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Trying to Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories… Part 2/2

6 Dec

Sadly, it took me an entire week to read the entire “The Guild” graphic novel–picked up this weekend from my favorite comic book store in Los Angeles, Meltdown Comics–but on the plus side, I went out and socialized. Needless to say it was a good weekend–I plowed through 3 comics while waiting in line for the LUNA SEA 20th Anniversary World Tour at the Hollywood Palladium. Yeah, Japanese rock… I still listen to it.

But I digress. It’s no surprise that “The Guild” is one of my favorite series’ in the history of my life, and this graphic novel prequel is a definite must-have for all “The Guild” fans. I think it’s interesting how Day chose to leave Codex’s background unmentioned in the web series. I feel the novel actually works so well in this aspect, as loyal followers of “The Guild” can see how the characters have “changed” throughout the story in its entirety, especially with Vork’s character.

The Guild graphic novel Felicia Day

Someone needs to add this to the list of Epic Vork Quotes thread in The Guild forum

In Sean Becker’s foreword of the graphic novel, he mentions that “…Felicia would be free from the restrictions that come with the show’s web budgets and get to enjoy the creative freedom that only comics can provide”–so true, as half the novel takes place within the game. We even get to witness Codex upgrade her gear. It is pretty awesome. And sad that I can relate.

We’re introduced to Codex’s “rockstar-wannabe” ex-boyfriend, Trevor, who I want to suckerpunch. We’re also introduced to the orchestra Codex was formerly playing with–both of which helped to convince Codex to spend more time in game than IRL. I mean, if I had a terrible, washed-up, unappreciative boyfriend who made me take care of dirty laundry (not in a literal sense) and suddenly became unemployed, I’d probably want to kill things all day too. It’s less expensive than retail therapy. I wouldn’t even need to get out of bed, even. I am.. in no way encouraging anyone to do this, by the way *insert smiley face with halo here*

I don’t think I would recommend this to newcomers to “The Guild” series, even if this is a prequel. I feel as though Day wrote this for the fans, and the way the story is written (mostly how it concludes), is definitely more enjoyable to viewers of the series. It’s a quick read, and is silently cajoling me to re-watch the entire series again, which is probably a really bad idea considering I do have to go to work in 3 hours. Damn you, internet.

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