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Shit I’m Excited for 11/8/10

8 Nov

And so, it arrives. Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow and I’m nearly pissing my pants in excitement. Scott Pilgrim is a series very close to my heart because it’s the title that first got me heavy into comics. August 2004. I remember it well. The tone and humor of the books is spot-on, thanks to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s excellent, hilarious writing and his uncanny ability to draw the best facial expressions EVER. The film was helmed by my favorite director, Edgar Wright (of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame) and stars comedy god Michael Cera. Every frame of the movie looks like it was taken straight out of a comic book. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who plays romantic interest Ramona Flowers in the film) is smokin’ hot. So really, what’s not to like? Buy it. It’s going to be packed with hours of special goodies. Including stuff like the video below! Check it.

I just wrote an entry about this show, so I won’t go into it much, but I love it so goddamn much that I’m mentioning it again. The second season of Misfits premieres this week, November 11th in the UK. The best program ever created, hands down. A must watch for any sci-fi or superhero fans. Black comedy, superpowers, friggin’ amazing dialogue, Robert Sheehan – the foxiest man on the planet… there’s nothing not to love. SECOND SEASON PREMIERE ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY. Check out a clip below. Beware: light spoilers.


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