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Oh, my gosh, you guys, remember Gackt?!!

26 Jan

Gackt is back.

But more specifically, I should say, his voice is back, and quite appropriately as one of the “Special Children” in Madhouse’s anime version of the American TV series “Supernatural”.

The “Supernatural” anime was first announced last year in June, debuted on and the first season will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray Feb. 23 in Japan. You can order the DVD online from Amazon Japan [region 2 though].

I was very surprised to hear of this news because usually it’s us Americans adapting something from Asia (re: Infernal Affairs, The Ring, The Grudge, etc…), and though we know that the Japanese are heavily influenced by American culture as well, this adaptation comes as big news especially since the American actors from the TV series will be dubbing in their own voices for the English dub. “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke worked with Madhouse’s co-founder Masao Maruyama to devise the unique outline of the 22-episode 1st season. The episodes will feature new, original episodes highlighting the back story of the brothers, more emphasis on supporting characters from the TV series, and “remaking the best episodes” from the TV series, according to animenewsnetwork.com.

I’ve never watched “Supernatural” but I’m probably going to end up watching the anime series first.

The male leads in the anime were also drawn to resemble the actual actors, which I think is pretty damn cool–badass anime version of yourself? Can I have one too?

Sam & Dean of "Supernatural" the anime version. Image via WB Japan.

Here’s Kripke discussing the anime series at last year’s Comic-con…. where the fuck was I? Too busy shopping for figurines I think…

Official WB Japan “Supernatural” site

“I am…Your…Vanilla”

30 Dec

Yum…I love that song. I was looking on a mp3 rotation site the other day, and the owner had a Gackt song up. She said that she was anti-Gackt, but she had a request for a Gackt song, just “any Gackt song.” So she put up one(can’t remember which one) but she said the reason she didn’t put up “Vanilla” was because even if you are anti-Gackt, once you hear that song, it has the power to make you dance and you will never forget it. xDD Well, I’m not anti-Gackt, but she is right. xD   …moving on now..

Don’t you hate it when you made this really long post, packed with stuff, and then your computer freezes because it has some icky porn virus? …I do. So, when that happens, I get unmotivated to write again, even though I want to. ><;; Stupid computer. The other day none of us on our AOL accounts here couldn’t get on. It said our passwords were wrong. So we all had to reset them. >< I have no idea what’s up with it, but I remember looking on the history and there being tons of porn. But I knew that no one could have looked all of this porn up. I mean, it was a lot for anyone. And it was all under that same day, and it was like 7 in the morning. (Granted, someone could get up in the middle of the night and do it. o.o ) ..still..Plus, I think one of the reasons we couldn’t get into AOL was the fact that my little sister was *supposivly* saying nasty things in chat rooms. But the time given of when she did this, she was with my mom. o.o …yeah…

Anywhoooooo….just one more week of holiday break left. I have so many things I want to do. I want sew, make some neat crafty things, play WoW, read…anything…gahhhh. First I need to clean my room. Damn…I might just do that later..

Oh yes, in the post that I had prepared but was screwed over by Internet Explore, I had pictures of Juan and I. ^___^ You see, for Christmas, I bought Juan the new PSP camera!! I’m glad I bought it like a month before Christmas because it came on like the day before Christmas eve. xD I think it took so long because I had to order if from play-asia.com, so it was coming from Japan, since the PSP camera hasn’t been released yet in the US. And Juan being “I need all the new PSP stttuuffff!!” ..I had to. xD But I made him really happy, making me really happy. ❤ He said it was the best gift anyone had ever given him. ^____^ Awww, I love mah Juan. xD

So while I was over there we had some fun with it. It came with a neat little game thing packed with things to do with the camera, like add text and cute things, and crazy templates to videos. But, it being in japanese, it was kind of hard to get working. o.o About a week later, Juan has the hang of it. He has made some really neat things, just need to get him to upload them. >>

But here’s the pictures we took together on the first night he had it. It was so much fun! ^___^

He’s so cute. xD

Here’s Juan first go at the japanese program. It’s cute, but just hard. >< Thank God for the little english that’s in there.

Like I said, cute. ❤

OH GOD! What happened to us!?!?

Awww..Juan is so funny. xD

This was me trying to be Miyavi. Has anyone ever notice how big this mans nostrils are?! xD

Today I finally got to spend some time with him. Stupid friends. xD He himself said he just wanted to some alone time, but he said I was the only one he didn’t mind. Awwww. He said some really nice things today. ^____^ …ok, I will spare everyone all this lovey-dovey crap…but I looovvvee him. xD ….*ahem* ….

Little miss Shannon reminded me in one of posts that the Diru concert will be here soon. Eek!! And she posted the cutest stuff on ebay. Must…start…designing. I think I might have something to do when I am done cleaning. Yeah!! ^__^ Thanks Shannon! ^__^

Ug..New Years Eve is tomorrow..hm. What am I going to do. … ug…Hope everyone has a good time. ❤

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