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Procrastinator for Life

4 Sep

I swear I am cursed. I blame it on my zodiac sign…(the animals, right?) Year of the Snake are even said to be procrastinators. I hate it. It’s about to be 1:30 in the morning and I am working on a project that I have had ALL summer and it’s due tomorrow. Yeah, I suck. But ya know what, I got most of it done before and today I had to finish up some stuff.

I have to admit, I am getting better with time management. But it seems when I think I am getting better at it, I all of the sudden loose it all. It’s kind of like my eating habits. I am eating really healthy and I feel great, and then I start eating bad crap again and feel like crap. ><;; Sometimes life can suck major ass.

Just to recap to see how bad I really did with this project, I decided to go ahead and list the goods and bads…


  • I had most of the book read before school: I had about 50 pages out of the whole thing left. Now that really isn’t good…at all. But when I found out the project wouldn’t be due until the next week of school, well, I relaxed.
  • I marked as I read and caught tons of similes and other things that went with the project.
  • I worked on the project throughout the week making my goal to have it turned it by Friday so I didn’t have to worry about over the long weekend.
  • I rock. Not really, but I can’t think of anything else, and this will make it seem like I had more good points…I swear there are more though…


  • I waited WAY to long to read the damn book. My excuses? Work, Juan, Meaghan + Sarah, Cosplay, last Senior Summer, Me liking to make excuses.
  • Once I found out the project wasn’t due until the next week of school, I waited even longer. Bad. Bad. Bad.
  • I made a goal, but didn’t stick with it. I got carried away with other things and didn’t stay focused.
  • We got a new computer. NO MORE LAPTOP…HUGE ASS SCREEN…I mean, it’s unbelievable. It works. I HAVE MORE MEMORY…for the computer. xD It’s just awesome. Vista rocks. So today I spent a long time on the computer….half of it was doing homework, the other half..well, I was having fun! xD I guess that’s mainly why I am up this late.

So yeah…I want to change. I hate making excuses….I am already disappointed in myself. First project and I waited till the last minute..again. I want to make this change this year. Let’s see what happens.

Other than my problems and my new bad ass computer, Juan and I are going to see Tiger Army!!! YEAH! I love them and I am really excited to see how they are live. Oh I can’t wait.

Also, I got my dress for the Tatorfest -excuse me- Gatorfest Queen pageant. I know there is a big chance of me not getting anything(I got nothing last year..) so with this one, I am going to have fun and be myself. Say how I feel and do what I want. It shall be fun. Plus I got a kick ass dress and wonderful photos. Hopefully I can post them up some time.

Got some new shoes today along with a little pedicure for the pageant. Awesome. Bought the new Tiger Army CD…hopefully it’s good. Bought a bunch of crap…eh.

Oh…and guess who will be 18 on the the 14th?! Yeah, me. xD Awesome. Porn. Spray Paint . It’s all good.

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