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Oh, my gosh, you guys, remember Gackt?!!

26 Jan

Gackt is back.

But more specifically, I should say, his voice is back, and quite appropriately as one of the “Special Children” in Madhouse’s anime version of the American TV series “Supernatural”.

The “Supernatural” anime was first announced last year in June, debuted on and the first season will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray Feb. 23 in Japan. You can order the DVD online from Amazon Japan [region 2 though].

I was very surprised to hear of this news because usually it’s us Americans adapting something from Asia (re: Infernal Affairs, The Ring, The Grudge, etc…), and though we know that the Japanese are heavily influenced by American culture as well, this adaptation comes as big news especially since the American actors from the TV series will be dubbing in their own voices for the English dub. “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke worked with Madhouse’s co-founder Masao Maruyama to devise the unique outline of the 22-episode 1st season. The episodes will feature new, original episodes highlighting the back story of the brothers, more emphasis on supporting characters from the TV series, and “remaking the best episodes” from the TV series, according to animenewsnetwork.com.

I’ve never watched “Supernatural” but I’m probably going to end up watching the anime series first.

The male leads in the anime were also drawn to resemble the actual actors, which I think is pretty damn cool–badass anime version of yourself? Can I have one too?

Sam & Dean of "Supernatural" the anime version. Image via WB Japan.

Here’s Kripke discussing the anime series at last year’s Comic-con…. where the fuck was I? Too busy shopping for figurines I think…

Official WB Japan “Supernatural” site

Quarter of Silence… Golden, Golden Silence

28 Dec

Every time I visit my parents’ home, my sister is either doing one of three things: showering, sleeping or watching a Detective Conan movie. Not to say she is unproductive, but that’s just how my timing seems to work when I visit during the holidays. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very close with my sister even though we’re only three years apart. In an effort to “bond”, she usually asks me, “Have you seen the latest Detective Conan movie?” to which I usually don’t know how to respond because I actually only watched up to the 12th movie, and Detective Conan movies aren’t at the forefront of my brain. Needless to say, I do enjoy the movies very much and “Captured In Her Eyes” is one of the best movies I have seen in the history of my life.

I was actually in Japan this year during the release of the 14th Detective Conan movie (one is released every year) and was tempted to watch it while in Tokyo. Had to remind myself I was not in Japan to watch movies, though. Apparently my sister watched it and gave away a little spoiler, a spoiler juicy enough for me to encourage me to start following the storyline again.

The 14th movie, if you’ve been following along as my sister has been, was titled “The Lost Ship in the Sky” and reunited Conan with our favorite “villain” Kaitou Kid. The 15th movie, “Quarter of Silence”, celebrates the 15th anniversary of the series (wow… I am old…), and will be in theatres (in Japan) on April 16, 2011. Enjoy the trailer below:

As much as I love the Detective Conan series, I just don’t understand how time functions in Conan world. Do they solve mysteries everyday? Once a week? I mean.. if it’s been 15 years, shouldn’t Conan grow up to be Shinichi already and get back with Ran already? I wouldn’t mind a happy ending, that’s all I’m saying.

My Demon, Please.

22 Sep

I was talking to one of my good friends during a lull in my work day on g-chat (G-mail chat for those of you who still are using Hotmail or Yahoo) like the rest of you probably do, when he suddenly asked, “so if you had to choose an otherworldly figure… who would you be with… an angel or a demon?” Quite the random Friday afternoon question, but I guess when you have conversations with your friends debating who you would assemble to defend against a zombie outbreak or the damn Assassin’s Dagger that cost you 7000G but was totally worth it, this is pretty close to reality.

My answer to that question? Honestly, the first thing to pop into my mind was Dante, of Devil May Cry. I blame Facebook‘s ads, as it was the last thing I saw and therefore influenced my decision…. sort of.

