away from our usual stream (it’s more like a drizzle now I suppose) of posts regarding new/cool stuff and take some time to talk about cosplay culture. FanimeCon is this weekend and after all the fun times I experienced, and good friends I made last year at Anime Expo, I am pretty excited to delve into that welcoming atmosphere again.

My mom was surprised and shocked that I’m still going to anime/comic book conventions at my age. I’m not really that old but she, like most others, associates animation with children, which is completely false because the anime I watch should not be viewed by children. No, wait, that’s not what it sounds like. Ah… whatever.

I wrote in one of the first gspot blog posts that I “fell out” of anime near the end of high school/beginning of college, then was drawn back in via Death Note. I’m not going to reiterate what I wrote in that post [here] but I’m getting my point soon, about cosplay.

It’s only natural that we judge the calibur of someone’s costume. But do any of us really even know how to sew? Better yet, would we even have the guts to put on a funky wig, carry a huge-ass sword, fully-clothed like a fantastical character from a world we’ve yet to see in the flesh? “Cosplay fail” is a common term many of us like to throw around when we see a poorly-assembled (not aesthetically pleasing) cosplay, but after going to these conventions and just being in the good spirit of the entire community, having the “best” costume isn’t what cosplaying is about.

People cosplay for different reasons, mostly for fun, and to a degree, out of our respect and admiration for the creators of that anime, manga or game. Within the cosplay community, sure, there are “famous” cosplayers, mostly due to their skill levels being higher than most, but it’s not a popularity contest. I remember last year, an associate of mine, who was not familiar with otaku, anime or manga culture went to Anime Expo with my group. He said it was one of the most remarkable weekends in his life, there was so much positive energy and passion. I really thought about what he said, because I left the convention with some great friends I may not have been able to meet had I not cosplayed or had the guts to approach. Loserific is one I met last year and she’s one of the coolest and most genuine people I know.

My favorite cosplay from last year's Anime Expo--MONONOKE!!

It’s a difficult feeling to describe, being at an anime convention. On a regular basis I’m always wondering who I can geek out who doesn’t accuse me of being a “true otaku” just because I don’t watch Naruto. Fuck off, I don’t have a TV, and Sakura is too annoying. Sure, there are about 12938012938 Naruto cosplayers at every anime convention, but they’re introduced to a wealth of new and old anime once there, even for me, who will watch at least 3 episodes of a series to see if it has enough to capture my interest. Marathon anime or go home. If a series is not good enough for me to marathon, it clearly isn’t worth my time. I just have to point out that watching the 2nd Gurren Lagaan movie in a large room with GL cosplayers, and the host announcing, “Can all the Yoko’s keep their bazookas on the floor away from the aisles please?” was pretty awesome. Again, it’s hard to describe the feeling of unity at these conventions, so this is probably turning into a really lame post where I’m trying to reflect on all my convention experiences.

I was pretty excited to see these Trinity Blood cosplayers last year.

I guess what I’m just trying to say is, one shouldn’t be judged for going to conventions (yeah, so “otaku” generally has a somewhat negative connotation, re: Genshiken), nor should one be judged for a last-minute or store-bought cosplay. I commend anyone who has the guts to dress up as someone else during the daylight hours and to full on geek out with strangers. But then again, once we start to get to know each other, we’re no longer strangers.

So why do I pour in hours and hours to cosplay? I guess it’s just my way of showing my respect and admiration for the game, the anime or manga, and its creators. And let’s face it, I just have way too much time on my hands.

Within the exhibit hall, you'll probably be able to find everyone and everything, aside from body pillows.

And here’s a shameless plug for myself if you’re at FanimeCon this weekend, I’m running around in this fantastical slutty wizard outfit so come say herro!!!

Zephie from Magna Carta 2, which was kind of a "meh" game but had some nice graphics


25 Apr

Now that I’m fully recovered from Coachella and a spectacular Prince concert last week, I’m back into my schedule of eating dinner while watching anime (that’s what you do when you don’t have a roommate/social life). I would have written about this anime right after Coachella, but I don’t think I could legitimately “review” Deadman Wonderland without watching at least 2 episodes, so here we are, after 2 episodes. A friend recommended the manga to me a mere 3 wks ago, and I read through all 43 chapters in about 3 days, basically because I had nothing else to read at the time. (I have this tendency to marathon a series) While it’s not memorable by its own merit, it draws many similarities to “Elfen Lied”, “Darker Than Black” and “X-Men”, all of the associations which are helping me to remember this story.

