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Geek Gingerbread

24 Dec

I’m going to share these with you because I’m rather proud of some of them (and hopelessly embarrassed by others).

Consider it an early Christmas present with one condition: you’re not allowed to make fun of my frosting skills…or lack thereof.

Captain America

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan




Black Canary

The Doppler Effect

Sheldon Cooper's Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman



Not a Red Shirt



“I’m tolerating your presence, what more do you want?”

22 Dec

It was about 3 wks ago that I first raved about “The Guild” graphic novel series, so you should be caught up to where I am now–which includes having watched all the episodes, bonus videos and reading the entire comic series… wow I don’t have a life at all…

Hitting shelves today is the next installment of “The Guild” comics–“The Guild: Vork”, which, obviously, provides a detailed backstory about our favorite socially-challenged guild leader.

The Guild: Vork. Image via darkhorse.com

After having watched “Despicable Me” and “The Other Guys” on my plane ride back from Asia, I keep finding myself snickering upon remembering notable quotes from both movies, snickering by myself–since both movies came out so long ago, and not that many people I know watched them. And now, I will add lines from this comic into my life, to further (unintentionally) disconnect myself from society.

By the way, if you still have not picked up a special gift for your special PC-gaming friend yet, “The Guild” season 4 DVD was just released YESTERDAY, available exclusively on Amazon.com and iTunes. This DVD includes the “Game On” music video, the making of the “Game On” video, a Back to Cheesybeards featurette, Oh Mommy! featurette focusing on Avinashi (Zaboo’s Mom), the Cheesybeards commercial, gag reels and more behind the scenes footage. It’s also only $11, which is about the same price as a dry and tasteless panini you’d buy at a downtown cafe. The iTunes download contains even more bonus footage, so if you’re already sitting in front of the computer and refuse to move unless a second cup of coffee demands it, you might as well just open up your iTunes Store and click around. Just because you’re in the office this week doesn’t mean you’re actually working anyway.

But if your spending is tight this season, some financial advice, below, from Vork.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the g-spot, may you spend more of your holiday time interacting with real people than with avatars!!

Star Wars/Trek Christmas

21 Dec

My contribution to geekify our holiday decorations:

I haven’t made paper snowflakes since elementary school, but apparently it’s just like riding a bike: you never forget. Or, well, learn new tricks despite being an old dog. ‘Twas a lot easier than I expected.

So that you can make them too:
Stormtrooper stencil
Boba/Clone & Vader stencil and instructions


And, on a slightly related Christmas note, I give you this cartoon, which made me laugh:

The Ho Ho Ho Job

12 Dec

And, yes, I’m sure Leverage is more than aware of the multiple connotations of that title.

You might be wondering how a show about con-men is geeky, and if so, I say to you “Shame on you, good sir or madam, for con-men are geeky in the same way that spies are geeky: they are so cool that we geeks idolise them and therefore they are of geeky interest.”
Plus, so many of our favourite geeky shows have a con-man character or main characters who exhibit con-man like techniques in order to attain some of their coolness. I direct you to Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who as one of my sexiest examples.

Besides, this show includes Hardison (aka one of the best portrayals of geeks on TV) and therefore also includes random side jokes about things like WoW and ComicCon are scattered through every episode.

If you don’t already watch the good-natured fun of Leverage (think of it as the Ocean’s Eleven series or The Italian Job with a barely a Doctor Who level of ‘taking itself seriously’) you really should.

Start this evening, with the Christmas themed Season 3 post-hiatus premiere on TNT at 9:00/8:00 central.

Bah, Humbug! And Tribbles too.

10 Dec

Christmas is a time when people get all dressed up and go to the theatre. Not just Chinese food and the cinema: the Theatre (with everything that the capitalisation implies).

After seeing The Nutcracker for the twentieth time in a row, shouldn’t you try something …a little more exciting?

I have the perfect solution: A Klingon Christmas Carol.
(You might think I’m making that up for alliteration’s sake, but I’m really not.)