I like to try to be as productive as I can during the day–go to work, come back, make food, watch anime while eating food to pass time (because I’m anti-social like that but like to think of this as multi-tasking), then work on some of my cosplay stuff or read manga. So naturally I’m all about productivity and efficiency. Speaking of both traits, bounty hunters, or for me, pistol-toting vampires come to mind. And usually, these “bounty hunters” or crazy, blood-thirsty predators are usually demons. Demons know what they want and they get it done. I’m totally down with that. I mean, Angels are nice and all but let’s face it–demons (if they’re in human form) usually have better clothes and cooler hair, and I’m kind of superficial like that. Also, angels have morals and an active conscience. Sometimes that just translates to being wishy-washy and increases unwanted loitering time in open spaces. (My list does not include vampires, that would be too easy and obvious… ahem Alucard, ahem Vampire Hunter D, ahem Saya…)

Case in point #1: Dante of Devil May Cry

Dante, Devil May Cry

I feel like Adam Lambert would... wear these looks. Image via mycheats.1up.com

I’m still wondering why nobody has created an anime music video of Dante into Samurai Champloo. I could totally see Fuu giving him shit for being in debt again. This draws me to believe that Dante is relatively inexpensive (for hire), because how can someone really be bankrupt for eating strawberry sundaes and pizzas all day?  He also usually gets the job done, so I see this as a win-win on my end, if I were ever to employ him.

Case in point #2: Sebastien Michaelis of Black Butler

I’m aware that this was probably the wrong clip to show how badass Sebastien is but look how fucking efficient he is. Also, this ending sequence is really cute…. < / girlymush >

I don’t really need to expand anymore upon Black Butler. We already know Sebastien is a demonic butler. (Don’t hate me I didn’t ruin anything for you) For the record, “akuma de shitsuji” is one of the best lines in the history of anime. Not only can Sebastien dispose of uninvited guests, he can make an entire platter of breakfast, set the table and trim the lawn all before Ciel even wakes up. Sebastien is highly efficient and he always looks slick even when he’s hurling knives and forks from the ceiling. Maybe it’s just the long hair. Whatever the case, Sebastien makes demons look hot.

Case in point #3: The Claymores

I’m a sucker for badass chicks–I don’t care how butch you say Xena is, she is badass and she could probably also kick you in the baby-maker. So of course Claymore is on this list. Half-human, half-youma, these women don’t give a shit. I’m down with that.

Case in point #4: Larva of Vampire Princess Miyu

Larva / Vampire Princess Miyu

You couldn't tell he was a god-demon. Image via thatanimeblog.com

I admit I was crushing on Larva when I watched VPM as a small girl–I think I was in 4th grade… yeah, I was small then. However his cold attitude really irked me and I thought he was a douchebag (when I was 9, though, I was not aware of that term. Please note.) As the series progressed, Larva eventually warmed up to Miyu and I was secretly rooting for ROMANCE. Of course, that got awkward in the series, so I just accepted that Miyu and Larva became a kick-ass team, and though strong as Miyu was, having Larva around did not hurt one bit, even if his attitude could use some adjusting.

Case in point #5: Elder Toguro of Yu Yu Hakusho

Elder Toguro / Yu Yu Hakusho

This is some crazy shit. Image via pavtube.com


You may wonder why I did not include certain demons on this list. For example, the demons in D. Gray Man. Those demons are stupid and contemplate too many things. Or, any of the demonic beings in Gensoumaden Saiyuki / Dragonball Z (they’re essentially the same story, don’t hate me for that)–I can’t say any of them stood out to me, even though I’m quite familiar with both.

Menace’s Top Five Fictional Character Crushes

9 Sep
Li Syaoran - Card Captor Sakura / Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

One of the good boys out there, Li Syaoran (image via fanpop.com)

5. Li Syaoran – Card Captor Sakura / Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (by CLAMP) TV Anime

Even though Li hails from Hong Kong, there is probably nothing remotely Chinese about him except his name and his battle attire, which actually seems to integrate some Arabian influence now that I recall it. He was insanely loyal to the sometimes-annoying Sakura, extremely protective, and shy. (But sometimes his loyalty to her is sickening. Maybe I’m just jealous. Whatever.) He also kicked some mischievous Clow Card ass as an elementary school student. Besides the fact I wish his character was slightly more interesting, it’s difficult not to fall for this adorable boy who just wanted to protect his one and only love!

Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon

I like masks... (image via propsops.com)

4. Tuxedo Mask – Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (1992-1993, by Naoko Takeuchi) TV Anime

I don’t know anybody who did not have a crush on Tuxedo Mask when I was in elementary school. He made all of us clumsy, awkward teen girls (like Usagi-chan) feel as though there was hope for us hopeless. Although I don’t think I was as ditsy as Usagi-chan, I was pretty  jealous at the time that he was her soulmate. He was gentler than Batman, far older than Li Syaoran, and humble–the last characteristic generally a rarity among dark-haired anime men.

Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang, keepin' it HOTTTT (image via bonnema-boyd.com)

3. Roy Mustang – Fullmetal Alchemist (2001-2010, by Hiromu Arakawa) Manga/TV Anime

It took me a while to warm up to the ambitious, seemingly “womanizing” (we all know he really wasn’t but he made it seem like it!) Colonel that always gave Edward a hard time, but after seeing his true colors when the homunculus appeared, the Flame Alchemist became one of the characters I was deeply invested in as I read the manga. Extremely heroic and surprisingly thoughtful, Roy’s character arc is one of my favorites in the story, and I found myself rooting for him until the end.

Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan

Oh so dreamy... (image via friendster.com)

2. Shinichi Kudo – Detective Conan (Case Closed-1994+, by Gosho Aoyama) TV Anime

Detective Conan was an anime I grew up watching with my family, and I still catch a few episodes here and there. I’m actually caught up on all the movies! I have quite an obsession with mystery stories and generally anything involving detectives, so Detective Conan is one of my absolute favorites. Before you call me out on being a pedophile for crushing on this detective, I specifically mean Shinichi, not Conan. Just saying. It’s kind of hard not to like a high school detective who might actually be mentally more adept than Sherlock Holmes, who is also a star soccer player on his high school team–do people in real life even exist like Shinichi?

Terry McGinnis - Batman Beyond

Brooding (kind of) and somewhat mysterious, but mostly just your everyday butt-kicking teenager who wears a leotard with a vibrant red chest design (image via comicvine.com)

1. Terry McGinnis – Batman Beyond (1999-2001, character created by Bruce Timm & Paul Dini) TV/graphic novel

Terry McGinnis was my number one crush as a girl. (I would like to think I’m somewhat of a woman now) I won’t even hide the fact that he’s still my favorite fictional male character of all time. He is the most flawed out of all my picks, but I was always kept on my toes when I wondered how he would continue to balance his personal life with his Batman duties. I buried my face in my hands when he failed, I felt tears swell up in my eyes as he left Mr. Freeze to fate (yes I still remember that moment–one of my favorites ever in animated history), and I winced every time Inque would overpower him. He didn’t have super powers and didn’t fight strange creatures (well, Shinichi didn’t either) but he had enough emotional and past craziness in his life for me to admire him every time he overcame one of his challenges, even if it was just coming up with a new excuse to give poor Dana.

Sh*t I’m Excited For This Week…9/1/10

1 Sep

Lately, I haven’t talked to a single anime-watching female who has NOT watched at least 2 episodes or read a volume of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. I mean… hot demonic butler and cute blue-haired kid in Victorian-influenced gothic attire?! Kind of difficult to pass on that. I won’t lie, I was not very impressed with the first season of Black Butler. I didn’t emotionally invest in any of the characters–I was more moved by Joker in the manga, which was completely different from the anime anyway. Fans were mixed at the conclusion of Black Butler.

Black Butler II Yana Toboso

Alois & Claude vs. Ciel & Sebastian (left image via lilycat.net, right image via kyonqchie.wordpress.com

When Black Butler II was revealed, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to watch it. A new butler and new master? Out of boredom I decided to watch episode 1, which FUNimation warned me was mature. That was completely accurate. Don’t watch this with your younger sister. Or brother. Or mom. Especially if she’s Asian, like mine. She would shake her head at me for watching this. The new season is far more graphic compared to the relatively tame first season. The assumed protagonist (though he doesn’t seem like a good kid) Alois already got on my nerves within the first 10 minutes, and his butler, Claude, was less suave than Sebastian. I sighed through the first 15 minutes, drumming my fingers along the keyboard of my laptop. A mysterious visitor drops by Alois’ mansion and my mind was subsequently blown after that.

With the exception of the disappointing 2nd episode, I like that Black Butler II has taken a decidedly darker and more violent turn. Past secrets are also dug up that fill in some of the questions I had from season one. I still have some issues with the pacing, and I’m still debating if I’m emotionally invested in any of the characters, but I must admit that I can’t really pass on watching the bishounen butlers set up for an elaborate dinner while simultaneously hurling knives and forks at their foe.

Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler

No spoilers here~ image via ugo.com

I desperately tried not to give away any spoilers if you have not seen Black Butler II yet. I highly suggest watching season 1 to enjoy the deeper twists in season 2…

Episode 8 of Black Butler II will be released this week on Youtube on the FUNimation channel.

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