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~ Cookies and Lolitas ~

20 May

Meaghan and I traveled all the way to Houston today for the Project: Harajuku gathering….and we did not find them..or anyone in lolita, or with the group. >>;;;;;; So much gasss. BUT, oh well. I talked to the girl who runs the whole thing and she said she was there at the same time we were, we just never caught each other. ;____; It makes me really sad every time I think about it. We missed each other. We were there, we just didn’t find either one. ;___; SOO, when Meaghan and I gave up our search, we sat down a bit and took pictures. <33 Enjoy my freckly face of doom and Meaghan’s beauty and cuteness. <33

Fear my melting cookies! They were good, I promise! Even after being melted, unmelted with AC in my truck, then melted again…and so on….

Meaghan is the cutest thing. And I tried with the curls…and I was testing out new stuff. xD I forgot to put on my makeup!! ;_; I just had a little bit of blush and eyeshawdow on because I had to rush off to work and then to the gathering. >>

…so enjoy my cookies. o___o …I can’t think of anything else to say. … Fun fact: Meaghan and I listened to 59 songs on shuffle on her Ipod on the whole trip, to and from. xD

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