Bad Wolf

Even though I’m a graduate student, I somehow have free time (I still wonder how). I spend a good portion of that free time playing video games, reading manga & comics, watching anime, watching movies, and looking at Japanese auctions for deals on lolita dresses. No, not the kind of lolita you’re thinking about. I’m talking about the Japanese fashion with lots of frills, a part of the so-called “neo-feminism” movement in Japan. If you want to find out more about it, well… you may just have to read my posts.

Oh, and I also cosplay (I had a long hiatus because of this thing called college, but I’m starting to pick it up again). I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan, and so you may see me spaz when there is something new going on with the series.

My favourite games include: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Tales of Symphonia, and Legend of Mana, Zelda: Link to the Past. I really enjoy a good amount of RPGs.

I read far too many manga/comics to pick just one favourite, but the one series that I can read over and over again is Garasu no Kamen (Glass Mask) by Suzue Miuchi.

I have many more things about me, but let’s not spoil the fun and put it all in my bio.



I’ve been into nerdy things for basically my whole life and it’s only getting worse (or better..?) as I get more into my career. I’m a freelance costumer and I do cosplay commissions, so I’m always surrounded by anime, manga, games, and everything geeky. I have also been cosplaying myself since 2004 and I’ve been getting more into the local lolita community (the Japanese fashion) in the past few years.

Just a few of my favorite things: pizza, Incubus, sewing, collecting .gifs, lolita fashion, biking, Spongebob, tumblr, rpgs, and my cat.

My top 3 anime: Sailor Moon, Akira, Hellsing

My top 3 manga: Paradise Kiss, Petshop of Horrors, Death Note

My top 3 video game series: Final Fantasy, .hack//, Soul Calibur

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