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Tired. -_-

12 Jun

Working at a library does not sound tiring at all, does it? A nice quiet place to work, AC, and all that great stuff. Sure, it comes with that, but when you work full time during summer reading, it is VERY tiring. >> Kids check out tons and tons of books. Boo. I am just tired. -____-

This morning I thought my whole day was going to be bad. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I thought it was going to be one of those days. xD Why? Well, on my way to work, I had a bottle of water that wasn’t opened. I thought “Hm, I want some water, let me just open this while I’m driving!” So, I twisted the cap off, with the bottle between my legs and one hand on the wheel. Then I felt wet. No, I didn’t wet myself. xDDD I spilled water all over my pants. >>;;;; For the rest of the drive I thought if I stayed still, I wouldn’t remember. xDDD It worked…..and then I saw a kitten. In the middle of the road. ;___________________; It made me really sad. I was glad that it still looked like it was sleeping. Poor kitten. ;______;

Hm, well, my mom brought me lunch. 😀 …but then told me she was going to the movies. >> I just hhaaadd to be working at the time. xD

I’m going to find something to do. Read or sew. o__o Buuuu..stupid Meaghan in stupid Florida. >>;;  ..I wonder what Juan’s up to. O___o …oh, that’s right, Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry! Silly me. xD

I have “A Prelude” by Rentrer En Soi stuck in my head. I like them. ❤

I love Sundays

10 Jun

I love them oh so much. I stayed up late last night and still work up early. o__o Meaghan left today and should be in Florida now. I hope she has fun there. ❤ Right now I am about to hurt some little kids really freaking badly. My step-dad’s nephew who lives down here is divorced and has a little girl who vists from time to time. But she stays at my house, not at her father’s, and she is the most annoying little 8 (however) year old ever. She makes up stuff, she lies, she causes trouble, she secretly likes my little brother who HATES her..so it’s just trouble. I hate her. And what really pisses me off is that her father knows that there is no one at my house her age, therefore she is bored, and that she just causes trouble. But does he do anything? NO! BOOOO.

Man, I wasn’ expecting to go on a rant about her. I guess it’s because David and his stupid redneck friend were just messing with her right beside me and wouldn’t listen to me. I hate these kids. I am the oldest(17..they are..13..?) and they don’t listen to me. I’m told to watch them and make sure they don’t destroy the house, and they don’t listen. I don’t care anymore. Buuuu…


Today when I woke up I had a sudden urge to try and make a layout for my xanga. I was getting there, but I got made at the tables whatnot and stopped. Leave it for another day. xD So now, the whole three people who come here will have to suffer the INSANE black and white, still. Sorry guys. xD

Sooooo, lately I have been watching some more anime and reading tons of manga, since the public library has gotten so many. I love being able to work there and directely let Valeri know what kind of mangas to get. I was really happy the other day at work because we got most of the Gravitation series!! I love spreading Gravi love. xDD

But I started taking some interest in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It looks like a really funny anime. If you try to watch it on Youtube, don’t worry or whatever by the first episode because it’s not *really* the first one. It’s a little confusing, but you get the hang of it. I want to watch the second one but I can’t find it. >>;;; I was reading some forums and someone said that it’s a parody and just poking fun at all those high school animes. It’s pretty neat. If you are ever bored, go to youtube and check it out. ^__^

….ok, so the ending para para got me hooked, really. xD

Now to sew..or something. O____o I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. <33

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