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The Ho Ho Ho Job

12 Dec

And, yes, I’m sure Leverage is more than aware of the multiple connotations of that title.

You might be wondering how a show about con-men is geeky, and if so, I say to you “Shame on you, good sir or madam, for con-men are geeky in the same way that spies are geeky: they are so cool that we geeks idolise them and therefore they are of geeky interest.”
Plus, so many of our favourite geeky shows have a con-man character or main characters who exhibit con-man like techniques in order to attain some of their coolness. I direct you to Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who as one of my sexiest examples.

Besides, this show includes Hardison (aka one of the best portrayals of geeks on TV) and therefore also includes random side jokes about things like WoW and ComicCon are scattered through every episode.

If you don’t already watch the good-natured fun of Leverage (think of it as the Ocean’s Eleven series or The Italian Job with a barely a Doctor Who level of ‘taking itself seriously’) you really should.

Start this evening, with the Christmas themed Season 3 post-hiatus premiere on TNT at 9:00/8:00 central.

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