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I hate trucks.

9 Dec

Soooooo…my weekend..well, it was planned really well, right? Wellll, half of the things I planned to do never happened. Why? Because of my damn truck. >_______________< So here’s what happened:

On the way to Baytown where Meaghan, Logan, Will, and I were going to see The Golden Compass and tons of other things, the light “Check Gages” comes on. After Will looks over my gages, it seems fine and we think it’s just faulty because my truck is somewhat old. So thinking nothing is wrong, Logan starts his myspace picture taking ritual.

Once we get on the highway, I notice that there are plastic bottles flying out of the back of my truck onto the road…on the highway. Yeah, it was freaken dangerous. Plus, at this time I notice my battery is dying. So, we pull over, on the highway shoulder, taking care not to turn the car off and try to control the hundreds of plastic bottles in the back of my truck. Why are these bottles in there in the first place?!? Michelle wants to recycle them, but never got them out of my truck. Thanks Michelle. So, after fixing all of that, we head out on the highway, now changing our plans from Hobby Lobby to Sears.

Once we get to Sears, we get a check up and decide to take a tour of Sears while we there. It was fun. We watched the beginning of Transformers and tried out the exercise stuff.

Then we go back and they tell me that I need a new battery, which would cost $53. Ok, I can do that, whatever, just let me get out of here. So thats all good. THEN, they tell me that I need a new alternator and without that, I have no lights and my truck would only run on the battery, which is not good. So I’m like ok, how much is that? $277. I didnt think I could afford. At all. So, with my mom at work, my step dad no where to be found, I opt to call my grandpa. So I get his credit card number and think everything will be ok. THEN they say that there are no more alternators, so the truck has to stay the night at Sears. >_______________________<


Logan’s family was in Baytown for to see the choir concert that their mom was singing and that we could hopefully see as well, so they helped me out. Logan’s dad, who can fix nearly anything, said that they were asking wayyy to much money for that and to just leave. I was able to make it to Autozone, where I got an alternator for about $200(with this ‘core charge’ that was $62 because I need to take back the old one to get my money back) Soooooo, we went to CiCis and Sallys. (WHICH WAS SO GOOD …I missed pizza..and after all that crap, oh man was it good xD ) Thennn, we saw Mr.Brown and Logan’s mom sing and play at the Christmas concert which was nice. I was sad because we had to leave for The Golden Compass…WHICH WAS AWESOME. xDD I am so reading that book now. I have only read The Subtle Knife. xD

So we made it home alive and the next day Logan’s dad put in my brand new alternator. Then I saw Juan and we watched UFC. Then we tried to fight like how they do in UFC. xDD It was fun. And he can pick heavy old me up on his shoulders and run. ^^ It makes me feel like I am not that big. Haha.

Then Logan, Meaghan, Carly, and I went to Dylons and Virginias Chirstmas party. It was fun. I got a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart. I like money. It adds up people. xD

Now I need to clean my room a bit and get ready for the band Christmas concert. Hopefully I can get someone to record all of it on my camera so my mom can see/hear us. ^__^

♥♥♥♥ Thanls stomponfrogs for fixing my layout. Everyone adore my new layout! xD ♥♥♥♥

Gamer Dorks + Library Lock-In = SuperHappyFun(sleep)TIME!

26 May

Warning! This entry is very picture heavy! Dial-up people, I feel horriable for you and if you wait through this, …. you get a prize. xD *Used to wait when she had dial up*

Right now it’s 6:30 A.M. and I am posting from the library right now. No, the public library isn’t open this early, silly! (but I am sure the myspacer freaks would LOVE that) but we had a lock-in!! My little “group” of gamer nerds and Halo fans decided to hold another tounry on the last day of school and to go ahead and have a lock in, since Valerie, the public library goddess to the world, suggested we do it again like last year.

Well, we had super fun, but we are all super tired now. o___o Some of us have been here since noon on Friday. Poor Valerie has been here since 8 or even earlier on Friday. ;___; And she was the only “supervisor.” I have no idea how she stayed up either. o__o

The tourny was really fun. ^^ It it wasn’t for those older Mount Belvieu guys my team (Juan, Denton, and I) would have won. >> They kicked everyone’s ass. But after that we had lots o’ fun playing some SWAT games, the popular shotgun pwnage, some DDR, Guitar Hero, and so much more. *dies*

The only thing about the lock in though was that there was no sleeping allowed, only to help prevent anything(bowchickabowow) But we had to. I mean, there was no helping it. o________o I found myself a nice little spot in a dark corner under a table and slept for about 45 minutes. xDD

Captions will come later, because I have some funny ones. xD For now, use your imagination. xD Now to help clean! <33

Valerie has some more pictures on her little blog~~ enjoy 😀


23 May


Yes, I am the new Drum Major for Anahuac High School Marching Band. Next year is going to ROCK! I am so happy and excited. Plus I get to go back to SFA for camp! The only sad part about that is that all the friends I made last year were seniors, so now none of my friends will be there. ;_; Oh well, I guess. Just make new ones. ^_~

I hope we play Fate of the Gods. So. Much. FUN. I am ready for the challenge. I can’t wait.

So anyway, school is coming to a close very soon. I have one exam to take: Pre-Cal. *dies* I hope I pass that. I can’t wait to get out. PLUS I have Saturday AND Monday off from work. I love super holidays. I get to relax. Annnd, I don’t start my *full-time* job at the library until I think the week or so after we got of school, so I think I will have a week of just part-time work. Yeah, free relaxing time. <33

I am just so excited. Today has just been awesome. My week has been awesome. I will stop rambling. I want my steak. ;___; My mom hasn’t even started to cook yet. ;_; Oh well.

Oh yes, my mom is so sweet. ^_^ When she found out I made it, she was on her way home and picked up a gift for me! She got me one of those neat bamboo stalk/tree things that are cute. xD I have always wanted one, just never got it. o_o BUT, I feel so stupid….when I was driving to Meaghan’s, I was watching it, holding it, and making sure it didn’t fall. I turned into Meaghan’s driveway and BAM! It fell. >> It wasn’t like a bam but it was in my mind. xD Pebbles went everywhere. Luckily the bamboo is ok, and most of the pebbles are back inside. But there are still little pebbles all in my passenger seat. >> Boo. It’s all ok though and pretty. <33

HA! Earlier I said I would stop my rambling. …xD I need to finish Pokemon or do something. o_o

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