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3 Oct

I wasn’t trying to recite part of the Japanese alphabet. I’m talking about how the Wii helped me get off my insolent, glued-to-a-screen ass and stand on a board while paddling for 2 fucking hours on a sunny Saturday in September.

I know the Wii Fit already aids in encouraging people to exercise from the comfort of their own home, but being a former cross-country/track runner (you wouldn’t believe that I used to be HARDCORE AND ACTUALLY IN SHAPE. Nowadays I’ll walk two flights of stairs and attempt to catch my breath), I’m a huge advocate of participating in OUTSIDE RECREATION.

So I’m thankful for my friends that have generously-sized living rooms and multiple Wii remotes. Because true to my lazy nature, board games take too much time to set up. I tested out Wii Sports Resort the same week it released at my friend’s house, and what my girl friends and I learned that night was–never challenge me in a real-life duel because you might actually die.

Wii Sword-fighting

Wii Swordplay, image via gamezone.com

Wii Sports Resort Canoeing

Wii Sports Resort - Canoeing. Image via videogameblogger.com

Crazy sword antics aside, one of the sports that tired us out completely was canoeing. This prompted us to actually go kaYAKING. I went kayaking once, when I was at cross-country camp at Catalina Island. Yeah, I was athletic … once upon a time. We started throwing out ideas of REAL-LIFE-OUTDOOR-EXERCISES and we came upon paddle-boarding, which my friend (The host) had done a while ago. There were 4 of us that night, and though it took us forever to assemble and actually pick a date to participate in OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, we finally did it. It was very enjoyable and my entire body was sore for a non-embarrassing reason! I could proudly tell people that I was sore from PADDLE-BOARDING and NOT FROM PLAYING 6 HOURS OF TWILIGHT PRINCESS. Because most people don’t know what paddle-boarding is, and when I say that you literally stand on a BOARD and PADDLE, it makes you sound BADASS. To be honest, paddle-boarding isn’t hard at all.

Paddle boarding

Hot chicks paddle-boarding (not me, not Megan, not Marize. Sorry.) Image via southfloridaadventures.com

Wii Sports Resort even encouraged me to contemplate archery. I researched nearby archery sessions and found some for the weekend. Unfortunately, waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning by myself is asking too much. I guess the Wii can only encourage me to change so much of my lifestyle.

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