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18 Sep

xDD Yes, I turned 18 Friday. Go me. I have much more things to update about, but I must wait untill Friday. ^_~

For now, I got something from ADV about this new anime called “Red Garden.” I watched the preview and it looks ok. I wish I could actually have some time to watch it. ><;; For now, if anyone else watches it or sees something about it, let me know what you think. ^^

DRG001_Affiliate_3.jpg Red Garden banner picture by loserific

Oh yes, I got misono’s first full length album in from CD Japan. ^___^ I love it so much. I’m going to go ahead and post it here if anyone wants it. If you have never heard her, she’s really good. If your in the mood for something happpy and j-pop, listen to this. I love her so much. ^___^

♥♥ So I hope everyone can enjoy her first solo album. ♥♥

misono-neverland.jpg never+land picture by loserific

 misono ~ never+land


edit: I just read about Dir en grey coming out with a new single and a remix of one of my favorite songs, Hydra. I wonder how this will sound…? If anyone has a sample or something, let me know. ^^;;;

Procrastinator for Life

4 Sep

I swear I am cursed. I blame it on my zodiac sign…(the animals, right?) Year of the Snake are even said to be procrastinators. I hate it. It’s about to be 1:30 in the morning and I am working on a project that I have had ALL summer and it’s due tomorrow. Yeah, I suck. But ya know what, I got most of it done before and today I had to finish up some stuff.

I have to admit, I am getting better with time management. But it seems when I think I am getting better at it, I all of the sudden loose it all. It’s kind of like my eating habits. I am eating really healthy and I feel great, and then I start eating bad crap again and feel like crap. ><;; Sometimes life can suck major ass.

Just to recap to see how bad I really did with this project, I decided to go ahead and list the goods and bads…


  • I had most of the book read before school: I had about 50 pages out of the whole thing left. Now that really isn’t good…at all. But when I found out the project wouldn’t be due until the next week of school, well, I relaxed.
  • I marked as I read and caught tons of similes and other things that went with the project.
  • I worked on the project throughout the week making my goal to have it turned it by Friday so I didn’t have to worry about over the long weekend.
  • I rock. Not really, but I can’t think of anything else, and this will make it seem like I had more good points…I swear there are more though…


  • I waited WAY to long to read the damn book. My excuses? Work, Juan, Meaghan + Sarah, Cosplay, last Senior Summer, Me liking to make excuses.
  • Once I found out the project wasn’t due until the next week of school, I waited even longer. Bad. Bad. Bad.
  • I made a goal, but didn’t stick with it. I got carried away with other things and didn’t stay focused.
  • We got a new computer. NO MORE LAPTOP…HUGE ASS SCREEN…I mean, it’s unbelievable. It works. I HAVE MORE MEMORY…for the computer. xD It’s just awesome. Vista rocks. So today I spent a long time on the computer….half of it was doing homework, the other half..well, I was having fun! xD I guess that’s mainly why I am up this late.

So yeah…I want to change. I hate making excuses….I am already disappointed in myself. First project and I waited till the last minute..again. I want to make this change this year. Let’s see what happens.

Other than my problems and my new bad ass computer, Juan and I are going to see Tiger Army!!! YEAH! I love them and I am really excited to see how they are live. Oh I can’t wait.

Also, I got my dress for the Tatorfest -excuse me- Gatorfest Queen pageant. I know there is a big chance of me not getting anything(I got nothing last year..) so with this one, I am going to have fun and be myself. Say how I feel and do what I want. It shall be fun. Plus I got a kick ass dress and wonderful photos. Hopefully I can post them up some time.

Got some new shoes today along with a little pedicure for the pageant. Awesome. Bought the new Tiger Army CD…hopefully it’s good. Bought a bunch of crap…eh.

Oh…and guess who will be 18 on the the 14th?! Yeah, me. xD Awesome. Porn. Spray Paint . It’s all good.

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