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Decisions, Decisions

8 Apr

Before anyone makes a stupid reference to that damn Rebecca Black song (…. see what I did there?) I actually have something to look forward to this particular Friday: 2 movies that I really want to see are both released today. As much as I want to be greedy and watch them both in one sitting, my attention span is obviously shorter than a Korean male’s penis size (I’m going be statistics here, alright? Google that shit.) so I can only watch one of them tonight. Or tomorrow.

“Your Highness” is a movie I have been waiting for since…. October. Back then, I thought, “Hot damn, April is far away”. Now I am kind of cringing because I still haven’t done my taxes yet. There isn’t much for me to say about this movie if you’ve seen the trailer 49394508385304 times like I have. Natalie Portman is in it. Danny McBride is in it. James Franco is in it. Zooey Deschanel is in it. The people who made “Pineapple Express” made this movie. I don’t think I can really dumb it down for you anymore. I am pretty sure this movie is going to be hilarious.

The second movie I’m looking forward to is “Hanna”. While I’m only partly sold by the concept (which is kept a bit vague, probably because the storyline isn’t that exciting to me), Cate Blanchett and Saorise Ronan are in this movie, and everyone under the sun knows I love Cate Blanchett. Let’s just forget about that whole Indiana Jones fiasco. Also, I’m a girl with self-esteem issues, so I obviously would want to watch a movie where a girl who appears helpless suddenly kicks everyone’s ass. I don’t think this movie will be intentionally funny, but remember “Suckerpu–” no, I will not speak of such things again. I don’t want to believe that Cate Blanchett would participate in another mediocre movie.

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