Image via

The first thing you’ll probably realize from the “Deadman Wonderland” anime is that almost all of the seiyuu’s (voice actors) from “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” moved on over to provide their talents to DW. Well, if you didn’t figure that out you need to get your shit together and watch FMA:Brotherhood, then we’ll talk. But seriously, the production quality of DW is brilliant (thanks to HD quality Youtube also), Kazuma Kondou‘s original manga illustrations translate beautifully into the animation, and I can’t wait to see the Carnival Corpse battles.

So as I’m watching the first episode while simultaneously trying to Facebook-chat with my friend, also watching the first episode, we both realize that the anime expands upon each character a TAD bit more than how the story unfolds in the manga, as though the mangaka knew that the story would be adapted into an anime… I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a bad thing as I would have no reason to watch the anime if the plot followed the exact tangent of the manga, but based on the first 2 episodes it would seem that this series is slated for a 2-season run.

As you probably see, I am trying very hard to spoil as little as possible about this series. I will merely leave you with the below hints I mentioned above….

1a) Elfen Lied= evolved humans using parts of their body to destroy other humans = Deadman Wonderland has this.
1b) Elfen Lied= half-nekkid girl character who has the intelligence of a 3-year-old = Deadman Wonderland has this.
2) Darker Than Black= characters who use blood to destroy other humans = Deadman Wonderland has this.
3) X-Men= evolved humans with powers that may be used for good or evil and are shunned by the rest of society = Deadman Wonderland has this.

”](There, I have spoiled very little for you.)

While DW doesn’t introduce any ground-breaking plotlines or characters, the manga was a relatively fun ride. But instead of waiting patiently for a new episode to release every week I think I’m going to catch up on Beelzebub and wait until the DW season is over to write up my summary.

Oh, Yes, I Did Pre-Order The Ultimate Tron Collectors’ Set

14 Apr

I’m surprised I handled myself well enough to not immediately rip open the box upon arriving home after work today to film this un-boxing video. Because I no longer have Christmas presents to look forward to, I have to occasionally order material objects to fill that void in my life.

Since I felt it was a bit hard to show exactly what this collectors’ set included, aside from beautiful Disney packaging, I decided that a video would be a pretty good idea. You also get to see who we are (er, just me, this time), unless you’re my Facebook friend. Then you’re just stuck with seeing all my damn blog posts and shitty camera phone pictures of the concerts I go to.

If you:

a) are at work and can’t watch this video, maybe watch it later?
b) are not interested in watching this video, okay :[
c) watched about 2 seconds of this video and think I am ugly and boring, sorry, I am not Felicia Day :[
d) all of the above,

Scroll down.

If you watched the video and would like us to make MORE videos, please leave a nice comment. We will try to find more seemingly interesting things to vlog about. As always, thanks for all your support, we seriously appreciate it!

Spend $107 at and you get these goodies:

1. A physical copy of the TRON R3CONFIGUR3D (remix) CD. Looks kinda cheesy and reminds me of the Digitalism album cover art :\



CD Booklet art

Moar CD booklet art.

2. Exclusive Daft Punk poster 27″ x 39″ (glows in the dark… when was the last time I owned anything that glowed in the dark…)
3. Tron: Legacy graphic novel (prequel to the movie)
4. 5-disc DVD set including a special lithograph (not really that special), but basically a Blu-Ray 3D version of the movie, for everyone that owns a pair of 3D glasses and a full HD 3D TV (yeah, sure), Blu-Ray 2D version, regular DVD version, digital copy, and most important, a Blu-Ray version of the original Tron movie.

Graphic novel and 5-disc set.

Yes, full color pages! All 127 pages!

Collectible lithograph inside DVD case.

There are basically 4 versions of Tron:Legacy.

