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Justice that is not Old. Yup.

26 Nov

I love DC’s animated universe. If it existed in corporeal form, I’d marry it (regardless of its gender and the law involved with that… although I suspect it’d probably be male just because there aren’t that many major superheroines in DC canon…)


Think about it though; DC has definitely had the best run of superhero animated TV shows:

  • the old noir-ish Batman, which is the earliest animated Batman I remember watching, and its setting is definitely one of the first images my mind turns to when I picture Batman
  • Batman-Superman Adventures, where Lois had that ridiculous/cute pink and white convertible and Bruce Wayne looked devilishly handsome
  • Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, which was dramatically mature enough that you didn’t have to be a kid to enjoy it
  • Batman Beyond, which was awesome on it’s own merits because it told a great story of an alternate DC future, but also tied into the Justice League universe with that amazing time-travel episodeBB
  • Teen Titans, with its mix of Japanese anime expressions and American animation that somehow worked to make a quirky, kid-friendly TV show
  • Batman the Brave and the Bold (oh my god, that show is so much fun) which is the campy, sunny-side up version of Batman, reminiscent of the old Adam West TV show but with a self-awareness of its campy nature
  • The Batman, where the animation was beautiful, even if all his gadgets glowed blue and were not at all conducive to stealth
  • Even Static Shock, which was about a side character that was still better than most of the other kids’ TV shows it was aired alongside
  • The Zeta Project! Almost forgot about that one. Only two seasons, but such a great story.


Now, I’m looking forward to Cartoon Network’s new Young Justice cartoon.

Its animation looks beautiful and high-quality. The few clips I’ve seen make it look like a quick-witted and action-packed adventure that is both age appropriate and yet entertaining for older geeks to watch.



My only teeny tiny qualm is that it seems to mix superhero ‘generations’. Robin is Dick Grayson and KidFlash is Wally West, which match…except for the fact that they were never a part of Young Justice, they were in the Teen titans. Plus the costumes that they’re wearing are closer to the ones usually worn by Tim Drake and Bart fromthefutureIcan’trememberhissurname, who actually were in Young Justice. Plus, Superboy’s a member of the team, and he’s supposed to be the same ‘generation’ as Tim, not Dick. (For anyone who actually knows the DC multiverse, the show’s supposedly set on Earth 16. I don’t know, but it might match the team members of YJ in that ‘verse.)

But, I can easily sweep those incongruities aside if the show turns out to actually be as awesome as it looks like it’s going to be. 

It will start to air regularly in January 2011, but there’s a one-hour pilot premiere TODAY, November 26th, on Cartoon Network at 7/6 central. (I’m definitely going to be watching…and practically buzzing with anticipation until then and probably squealing with excitement during the actual show whenever they make any comic book references I understand. Watch it or watch me; either will be entertaining. )


Who says I’m grown up?

24 Sep

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t watch cartoons anymore. (I firmly believe that there’s no such thing as being too old for kids’ things).  Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic, so I spent the weekend watching Invader Zim on the Cartoon Network and I happened upon the pilot episode of Sym-Bionic Titans.

Basic storyline so far: alien princess and her assigned royal guard and robot protector have fled to Earth to escape an alien invasion on their home planet. They’ve got to integrate with human high schoolers, but occasionally use their super-cool alien armour to fight the alien monsters that have been sent to kill them.

The animation felt familiar; I looked it up and realised that the series is made by the same guy who made Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack. While it might be that my rose-coloured nostalgia-tinted memories of those shows predisposes me to like this show, I think it’s independently good. (Watching alien observations of high school cliques is always entertaining).

I’m also amused by the fact that the main villain (male) wears thigh high patent leather boots with spurs and has a face like a bearded monkey. And a cape with large orange fur accents. Oh, the Cyclops eye on his hat shoots out green lightning; that’s cool.

The plot is kid-show predictable, but it’s still fun to watch it play out! And, honestly, it’s kinda what you want in a TV show anyway, isn’t it? Enough predictability that you feel satisfied when what you expected happens, but still an entertaining ride along the way? The pilot looks promising, if a little short; so far, I like this show.

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