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I have new clotheeeesss! :D

13 Mar

Juan and I went shopping(for the first time together..I think o___o three years together and this is a first) I got some cute stuff! ^_^ I got a super nice bra from Victoria’s Secret. But when I told my mom that I got it, and that it costed $45, she just called me stupid. I don’t care, I had the money(kinnnda) and I needed a new one really badly. So why not get one that lasts?! Anywho, it’s nice and soft, and really good. (Well, it better be since it cost $45 xD ) I aslo bought two shirts: one with a robot with a rainbow( He’s gay robot -RedVSBlue ref xD -) and the other with cute apple and fruity stuff. 0___o It’s really funny because I got these at Wet Seal, and when I think back to when I was in 8th grade or sometime around there, I would have never walked in there. xDDDD I was all “Hot Topic is the besttt.” I am sooooo glad I changed. Anddd, I bought some new jeans from Old Navy. When they say they are low rise, they mean it. o___o I tried some of those “skinny” jeans on(only because they were on sale for $17) and there is nooooo way I could wear those in public. I just have way to massive thighs and hips to wear them. ;__; Oh well, I guess everyone can’t be emo. xDD No, I really just wanted them because they were cheaper. x_x

…but I did buy something from Hot Topic…well, actually Juan bought it for me. ^_^ The two things I got were on sale, pretty much half off, and it still cost $20! I got this neat fabric belt that has pretty ruffles on it and this pretty necklace with beads and stuff. o__o It’s pretty. ❤ It really hate sometimes going in there. I mean, all of their clothes are soooo expensive and low quality! I hate it. And on top of that, Juan said “All of these shirts here my friends have.” So when you buy from Hot Topic, you have a 99% chance that someone you know or around you owns the same thing. x___X

Juan had more money than me so he bought me jeans and the stuff from Hot Topic anddd food.. <33 He got some extra money from his mom because he saved some money on the shoes he bought. (She gave him $100, he spent $40 *cough* I mean, $60 xD *cough* on the shoes..yeah!) He wanted to buy me a nice ring or necklace or earings, but I told him no. I didn’t want a ring yet, but I would accept earings or a necklace. xD But I really didn’t want him spending so much on me. ><;;; He loves me to much. xD And I love himmm. ^_^

*cough* This is a really long post. I guess this happens when you just woke up and ate some really nasty “Fruity Cheerios.” *dies* I want to sew…but play World of Warcraft..but then I have to go to work. Blahhh

Oh, maybe later I can use Juan’s new program he got! It’s a 12 CD program that teaches japanese!! The only bad thing is is that it dosen’t teach you how to read and write it, or as far as I have seen of it. Never know, it might. ^^

Meaghan is still in Florida..and hasn’t called me YET…I must send her a text message. I wonder how she’s doing. ^_^


 ..now I remeber one of the reasons I made this entry….Meaghan and Juan are selling some things on this forum, because we do not want to go to ebay. There are a lot things there for sale for a pretty good price. ^_^ Plenty of games, some anime, DS games, and even a Gackt picture. ^_^ So please check it out. ❤ *Click here for Sale!*

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