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Geek Gingerbread

24 Dec

I’m going to share these with you because I’m rather proud of some of them (and hopelessly embarrassed by others).

Consider it an early Christmas present with one condition: you’re not allowed to make fun of my frosting skills…or lack thereof.

Captain America

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan




Black Canary

The Doppler Effect

Sheldon Cooper's Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman



Not a Red Shirt



Sh*t I’m Excited for This Week… 9/19/10

19 Sep

I’m not usually a big fan of sitcoms (canned laughtracks don’t actually work to entice my own laughter at jokes that you see coming a mile away and watching the show itself usually just makes me feel like I’m losing brain cells), but I love The Big Bang Theory!

Maybe because it’s like watching a funnier, scripted version of conversations I’ve already had with my geek friends a hundred times. (You know you’ve made this argument at some point in your life).

Maybe it’s because their jokes are more likely to be about things that I actually know about, like comic books or time travel, rather than current pop culture references I’m too under-exposed to get. (Didn’t you feel smart when you knew what the Bottle City of Kandor was before Leonard explained it?)

Or, maybe it’s just because I’ve been practicing reciting the rules to Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock to attain fluency so much so that it’s addled my brain. (Please see the following helpful diagram for assistance).

The season premiere is this Thursday on CBS at 8. Tune in to watch Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD (no, it isn’t redundant; it deserves the emphasis) return to the screen in all his awkward glory.

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