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Mighty!Marz’s Top Five Fictional Character Crushes

12 Sep

Whittling down my list of swoon-worthy thump-thumps to just 5 was difficult!

5. Eric (The Little Mermaid): Like so many girls of our generation, I was raised on Disney, and this list wouldn’t be complete without a prince; Eric’s one of the few with a name, personality, and who actually has some significant interaction with his love interest before marrying her. He dresses like a sailor, which brings up happy pirate-y connotations in my head, and has useful skills that come in handy in the fight scenes in both movies. He’s kind and likes animals and plays a musical instrument and likes dancing and ‘twas magic that coerced him to almost marry someone else, rather than easily-remedied misunderstandings.

4. Alex Rider (Stormbreaker): In the movie, he’s 14, so I feel positively paedophilic for having him on the list, but he’s so awesome that I can’t help it. The movie character I love (based on a series of YA books where he’s far more angry at the world) is a teenage James Bond, but without the unnecessary drama, bloodshed, and string of ex’s with unusual names. He’s effortlessly cool, has mad spy and fighting skills, speaks English with a beautiful British accent, speaks several other languages too, and is so pretty that it almost hurts.

3. The Prince (Prince of Persia): NOT the movie version (Jake Gyllenhaal has no neck, and was not the greatest casting decision for a Persian prince, in my fangirly opinion), but more specifically the character from the Sands of Time video game. I used to play the original computer game with my Dad when I was little, so he’s got major nostalgic value, and the new version is dreamy rather than pixelated. He’s devilishly good looking, has a snarky sense of humour in bad situations, is royalty (always a plus, right?) and subtly gets progressively more naked as the game goes on.

2. Dick Grayson (Nightwing): I believe he’s the one human without the ability to fly that comes closest to it without supplementary measure, and he always seems so happy when he does hurtle through the air. That he’s tall, dark, and handsome with a perchance for motorbikes and a quirky sense of humour (he loves puns, I love puns…it works) doesn’t hurt either. Trained by the best (thegoddamnBatman), so his fighting and detective skills are superb, and he doesn’t have as many of the angst issues as his mentor. He always exudes this sense of joy and pure enjoyment of life, and not many superheroes do. Plus, he’s generally acknowledged to have the cutest butt in the DC universe…

1. Michael Carrington (Grease 2): First of all, he’s an English transfer student (it’s hard to resist that accent) who’s super smart and sings well. Plus, at the start of the movie, he manages to pull off one a sweater vest, which is rare and I appreciate that.  He learns to ride a motorbike for love, and manages to join the cool crowd by wearing a leather jacket without losing any of his own personality. Oh yeah, and his chin is fantastic and his blue eyes make me swoon.

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