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Sh*t I’m Excited for this week: 11/07/10

7 Nov

Sherlock is coming out on DVD on Tuesday, November 9th!

No, not the Robert Downey Jr. movie, but the absolutely amazing British TV show with a kick-ass, modern-day Sherlock Holmes. The Menace previously blogged about it here.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out! The first series is only three episodes long (British seasons are always oddly short!), but they’re 90 minutes each and thus feel quite substantive. Like little mini-movies, except with a smaller budget and more of a chance that you’ll watch more than one in a row.

Reasons Why I Love This Show:

  • For anyone who’s read the books, you’ll see so many little elements from them in the show; it references the original story without being anchored to or weighed down by it. The glib little inclusions of details from the books serve as reminders that this character is more than just awesome right now, in this show, but has been awesome for centuries.
  • The cinematography is unique and Britishly fabulous.
  • The integration of modern technology is seamless and innovative and done in such a way that it adds to the story without overwhelming it.
  • The dialogue is quick and witty.
  • The acting is superb and detailled.
  • Sherlock’s got The Doctor’s frenetic energy (understandable, because Dr. Who’s Steven Moffat was one of its creators) and a smashing fashion sense. Watson’s the perfect foil: just the right mix of helpful assistant and clueless friend.

I could keep gushing, but, luckily, with the release of these DVDs, you can see for yourself.

My Megavideo minutes run out too quickly to watch more than 1.5 episodes at a time, so these DVDs are going to be a lifesaver. Well, probably more like a life-pauser because I will probably procrastinate by watching them over and over rather than doing what I’m supposed to be doing…but it’s totally worth it.

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