Not just a pure translation of the Dickensian classic, this is an adaptation where Scrooge is a Klingon warrior who recovers his honour and courage when three spirits visit him, just in time to save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate.

In case you didn’t know, Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) is one of the most complete fictional languages out there. There are hundreds of people who are conversationally fluent in it. There’s a multi-day convention held by the Klingon Lanugage Institute dedicated solely to the study of the language. Works of Shakespeare have been translated into Klingon. Everything from novels to opera, poetry, greeting cards, songs…the list of original and translated Klingon works goes on and on.

For those of us who aren’t so good at pronouncing or deciphering the guttural sounds of the space warrior race, the play’s narration is in English and it comes with supertitles so that you can follow along.

The play runs until December 19th at the Greenhouse Theater in Chicago.

: for more info.

Shit I’m Excited for This Week…12/07/10

7 Dec

Ah, December. The time of year when every TV show feels the need to insert holly and mistletoe and Santa Claus awkwardly into an episode just to be thematic.

But, I’ll stop being such a Scrooge. Christmas episodes are fun! (Say it enough and it’ll be true. Really.) They remind you that you have limited time to go buy people presents and they always have a sappy message that makes you want to hug whoever’s nearest. Aye, it warms me achin’ bones from the inside out, it does.

In the spirit of the holidays, Eureka and Warehouse 13 both have Christmas themed episodes airing tonight.

It’s Eureka, and that show can do no wrong in my eyes. Plus, from what I’ve heard, Taggart’s going to try to prove the existence of Santa Claus. That alone will make the Eureka special worth watching.

In Warehouse 13, apparently Pete and Myka chase a “malevolent artefact-wielding Santa Claus”, which is so much fun to say and will probably be just as much fun to watch.

And, to get you all riled/caught up on the season, SyFy’s having a marathon of the two shows all day today! I approve of TV marathons, no matter what the reason, so yay for that!

Sale! Sale! Sale!

30 Dec

Tell your friends!! xD

Go Buy Stuff!!!

I have some wigs up, fabric, lots of games, PSP stuff, anime, mangas, and some Chinese style clothes. Please help fund my Ikkicon trip. ♥♥


I want to post some pictures of what Juan and I found when we went to High Fashion Fabric store in Houston. He was so happy. ^_^

It was all around this huge building. It was nice. Plus it made the trip to Houston not so bad. He really had no reason to come only to keep me company. xD I’m glad that we found this.


CHRISTMAS! So what did everyone get?


I love it so much. I was so happy when I opened them both. Now I just need a lock for my door to make sure no one uses it when I’m gone. >_>

I also got a gift card to Best Buy for $100 … and went and blew it all. xD It has been a very long time that I have gone and blew a bunch of money on stuff I just well…want. xD Soooo, I got two Incubus CDs(S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Make Yourself) a new Thursday CD (at the time I thought so, but it just has three new songs and the rest are lives. >< ..but it comes with a DVD with lots of stuff on it…still, I was decieved…) and The Misfits (Famous Monsters) ..because Juan made me. xD Thheen I bought The Sims 2 (OMG I LOVE THAT GAME) and Final Fantasy XII…..that made me realize how long it’s been since I actually bought a video game. I never have time anymore to sit down and play them. ;_; …so now, I am making time. xD

So yeah, I have spent a long time working on that little stupid selling thread. Annnd writing our skit out for Ikkicon. I am super excited and wished I did not have to sleep. Why must humans sleep!? We waste so much time sleeping. Oh well, I will hopefully wake up somewhat early and start sewing. Yeah!


Before Christmas, on my time off, I went crazy and super cleaned my room. When I get my grandpa’s camera back, I will the before pictures, but for now, see what I have done. This is one side of my closet. The dumbass who designed the house I live in made the closets this way which is really stupid…>> …so now here is my cosplay side. HUGE improvement and way more organized than ever. ><

As for the other side, my ‘personal’ side…yeah, that’s another story. o_____O

….I think I am going to go to bed now..or play the Sims 2.

♥♥ Happy New Year everyone!! ♥♥

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