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X, X, Baby!

22 Sep

I’ve been blogging a lot about X-Men-related stuff recently, but that’s probably because I recently reread Joss “Geek God” Whedon‘s Astonishing X-Men run and it got me in the mood. And it’s my blog, so. Leave me alone, I do what I want.

The first issue of Marjorie Liu‘s X-23 came out a couple of weeks ago and it looks to be a fairly promising endeavor. Generally I give a title a few issues before I subject it to the harsh judging wrath of my most unsympathetic slitty Azn eyes. I’m a generous soul, I know. For the uninformed, X-23 is a female clone of WOLVERIIIINE (whenever I say ‘Wolverine’ I have to say it really loud and drag out the I. And I wonder why I have no friends), created in an attempt to replicate the Weapon X experiment. She first appeared in the X-Men: Evolution series, then made the jump to print to become part of the comic book canon. She basically has Wolverine’s powers, except she has two claws in each hand instead of three and has toe claws too. Like a velociraptor. I LOVE VELOCIRAPTORS.

I love X-23. Not because of her personality, god no, I’m far too shallow for that. I just think she looks so friggin’ awesome! Good-looking and badass. Readers (all three of you – hey, Mom!) should know that my favorite holiday is Halloween. I take it very seriously. Mainly ’cause it’s the one day (outside of any convention-related holidays) that you can dress up in costumes and not look like a fool (one day I tried wearing my top hat around while doing errands and ended up taking it off because of the unending confused stares I got.) Knowing this information, you’ll get the gravity of my meaning when I say that next year, I plan to dress up as X-23 (this year I’m going as Tifa Lockheart, of Final Fantasy VII fame.) That’s how much I dig this chick’s style. She’s my gymspiration and the inspiration for badassery.

Give the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay vid below a looksee to see X-23 in action. What’s up with that super-froofy pop song in the background? What, just ’cause she’s a girl means she can’t get awesome guitar riffs and dark tones? Those trailer designer bitches.

Confession time.

I spent several hours last week searching for an adamantium-colored nail polish so I could paint my nails the color of X-23/Wolverine’s claws. Stop laughing and fuck your face with your mom’s dildo – I’m a girl.

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