Decisions, Decisions

8 Apr

Before anyone makes a stupid reference to that damn Rebecca Black song (…. see what I did there?) I actually have something to look forward to this particular Friday: 2 movies that I really want to see are both released today. As much as I want to be greedy and watch them both in one sitting, my attention span is obviously shorter than a Korean male’s penis size (I’m going be statistics here, alright? Google that shit.) so I can only watch one of them tonight. Or tomorrow.

“Your Highness” is a movie I have been waiting for since…. October. Back then, I thought, “Hot damn, April is far away”. Now I am kind of cringing because I still haven’t done my taxes yet. There isn’t much for me to say about this movie if you’ve seen the trailer 49394508385304 times like I have. Natalie Portman is in it. Danny McBride is in it. James Franco is in it. Zooey Deschanel is in it. The people who made “Pineapple Express” made this movie. I don’t think I can really dumb it down for you anymore. I am pretty sure this movie is going to be hilarious.

The second movie I’m looking forward to is “Hanna”. While I’m only partly sold by the concept (which is kept a bit vague, probably because the storyline isn’t that exciting to me), Cate Blanchett and Saorise Ronan are in this movie, and everyone under the sun knows I love Cate Blanchett. Let’s just forget about that whole Indiana Jones fiasco. Also, I’m a girl with self-esteem issues, so I obviously would want to watch a movie where a girl who appears helpless suddenly kicks everyone’s ass. I don’t think this movie will be intentionally funny, but remember “Suckerpu–” no, I will not speak of such things again. I don’t want to believe that Cate Blanchett would participate in another mediocre movie.


30 Mar

The title of this post is a very accurate representation of my face upon opening the box and deflowering my new 3DS. In fact, my face still kind of looks like this. It is a good thing I have no roommates, she/they would not approve of the current situation in my bedroom right now. Enough of my blabbering. You want to see the system, and I will give you a visual guide below, because I know you don’t really care to read at 8am on a Wednesday morning.

I got the black version.

The new stylus! Very sleek, love that the length is adjustable.

Compared to the DSi (back view). The stylus is located at the back of the 3DS.

Right side, stacked on top of the DSi. The 3DS is slightly thicker.

Left side showing volume control and SD card slot, compared to the DSi.

Main menu.

Different set of controls compared to the DSi, there is now a "Home" button!

If you're tired of the 3D you could switch it off or adjust the depth using this to toggle.

Hardware aside, I have not received my Lego Star Wars game yet (should be tomorrow) so I can’t write up my gameplay experience yet. HOWEVER, I did receive these interesting “AR Cards” that are fucking magical. Fucking. Magical. See below as I tried to capture my excitement:

Don't bend these babies.

You will see what these do, mwahahahahahhaah!!

If you find "AR Cards" on the home menu, follow the directions. First, it told me to line up the AR Card in a well-lit area, placing the card like so on a flat surface. I have taken a series of photos showing the card on my notebook as well as the graphics displayed on the screen.


Excuse my messy nightstand. Oh and yes, that is a Lego Stormtrooper Alarm Clock.

Onto the next level! To truly experience the 3D effect you are encouraged to move around, as long as you stay within 14" of the card. I had to move in order to shoot some of the targets. I realize how lame I must look while doing this.

Boss level, ahahahaha.

Now you may be wondering (or not) what the character cards do. Like the DSi, you can also take photos on the game system. I had a little too much fun with this.

The Link card. Photo is from the SD card. You can make him change poses.

Samusssssss. I don't have enough LIGHT in this damn room. I was going to setup Samus to fire at my Gundam model. Oh well.

Heh heh heh. I am so immature.

YEAH, Link vs Ryuk. When will you EVER see that outside of this blog? That's right.

There are a ton of other features that I did not write about but I’m sure you’ve read about the 3DS everywhere else and we don’t so much like to regurgitate information without adding our own spin to it on this blog.

One last thing I want to point out is the Mii Maker. You can walk around and try to pick up other Mii’s Mingle. Apparently, leaving your 3DS on “sleep mode” and having your wi-fi enabled, your Mii shared, will help to alert you of other Mii’s in your area as you walk around.

You can make a Mii! Just like the Wii! Do I really look like this? WHO KNOWS. MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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