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Happy Valentines Day!!

13 Feb

Just a little early thing, because I know I won’t be able to post it tomarrow, spending time with Juan. ^___^ I thought I should use this silly photo since for one, it’s so goofy, and the Diru concert in Houston is this Sunday!! YES!!

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but what’s new?? xD  Sooo….let’s see…

Juan and I have been together for three years. ^__^ I really do love him so much.

Juan is (finally) 17 and the groundhog predicted an early spring. ..Juan shares his birthday on Groundhog Day. xD

I just got back from a two day trip to Austin with my school for “Chambers County Day.” ><

And tomarrow is Valentines Day!! YEAH! I can’t wait to give Juan all the cute stuff I got him. ^__^ Chocolate covered fortune cookies!! How awesome is that! And that isn’t all. ^__^ Lovelovelove..

I have so much to do, but blahhh..I want to relax now. Riding all the way from Anahuac to Austin in a school bus that can only go so fast hurts your butt after the first hour. >>;; Almost like five freaking hours. Ahhh

…so yes..I made a post! ^_^ I have been (trying) to work on cosplay, hopefully I can post some progress pictures soon…or something. And I can’t wait to get the pictures from the Austin trip from Meagan. SO MUCH FUN! xD

And thank you everyone for always commenting and talking with me, no matter how clogged up I can make it. xDDD

❤ Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! ❤

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