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I hate trucks.

9 Dec

Soooooo…my weekend..well, it was planned really well, right? Wellll, half of the things I planned to do never happened. Why? Because of my damn truck. >_______________< So here’s what happened:

On the way to Baytown where Meaghan, Logan, Will, and I were going to see The Golden Compass and tons of other things, the light “Check Gages” comes on. After Will looks over my gages, it seems fine and we think it’s just faulty because my truck is somewhat old. So thinking nothing is wrong, Logan starts his myspace picture taking ritual.

Once we get on the highway, I notice that there are plastic bottles flying out of the back of my truck onto the road…on the highway. Yeah, it was freaken dangerous. Plus, at this time I notice my battery is dying. So, we pull over, on the highway shoulder, taking care not to turn the car off and try to control the hundreds of plastic bottles in the back of my truck. Why are these bottles in there in the first place?!? Michelle wants to recycle them, but never got them out of my truck. Thanks Michelle. So, after fixing all of that, we head out on the highway, now changing our plans from Hobby Lobby to Sears.

Once we get to Sears, we get a check up and decide to take a tour of Sears while we there. It was fun. We watched the beginning of Transformers and tried out the exercise stuff.

Then we go back and they tell me that I need a new battery, which would cost $53. Ok, I can do that, whatever, just let me get out of here. So thats all good. THEN, they tell me that I need a new alternator and without that, I have no lights and my truck would only run on the battery, which is not good. So I’m like ok, how much is that? $277. I didnt think I could afford. At all. So, with my mom at work, my step dad no where to be found, I opt to call my grandpa. So I get his credit card number and think everything will be ok. THEN they say that there are no more alternators, so the truck has to stay the night at Sears. >_______________________<


Logan’s family was in Baytown for to see the choir concert that their mom was singing and that we could hopefully see as well, so they helped me out. Logan’s dad, who can fix nearly anything, said that they were asking wayyy to much money for that and to just leave. I was able to make it to Autozone, where I got an alternator for about $200(with this ‘core charge’ that was $62 because I need to take back the old one to get my money back) Soooooo, we went to CiCis and Sallys. (WHICH WAS SO GOOD …I missed pizza..and after all that crap, oh man was it good xD ) Thennn, we saw Mr.Brown and Logan’s mom sing and play at the Christmas concert which was nice. I was sad because we had to leave for The Golden Compass…WHICH WAS AWESOME. xDD I am so reading that book now. I have only read The Subtle Knife. xD

So we made it home alive and the next day Logan’s dad put in my brand new alternator. Then I saw Juan and we watched UFC. Then we tried to fight like how they do in UFC. xDD It was fun. And he can pick heavy old me up on his shoulders and run. ^^ It makes me feel like I am not that big. Haha.

Then Logan, Meaghan, Carly, and I went to Dylons and Virginias Chirstmas party. It was fun. I got a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart. I like money. It adds up people. xD

Now I need to clean my room a bit and get ready for the band Christmas concert. Hopefully I can get someone to record all of it on my camera so my mom can see/hear us. ^__^

♥♥♥♥ Thanls stomponfrogs for fixing my layout. Everyone adore my new layout! xD ♥♥♥♥

That’s what sisters are for…

10 Sep

They pop your pimple when you need it. xDDD


I had to take Michelle all the way to Baytown today because we think she broke her arm again somehow, or at least bruised a nerve or something like that. So while we were waiting for my mom, Michelle got so annoyed by the pimple on my face she just had to pop it. Gross. I know. And it hurt. Really freaking bad. But it’s better now!! xDDD Man I have a weird family…

So over the weekend I was in the ‘Gatorfest Pageant’ …whee. Of course, like always, I won nothing. At all. The same person every time. Nothing like “OMG, she won?! No way!” It was more like “Oh yeah, ok.” I just wanted something, honestly. I felt like I was qualified at least for something.

One of the judges actually came up to me afterwards and said that I was ‘really up there’ and she admired my uniqueness. I was flattered and happier. My grandmother bought me roses and everyone was really nice to me.

