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Summer is not long enough.

27 Jun

My life is so crazy right now, or at least in my head it is. I have so many different things I want to do but can’t because of work. I want to sew, cosplay, draw, design, fix some old clothes, read, play my new game, and tons more stuff. That’s the only thing I hate about my job: I have no time, or at least enough time to do what I want. But I shouldn’t complain. This will only help me and get me ready for when I leave high school and then have to juggle ten times more crap that has to be done. xD

Well, today I got the afternoon “off.” I still got paid like I was working, but I went with Valerie and the other kids to the Wildlife Refuge on one of our field trips for summer reading. We found two “letterboxes” that have been circulation all around Texas for about four years on one of them. It was really neat and we all got to sign it and then we stamped it. Really neat. ^^ On the way Juan and I danced to “Vanilla.” He started dancing first, for the record.

Yesterday I got to watch the movie “Bridge to Teribetha” ….at work. xD Hey, there was no one else to hand out drinks and popcorn! I have never read the book, so when I watched I was about to start crying my eyes out, but seeing as there were kids all around and a rather plump one in front of me always turning around to get more popcorn, I couldn’t let me tears go. xD When I saw previews for the movie, I had a totally different idea about it and I was actually really surprised. Wonderful movie and a great message.

Anddd, work just got even better! I mean, for a while I was starting to dislike it because of cleaning shelves. (I should really bring my PSP or an MP3 player to listen to…it’s just hours and hours of silence and knowing how much I have after I complete a shelve.) But today Valerie and I started moving around the YA area and some of the tables. She suggested that I decoupage the table in front of the booth. Of course I said yes and already have a large sum of pictures. I am going to use covers of YA books(not the actual covers, mind you. xD ) and anime pictures and have “Young Adults Novels” and “Graphic Novels” or “Mangas” around it….somehow. o___o I need to get a plan and see if I can come up with something in photoshop as well. I am excited for work now. 😀

Man, this is a really long post. Go me! Right now in my life I am happy but I just have so many different things racing through my mind. I really need to get focused and again, more organized. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am back from drum major camp? xD I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people. Even though I was alone this year(no Erika this time) I still had a great time. Man, there’s another thing I want to do: work on my Fate of the Gods music. I can’t wait to conduct that show. I am so excited for marching season and for summer band, but I don’t want to rush my month of July. I mean, damn, it’s already about to the 4th of July!! I hate this.

But yes, I am happy. I have a plan once I am out of high school…but not a back up. o__o At this point, I am just praying that I get accepted to the school in New York City that I want to go to soooo badly. If not, I think I want to try Chicago, then Austin, and maybe even L.A. I just want to study fashion and learn all I can about sewing and everything around clothes.


Tired. -_-

12 Jun

Working at a library does not sound tiring at all, does it? A nice quiet place to work, AC, and all that great stuff. Sure, it comes with that, but when you work full time during summer reading, it is VERY tiring. >> Kids check out tons and tons of books. Boo. I am just tired. -____-

This morning I thought my whole day was going to be bad. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I thought it was going to be one of those days. xD Why? Well, on my way to work, I had a bottle of water that wasn’t opened. I thought “Hm, I want some water, let me just open this while I’m driving!” So, I twisted the cap off, with the bottle between my legs and one hand on the wheel. Then I felt wet. No, I didn’t wet myself. xDDD I spilled water all over my pants. >>;;;; For the rest of the drive I thought if I stayed still, I wouldn’t remember. xDDD It worked…..and then I saw a kitten. In the middle of the road. ;___________________; It made me really sad. I was glad that it still looked like it was sleeping. Poor kitten. ;______;

Hm, well, my mom brought me lunch. 😀 …but then told me she was going to the movies. >> I just hhaaadd to be working at the time. xD

I’m going to find something to do. Read or sew. o__o Buuuu..stupid Meaghan in stupid Florida. >>;;  ..I wonder what Juan’s up to. O___o …oh, that’s right, Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry! Silly me. xD

I have “A Prelude” by Rentrer En Soi stuck in my head. I like them. ❤

Gamer Dorks + Library Lock-In = SuperHappyFun(sleep)TIME!

26 May

Warning! This entry is very picture heavy! Dial-up people, I feel horriable for you and if you wait through this, …. you get a prize. xD *Used to wait when she had dial up*

Right now it’s 6:30 A.M. and I am posting from the library right now. No, the public library isn’t open this early, silly! (but I am sure the myspacer freaks would LOVE that) but we had a lock-in!! My little “group” of gamer nerds and Halo fans decided to hold another tounry on the last day of school and to go ahead and have a lock in, since Valerie, the public library goddess to the world, suggested we do it again like last year.

Well, we had super fun, but we are all super tired now. o___o Some of us have been here since noon on Friday. Poor Valerie has been here since 8 or even earlier on Friday. ;___; And she was the only “supervisor.” I have no idea how she stayed up either. o__o

The tourny was really fun. ^^ It it wasn’t for those older Mount Belvieu guys my team (Juan, Denton, and I) would have won. >> They kicked everyone’s ass. But after that we had lots o’ fun playing some SWAT games, the popular shotgun pwnage, some DDR, Guitar Hero, and so much more. *dies*

The only thing about the lock in though was that there was no sleeping allowed, only to help prevent anything(bowchickabowow) But we had to. I mean, there was no helping it. o________o I found myself a nice little spot in a dark corner under a table and slept for about 45 minutes. xDD

Captions will come later, because I have some funny ones. xD For now, use your imagination. xD Now to help clean! <33

Valerie has some more pictures on her little blog~~ enjoy 😀

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