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School is starting…

26 Aug

Monday. Whoo. ><;;; One thing that is really annoying is being asked “When do you guys go to school” by someone who is in Texas and going to school as well. Why? Because the damn lawmakers of Texas made all of us Texan kids go on the same day. ><;;; But that’s just me.

I need to post more…but I am so busy now. I have been trying to get all my school shopping done while going to summer band and work. It’s all worked out and I am happy. xD Today I can finally relax and do what I want. Mainly because I don’t have to freak out over Frankenstein project!! YEAH! I almost done with the book though! And I really do like it. It’s really good. ^^ Just boring at first (but what book isn’t?)

Yesterday I got my hair did. xDD I love it. If I had a camera, I would take a picture, but I don’t. (I’m asking for one for my birthday *crosses fingers*) I got the pinup like bangs, a trim, more blonde(no more ugly roots!!!) and it’s all curled. I love it. I went to Sally’s also to pick up a curling iron because the only one I have is 1/2 of an inch round. Yeah, who in the world could use that one?! So I ended up spending $50 in there on stuff..just mousse, this heat protector, curling iron, and a brush for my bangs. ><;;; The only thing I hate about having money is spending it. xDDD Or rather in large amounts.

Juan came with me for this whole trip and got his hair cut too. He looks so cute. ^^ I’m so happy he came with me. I just felt bad when we got to the mall because we were both tired and we went ALL over the freaken mall looking for a backpack. So when we give up and head out of where we came through JCPenny, guess what we see: The EXACT backpack I was looking for. ><;;;; Oh well, it’s over and I have it. Oh, and plus Icing’s was having one of those awesome 10 for $5 and I got tons new stuff for my hair and some earrings xDD

My dad has been e-mailing me. This makes me very very happy. He is also planning to stay in Austin, which is awesome. I hope I can see him sometime soon.

I think I’m going to sew. I have a bunch of old clothes that need updating. ><;;


23 May


Yes, I am the new Drum Major for Anahuac High School Marching Band. Next year is going to ROCK! I am so happy and excited. Plus I get to go back to SFA for camp! The only sad part about that is that all the friends I made last year were seniors, so now none of my friends will be there. ;_; Oh well, I guess. Just make new ones. ^_~

I hope we play Fate of the Gods. So. Much. FUN. I am ready for the challenge. I can’t wait.

So anyway, school is coming to a close very soon. I have one exam to take: Pre-Cal. *dies* I hope I pass that. I can’t wait to get out. PLUS I have Saturday AND Monday off from work. I love super holidays. I get to relax. Annnd, I don’t start my *full-time* job at the library until I think the week or so after we got of school, so I think I will have a week of just part-time work. Yeah, free relaxing time. <33

I am just so excited. Today has just been awesome. My week has been awesome. I will stop rambling. I want my steak. ;___; My mom hasn’t even started to cook yet. ;_; Oh well.

Oh yes, my mom is so sweet. ^_^ When she found out I made it, she was on her way home and picked up a gift for me! She got me one of those neat bamboo stalk/tree things that are cute. xD I have always wanted one, just never got it. o_o BUT, I feel so stupid….when I was driving to Meaghan’s, I was watching it, holding it, and making sure it didn’t fall. I turned into Meaghan’s driveway and BAM! It fell. >> It wasn’t like a bam but it was in my mind. xD Pebbles went everywhere. Luckily the bamboo is ok, and most of the pebbles are back inside. But there are still little pebbles all in my passenger seat. >> Boo. It’s all ok though and pretty. <33

HA! Earlier I said I would stop my rambling. …xD I need to finish Pokemon or do something. o_o


12 Apr

YEAH!!!!!!! I AM DONE WITH ENGLISH 1301!!! HELL YEAH! …..sorry for the abuse to the caps lock, but I just had to. That class gave me so many headaches, mainly because I was working and going to school all day with AP classes. >>;;; I would not recommend someone do take this class during the spring, especially if you take AP classes and what not. If you don’t do anything, go ahead. xD I don’t care if I pass or fail that class, just as long as it’s over. Plus if I fail, there is always the chance that my AP exam will count for 1301(*cough* yeah right) Oh well…I was happy though because my professor wanted to keep a copy of one of my critical reviews. ^_^ He said I did an excellent job. (All done that day, thank you) xDD

So, I got English 1301, anddd I got that stupid English III literary analysis out of the way….andddd yesterday we went to UIL for band andddddddddd….

We got all 1st Divisions!!!!! Sweapstakes!! YEAH!

I was really surprised at this only because we got it in Sightreadng too, which I thought was horrible. We could have done ten times more better on our contest music too. >> Now I think that all we have is another contest in May. I want school OVER with ;___;

…and also, I can work on cosplay noowwww! I have my Monday and Tuesday nights backkk! <3333 Last night I made my own wig dye! Pink! <333 Meaghan is coming over Friday and we are going to work on my *new* Shuichi wig. <333 Plus I started to work on the Yuna songstress mic. ^__^ Damn, I don’t want to go schoolllllll today. Why can’t I just fast forward to tonight. >>

Oh yes..I have some comics to post later that Meaghan(mainly Meaghan) made about our future cosplays. xDD

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