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Ah, You Will Most Definitely Get a Third Date If You Bring Me Here on Date #2 – Part One

14 Jan

Frogger! Image via nineteeneightyeight.com

The last time I attempted to go to Venice for the artwalk, I ended up distracted by the food truck jungle and those Pantone chairs by Seletti propped up in one of the shop windows. Venice is also really out of the way for me, and even though I live in Hollywood, you know it takes 40 minutes to get to the west side.

But a friend tipped me off to this gallery opening (yes, tomorrow! January 15!), and seeing this retro-style poster of my favorite jaywalker, Frogger (which was one of the first games I ever played in my life), I think I WILL drive all the way down Santa Monica Blvd to scope out what could be deemed possibly as “fine geek art”. Because not all of us otaku still have our Haruhi and Belldandy wallscrolls adorning our walls anymore. (If you still do, it’s okay, it would be an ice-breaker for us.)

And here’s just a little excerpt from Thrillist teasing me until I take a trip down Nostalgia Lane:

“…Over 30 artists have contributed prints, with highlights including a “Look Both Ways” propaganda-style poster starring Frogger, a mosaic made up of 8-bit graphics from Zelda, and a Duck Hunt number that looks like a target with a disclaimer that states “under normal circumstances, the duck moves very f****ng fast in bat-s*** crazy patterns” –yeah, well, that’s nothing a little pressing-the-gun-to-the-TV-screen can’t fix….”

Whew, I guess I can finally tack on something worthy above the little collection of figurines in my bedroom.

Clearly, I have not put any effort into decorating my apartment.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my adventure to Gallery 1988.

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