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Diaries of a Tron:Legacy Fanatic

20 Dec

Dear Diary,

I have a feeling my friends are all tired of me dominating their Facebook feeds with back-to-back posts about Tron:Legacy… as if the billboards and commercials weren’t enough already. So I’m going to fangirl in private. I watched the movie in IMAX-3D right after my flight from China, jaw-dropped the entire time. I stepped outside the movie theatre onto the grid of the Real World, imperfect in the way the Grid was “perfect”. I’m glad I got a taste of the Grid when I visited Disneyland weeks before, for the elecTRONica street club/party (read my post about it here). The Daft Punk cameo nearly caused me to wet my pants. Is my life that unexciting that I have to find solace in a fictional, glow-in-the-dark world? Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces, and we are notorious for living in our imaginations 70% of the time. Or maybe I’m just bored of my environment, despite the fact I was traversing in Asia the last week (wait.. that’s another attribute of Pisces… right?)

I went to see the movie again the next day at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood–a dazzling laser show preceded the viewing.

Tron:Legacy laser show at the El Capitan Theatre.

A replica of the shiva device transporting you into the Grid (at the El Capitan)

I must say I enjoyed the movie more the second time… and who am I kidding, I have to see it again with my dad, for whom I just bought a Tron Light Cycle toy for (I got the Kevin Flynn one). The more I look at that toy the more I realize I should have bought one for myself… I mean, it LIGHTS UP!!!!!! Damn it’s cool.

!!!!! Now I really want one for myself!!!!

While at the Disney store next to the El Capitan, I also picked up the hard copy of the Tron soundtrack. I must point out 2 extremely cool things about this item:

1. The CD resembles an identity disc–it’s completely black on both sides, the top side printed with circles of turquoise.
2. The CD insert explains how the soundtrack was created, starting with Daft Punk meeting with director Joseph Kosinski at 101 Cafe in Hollywood, WHICH IS LITERALLY DOWN THE STREET FROM WHERE I LIVE! HOLY CRAP!!!!

Tron:Legacy soundtrack CD

Reverse side of Tron:Legacy soundtrack CD

After viewing the movie for the 2nd time, listening to the soundtrack on repeat, and cozying up in bed with my Tron:Legacy artbook, I started sketching the details for my Quorra costume (next year’s Comic-Con), trolling the web for screencaps and promotional images. I guess it’s no wonder my friends all associate me=Tron. Sigh.

And while scouring the internet for images, I stumbled upon this poster of BRILLIANCE!! I need more music posters to adorn my room, anyway. AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Unfortunately it was only sold with the pre-order of the soundtrack. But you know what that means! Time to eBay.

Tron:Legacy Daft Punk limited edition poster. Image via highsnobiety.com

Well, that’s enough Tron talk for now. Better get back to work and contemplate things happening in real time, like Christmas and potlucks.

The Menace

P.S. Cool elevator unit in my Guangzhou hotel. Portal into the Grid?

Why do I feel like I'm the only one who is giddy over these things 😦

Bah, Humbug! And Tribbles too.

10 Dec

Christmas is a time when people get all dressed up and go to the theatre. Not just Chinese food and the cinema: the Theatre (with everything that the capitalisation implies).

After seeing The Nutcracker for the twentieth time in a row, shouldn’t you try something …a little more exciting?

I have the perfect solution: A Klingon Christmas Carol.
(You might think I’m making that up for alliteration’s sake, but I’m really not.)

Not just a pure translation of the Dickensian classic, this is an adaptation where Scrooge is a Klingon warrior who recovers his honour and courage when three spirits visit him, just in time to save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate.

In case you didn’t know, Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) is one of the most complete fictional languages out there. There are hundreds of people who are conversationally fluent in it. There’s a multi-day convention held by the Klingon Lanugage Institute dedicated solely to the study of the language. Works of Shakespeare have been translated into Klingon. Everything from novels to opera, poetry, greeting cards, songs…the list of original and translated Klingon works goes on and on.

For those of us who aren’t so good at pronouncing or deciphering the guttural sounds of the space warrior race, the play’s narration is in English and it comes with supertitles so that you can follow along.

The play runs until December 19th at the Greenhouse Theater in Chicago.

: for more info.

Magical Musical Geekery

4 Dec

HP7.1 totally re-sparked my love for the series and, addict that I am, I’ve been re-immersing myself into (the epic black-hole that is) Harry Potter fandom.

In case you’re unfamiliar with (the vortex of doom that is) Harry Potter fandom, it is vast and varied and often worrying. Whether it’s fanfiction stories that are longer than all the novels combined, or handcrafted wands that are practically works of art, or wizard rock bands that have sold-out concerts on a grand scale, the HP fandom is impressive.

(It’s also quite disturbing sometimes, and that only starts with how easy it is to degenerate into dirty ‘wand’ jokes. Part of the fun of the fandom is wading through the Hogwarts-sized piles of crap in order to find the diamonds in the rough.)

But, my favourite part about the HP fandom is how creative it can be. If you ignore all the derivative work copyright infringement issues, I think that the innovation this one series of books has sparked is admirable.

For instance, I present, for your consideration, A Very Potter Musical.

A little out of date (because I believe it was written before Book 5: Order of the Phoenix), but that doesn’t stop it from being fun. 
If you haven’t already seen it, have you at least heard of it? If not, what sort of Harry Potter fan are you?! I mean, come on! This is practically a classic now.

I’m holding my breath for Harry Potter on Ice, because I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. All those robes billowing gracefully as they skate by…

Broomsticks and Snitches and …College Students?

12 Nov

There are very few things that can make me wish I lived on the East Coast. (I can’t handle the cold. California’s a chilly 54ºF right now and I’m wearing three layers, fuzzy socks and huddled under a blanket…)

However, this weekend, I would brave the bracing cold of a New York fall for the Fourth Annual International Quidditch World Cup (Muggle version).

Blurb from the official website says “On November 13 and 14, 2010, 46 official Quidditch teams from around the world – a total of 757 athletes – will descend on New York City for the Fourth Annual Quidditch World Cup. The teams are from 42 colleges and universities, three high schools, and one local community team, all from the USA and Canada.”

(Two countries involved, so it’s officially “international” and “from all over the world” apparently.) (Alright, to be fair, there are over 45 countries in the actual league, so that’s International, even if the actual cup isn’t yet.)

See the following video from last year’s World Cup for an idea of what it’s like.

The rules are pretty simple, modified though they are so that we mere Muggles can play this game of wizards. The players’ positions and duties are basically the same: Seeker, Chasers, Keeper, Beaters. The only real difference is that the snitch is real person (usually dressed in gold or yellow, sometimes with wings) to make up for our sad lack of actual magical flying golden balls. Well, that, and the fact that the broomsticks and Bludgers don’t really fly on their own either…

Sports and nerdiness are not completely separate, it seems. And the combination is pretty close to awesome.

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