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2 Feb

OG Oregon Trail. Image via latimes.com

That’s right. I’m playing Oregon Trail. On Facebook. Right now. Brings back fond memories of the computer lab in…1st? 2nd? grade? cursing at the person in my wagon who kept getting a fever and wouldn’t heal properly. Cursing at all the damn rocks as I navigated on the rivers. Cursing at the fucking rabbits that got away when I tried to hunt them for food. Ah, elementary school memories.

I’m sitting here now, waiting at Alcove Spring for my energy to refill (yeup, like Mafia Wars, without the participation in illegal activities–part). I’ve already figured out which one of my teammates is the one who keeps getting sick every 20 miles and won’t heal, and have already had to repair my wagon. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I’m not sure if I even stocked up appropriately for my journey to Oregon, but the “hunt” option is part of the “mini-games” located next to the “speed” and “inventory” icons on the bottom menu. Maybe it’s because I’m on a notebook computer and the trackpad is confusing the cursor but hunting is not really that easy. There’s a rating for “epic kill”–it’s not for killing a bear–I just killed one and didn’t get congratulated on it. So… I have yet to find out what the epic kill is. Bison?

But you can’t hunt too often otherwise you run low on energy. *twiddles thumbs*

New Oregon Trail.

You know, I will admit that I am that person who hides all the game feeds and will hide your feed if all your updates are about which building you just pillaged in Mafia Wars–don’t publish that shit, Facebook friends.

But I will play Oregon Trail on Facebook for memory’s sake so fuck off and don’t judge me.

Oh, and also, Happy Chinese New Year, if you’re Chinese. Just acknowledging, that’s all. We’re all …cultured and socially… aware over here at The G-Spot…

Sh*t I’m Excited For This Week…. 10/1/10

28 Sep

We are all fans of Fridays. Unless you are living the life of funemployment, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, might all be the same. What makes a Friday even better though (besides happy hour… a half day… Rosh Hashanah…I’m not Jewish, but if your boss is, it’s a good Friday) is a movie you actually really want to see. The last movie I was really looking forward to was “Inception”, which I ended up putting off for 3 weeks anyway.

I’m not a huge movie person–I’ll go to hang out w/ friends–especially to see a comedy or a crazy action film that must be enjoyed on the large screen with a massive sound system. But this week’s release of “The Social Network” is having me tap my foot with anticipation for Friday. Yeah, I said it. I want to see that Facebook movie I was dissing a couple months ago. “Ha! A movie about Facebook? What the fuck? How would that even WORK?!”

And then BAM–David Fincher is directing. Trent REZNOR is doing the music. And JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is in it. I’m not a JT fangirl but I gotta hand it to him, that guy is a pretty good actor. I mean… Hello, Dick in a Box, anyone?

The Social Network movie still

Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake in The Social Network. Image via imdb.com

I was honestly one of the later people to join Facebook, before it was made accessible to everyone, back in college I didn’t have an email address @yourcollegehere.com . So I resented Facebook like a freshman who resented the sorority that rejected her. Then finally I was granted access and now I post shit everyday because I like when fifty thousand people comment on my new hair color. Facebook makes people feel important and acknowledged, especially in this era of internet FAME. Facebook has also … encouraged more shit-talking and online stalking. In fact, I think one time my friend and I hung out by stalking people on Facebook and poking our noses into their business. You may shake your head at me, but you’ve done it at one point or another too, haven’t you? Haven’t we all?

So why wouldn’t I want to watch this movie? Facebook, a simple concept we never conceived of being integral to our everyday lives, is now one of the first sites we go into when we turn on our computers. See? I can’t believe I remembered something as seemingly insignificant as that. Damn you, Facebook.

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