We went out to eat afterwards at a nice mexican restaurant and I had a lot of fun. Even though I didn’t win anything, I felt beautiful and even more confidant than before. I have a lot ahead of me – my whole life. I can’t wait.

My mom and I talked about colleges. I sent in my first part of the application process for FIT in New York City. I can’t wait for the rest. I hope and pray I get into there. I want this so bad.

Now to study for my AP Terms test and SAT test that are tomorrow…pictures will hopefully come soon. ^__^ Tiger Army concert soooooon. So many things coming up it’s scary…

And guess who is turing 18 this Friday? Wheeee!!

Procrastinator for Life

4 Sep

I swear I am cursed. I blame it on my zodiac sign…(the animals, right?) Year of the Snake are even said to be procrastinators. I hate it. It’s about to be 1:30 in the morning and I am working on a project that I have had ALL summer and it’s due tomorrow. Yeah, I suck. But ya know what, I got most of it done before and today I had to finish up some stuff.

I have to admit, I am getting better with time management. But it seems when I think I am getting better at it, I all of the sudden loose it all. It’s kind of like my eating habits. I am eating really healthy and I feel great, and then I start eating bad crap again and feel like crap. ><;; Sometimes life can suck major ass.

Just to recap to see how bad I really did with this project, I decided to go ahead and list the goods and bads…


  • I had most of the book read before school: I had about 50 pages out of the whole thing left. Now that really isn’t good…at all. But when I found out the project wouldn’t be due until the next week of school, well, I relaxed.
  • I marked as I read and caught tons of similes and other things that went with the project.
  • I worked on the project throughout the week making my goal to have it turned it by Friday so I didn’t have to worry about over the long weekend.
  • I rock. Not really, but I can’t think of anything else, and this will make it seem like I had more good points…I swear there are more though…


  • I waited WAY to long to read the damn book. My excuses? Work, Juan, Meaghan + Sarah, Cosplay, last Senior Summer, Me liking to make excuses.
  • Once I found out the project wasn’t due until the next week of school, I waited even longer. Bad. Bad. Bad.
  • I made a goal, but didn’t stick with it. I got carried away with other things and didn’t stay focused.
  • We got a new computer. NO MORE LAPTOP…HUGE ASS SCREEN…I mean, it’s unbelievable. It works. I HAVE MORE MEMORY…for the computer. xD It’s just awesome. Vista rocks. So today I spent a long time on the computer….half of it was doing homework, the other half..well, I was having fun! xD I guess that’s mainly why I am up this late.

So yeah…I want to change. I hate making excuses….I am already disappointed in myself. First project and I waited till the last minute..again. I want to make this change this year. Let’s see what happens.

Other than my problems and my new bad ass computer, Juan and I are going to see Tiger Army!!! YEAH! I love them and I am really excited to see how they are live. Oh I can’t wait.

Also, I got my dress for the Tatorfest -excuse me- Gatorfest Queen pageant. I know there is a big chance of me not getting anything(I got nothing last year..) so with this one, I am going to have fun and be myself. Say how I feel and do what I want. It shall be fun. Plus I got a kick ass dress and wonderful photos. Hopefully I can post them up some time.

Got some new shoes today along with a little pedicure for the pageant. Awesome. Bought the new Tiger Army CD…hopefully it’s good. Bought a bunch of crap…eh.

Oh…and guess who will be 18 on the the 14th?! Yeah, me. xD Awesome. Porn. Spray Paint . It’s all good.

School is starting…

26 Aug

Monday. Whoo. ><;;; One thing that is really annoying is being asked “When do you guys go to school” by someone who is in Texas and going to school as well. Why? Because the damn lawmakers of Texas made all of us Texan kids go on the same day. ><;;; But that’s just me.

I need to post more…but I am so busy now. I have been trying to get all my school shopping done while going to summer band and work. It’s all worked out and I am happy. xD Today I can finally relax and do what I want. Mainly because I don’t have to freak out over Frankenstein project!! YEAH! I almost done with the book though! And I really do like it. It’s really good. ^^ Just boring at first (but what book isn’t?)

