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Oh, my gosh, you guys, remember Gackt?!!

26 Jan

Gackt is back.

But more specifically, I should say, his voice is back, and quite appropriately as one of the “Special Children” in Madhouse’s anime version of the American TV series “Supernatural”.

The “Supernatural” anime was first announced last year in June, debuted on and the first season will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray Feb. 23 in Japan. You can order the DVD online from Amazon Japan [region 2 though].

I was very surprised to hear of this news because usually it’s us Americans adapting something from Asia (re: Infernal Affairs, The Ring, The Grudge, etc…), and though we know that the Japanese are heavily influenced by American culture as well, this adaptation comes as big news especially since the American actors from the TV series will be dubbing in their own voices for the English dub. “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke worked with Madhouse’s co-founder Masao Maruyama to devise the unique outline of the 22-episode 1st season. The episodes will feature new, original episodes highlighting the back story of the brothers, more emphasis on supporting characters from the TV series, and “remaking the best episodes” from the TV series, according to animenewsnetwork.com.

I’ve never watched “Supernatural” but I’m probably going to end up watching the anime series first.

The male leads in the anime were also drawn to resemble the actual actors, which I think is pretty damn cool–badass anime version of yourself? Can I have one too?

Sam & Dean of "Supernatural" the anime version. Image via WB Japan.

Here’s Kripke discussing the anime series at last year’s Comic-con…. where the fuck was I? Too busy shopping for figurines I think…

Official WB Japan “Supernatural” site

Hm, I should post now, shouldn’t I?

9 Nov

Well, life is going by fast for me. I feel a lot more relaxed lately because all the crazy chaos of just tons of crap are done with. Now it’s just a mad dash for the holidays. *We get a week off of school for Thanksgiving…seewwwiingg time!* ❤
I have so many pictures I want to post. ;___; But my poor laptop had DSL sickness and had to go to the doctor. So now I have been browsing with dial-up and my poor, old computer. It makes sounds…really loud sounds. I wish it would just die; poor thing. ;_;
The doctor is holding our laptop hostage though for $80. ;____;
What else can I post about..? Well, working at the library is fun. ^^ Excpet when I get behind and feel really bad. ><;; But all the ladies are so nice there. Especially Julia, she gives me popcorn and candy! XD ..I sound like a kid. XD
I get to drive on the freeway tomarrow too! ..for the first time! …Oh yes, I didn’t post this yet. I got a truck! But it’s old..and white. ><; And I hate trucks. But oh well, I got someting drive and it’s pretty big. Plus I got a cute little moogle for the back window. And Juan put a peace sign sitcker on the gas thing. XD
So Juan and I plan to go see Saw III or someting. ❤ I can’t wait. ^__^ I love being with him. ❤
OH! Meaghan and I recently orderd an An Cafe CD/DVD from CD Japan and it came in yesterday! It came in super fast, probably less than a week! I looovvvee it! And the DVD has I think three or four videos..? I know it has Escapism on it and my new favorite song that has the hand clap.(yeah, my wonderful description x.>) I love Bou. I wore my hair like his today and everyone thought it was cute! ^_^ Thank you Meaghan! <33333
…now to read my chapters in the Scarlet Letter. ><;;;
Oh and all that crap I said I was going to post, still working on it. XD One day, onnnee day…

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