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Sh*t I’m Excited For This Week…9/1/10

1 Sep

Lately, I haven’t talked to a single anime-watching female who has NOT watched at least 2 episodes or read a volume of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. I mean… hot demonic butler and cute blue-haired kid in Victorian-influenced gothic attire?! Kind of difficult to pass on that. I won’t lie, I was not very impressed with the first season of Black Butler. I didn’t emotionally invest in any of the characters–I was more moved by Joker in the manga, which was completely different from the anime anyway. Fans were mixed at the conclusion of Black Butler.

Black Butler II Yana Toboso

Alois & Claude vs. Ciel & Sebastian (left image via lilycat.net, right image via kyonqchie.wordpress.com

When Black Butler II was revealed, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to watch it. A new butler and new master? Out of boredom I decided to watch episode 1, which FUNimation warned me was mature. That was completely accurate. Don’t watch this with your younger sister. Or brother. Or mom. Especially if she’s Asian, like mine. She would shake her head at me for watching this. The new season is far more graphic compared to the relatively tame first season. The assumed protagonist (though he doesn’t seem like a good kid) Alois already got on my nerves within the first 10 minutes, and his butler, Claude, was less suave than Sebastian. I sighed through the first 15 minutes, drumming my fingers along the keyboard of my laptop. A mysterious visitor drops by Alois’ mansion and my mind was subsequently blown after that.

With the exception of the disappointing 2nd episode, I like that Black Butler II has taken a decidedly darker and more violent turn. Past secrets are also dug up that fill in some of the questions I had from season one. I still have some issues with the pacing, and I’m still debating if I’m emotionally invested in any of the characters, but I must admit that I can’t really pass on watching the bishounen butlers set up for an elaborate dinner while simultaneously hurling knives and forks at their foe.

Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler

No spoilers here~ image via ugo.com

I desperately tried not to give away any spoilers if you have not seen Black Butler II yet. I highly suggest watching season 1 to enjoy the deeper twists in season 2…

Episode 8 of Black Butler II will be released this week on Youtube on the FUNimation channel.

~ Cookies and Lolitas ~

20 May

Meaghan and I traveled all the way to Houston today for the Project: Harajuku gathering….and we did not find them..or anyone in lolita, or with the group. >>;;;;;; So much gasss. BUT, oh well. I talked to the girl who runs the whole thing and she said she was there at the same time we were, we just never caught each other. ;____; It makes me really sad every time I think about it. We missed each other. We were there, we just didn’t find either one. ;___; SOO, when Meaghan and I gave up our search, we sat down a bit and took pictures. <33 Enjoy my freckly face of doom and Meaghan’s beauty and cuteness. <33

Fear my melting cookies! They were good, I promise! Even after being melted, unmelted with AC in my truck, then melted again…and so on….

Meaghan is the cutest thing. And I tried with the curls…and I was testing out new stuff. xD I forgot to put on my makeup!! ;_; I just had a little bit of blush and eyeshawdow on because I had to rush off to work and then to the gathering. >>

…so enjoy my cookies. o___o …I can’t think of anything else to say. … Fun fact: Meaghan and I listened to 59 songs on shuffle on her Ipod on the whole trip, to and from. xD

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