Yesterday I got my hair did. xDD I love it. If I had a camera, I would take a picture, but I don’t. (I’m asking for one for my birthday *crosses fingers*) I got the pinup like bangs, a trim, more blonde(no more ugly roots!!!) and it’s all curled. I love it. I went to Sally’s also to pick up a curling iron because the only one I have is 1/2 of an inch round. Yeah, who in the world could use that one?! So I ended up spending $50 in there on stuff..just mousse, this heat protector, curling iron, and a brush for my bangs. ><;;; The only thing I hate about having money is spending it. xDDD Or rather in large amounts.

Juan came with me for this whole trip and got his hair cut too. He looks so cute. ^^ I’m so happy he came with me. I just felt bad when we got to the mall because we were both tired and we went ALL over the freaken mall looking for a backpack. So when we give up and head out of where we came through JCPenny, guess what we see: The EXACT backpack I was looking for. ><;;;; Oh well, it’s over and I have it. Oh, and plus Icing’s was having one of those awesome 10 for $5 and I got tons new stuff for my hair and some earrings xDD

My dad has been e-mailing me. This makes me very very happy. He is also planning to stay in Austin, which is awesome. I hope I can see him sometime soon.

I think I’m going to sew. I have a bunch of old clothes that need updating. ><;;

Summer is not long enough.

27 Jun

My life is so crazy right now, or at least in my head it is. I have so many different things I want to do but can’t because of work. I want to sew, cosplay, draw, design, fix some old clothes, read, play my new game, and tons more stuff. That’s the only thing I hate about my job: I have no time, or at least enough time to do what I want. But I shouldn’t complain. This will only help me and get me ready for when I leave high school and then have to juggle ten times more crap that has to be done. xD

Well, today I got the afternoon “off.” I still got paid like I was working, but I went with Valerie and the other kids to the Wildlife Refuge on one of our field trips for summer reading. We found two “letterboxes” that have been circulation all around Texas for about four years on one of them. It was really neat and we all got to sign it and then we stamped it. Really neat. ^^ On the way Juan and I danced to “Vanilla.” He started dancing first, for the record.

Yesterday I got to watch the movie “Bridge to Teribetha” ….at work. xD Hey, there was no one else to hand out drinks and popcorn! I have never read the book, so when I watched I was about to start crying my eyes out, but seeing as there were kids all around and a rather plump one in front of me always turning around to get more popcorn, I couldn’t let me tears go. xD When I saw previews for the movie, I had a totally different idea about it and I was actually really surprised. Wonderful movie and a great message.

Anddd, work just got even better! I mean, for a while I was starting to dislike it because of cleaning shelves. (I should really bring my PSP or an MP3 player to listen to…it’s just hours and hours of silence and knowing how much I have after I complete a shelve.) But today Valerie and I started moving around the YA area and some of the tables. She suggested that I decoupage the table in front of the booth. Of course I said yes and already have a large sum of pictures. I am going to use covers of YA books(not the actual covers, mind you. xD ) and anime pictures and have “Young Adults Novels” and “Graphic Novels” or “Mangas” around it….somehow. o___o I need to get a plan and see if I can come up with something in photoshop as well. I am excited for work now. 😀

Man, this is a really long post. Go me! Right now in my life I am happy but I just have so many different things racing through my mind. I really need to get focused and again, more organized. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am back from drum major camp? xD I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people. Even though I was alone this year(no Erika this time) I still had a great time. Man, there’s another thing I want to do: work on my Fate of the Gods music. I can’t wait to conduct that show. I am so excited for marching season and for summer band, but I don’t want to rush my month of July. I mean, damn, it’s already about to the 4th of July!! I hate this.

But yes, I am happy. I have a plan once I am out of high school…but not a back up. o__o At this point, I am just praying that I get accepted to the school in New York City that I want to go to soooo badly. If not, I think I want to try Chicago, then Austin, and maybe even L.A. I just want to study fashion and learn all I can about sewing and everything around clothes.


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