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Back In Time

20 Jun

Let’s state the obvious–yes, I pre-ordered Ocarina of Time for the 3DS and yes, I spent a good 3 hours playing it this afternoon ignoring all else. After about an hour and half of the 3D my eyes started to hurt a little so I had to turn off the 3D setting. That’s the only flaw with the game–I can’t look through the 3D view for too long.

Other than that, and the smaller screen, Ocarina of Time for the 3DS is enough reason to buy a 3DS. Oh wait… I think that’s why I bought one. Hard to believe it’s been a full 13 years since the original N64 version was released, and while I was hoping for a new TLoZ game for the handheld systems, I’m pretty damn satisfied with this remake.

I’ve written about TLoZ before as being my favorite video game franchise, basically because “Link’s Awakening” was the first handheld game I played. Now playing this new version of OoT for the 3DS I felt like a kid again, as I was rediscovering everything I loved about Ocarina of Time.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of the temples or any of the secrets so I didn’t breeze through the game. Hell, I can’t even remember the bosses from “Spirit Tracks”. But I’m not going to sit here and write a walkthrough or review the game. You’ve read all the reviews already, so you already know that this game is awesome.

I played about 3-4 hours today before I finally decided to switch gears up a little and play Alice: Madness Returns (blog post coming tomorrow), and wanted to take some time to draw the connection between Nintendo’s smart move to use Robin Williams and his daughter, Zelda (named after the Princess Zelda) for this particular game commercial. You’ve already seen this commercial and probably got a bit teary-eyed, simultaneously shitting bricks with excitement as well, I suppose… wow, that’s just not a pretty picture at all. But anyway, before I started playing OoT, I thought it was a great commercial, Robin Williams just earned +1000 points in my book, etc etc etc… especially for those of us who grew up with TLoZ games, we already know the drill–don’t go on a slashing spree with the Cucco’s, try to break all the pots you find even in someone’s home, destroying bushes is a necessity when you’re poor but it’s such a waste of time. However, once you find yourself actually playing the game (again, on the 3DS) it truly takes you back to your childhood–in the same way as sneaking into your old middle school to play tetherball with your friends, you know? I’m throwing around the term “childhood” even though some of the readers of this blog aren’t in their early twenties, but maybe their early thirties–it takes you back to your youth, when you were less of an adult. I was wondering why the designers this time made Link look even moreso like a kid than ever (really, you want the peace of Hyrule to rest on this mute kid??) but I’m not going to question that logic because throughout the years, TLoZ games have always been games for everyone. They don’t have blood and gore, it’s not insanely difficult, the recurring characters are very memorable, and the temples require the right combination of puzzle-solving techniques and skill. The stories are also compelling enough, simple as they may seem–humble dude saves lovely princess and kingdom–but there’s always some kind of crazy variation in the gameplay to keep things exciting. I would also like to point out how great the soundtracks always are for these games. There aren’t too many theme songs are considered classics, themes that we can instantly identify within 5 seconds, but every single time I hear the TLoZ theme, my heart is ready for adventure again.

Played on the ocarina, of course.

True Jedi

7 Apr

Image via videogamesblogger.com

I know I should have been doing my taxes last night and not playing my new Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars game, but my only justification is that I didn’t want to stare at my computer screen anymore, so why not stare at a 3D video and deteriorate my vision?

I’m still getting used to the 3DS considering I just got this game yesterday, and I already forgot to save–legitimately I forgot that the “start” button was on the bottom of the screen and instead of hitting “Start” to pause the game, I “accidentally” hit the “POWER” button. Good thing I was only bout 1.3% into the game, otherwise, random objects would have been thrown.

So even though I’ve played about 3 hours of this game thus far, I can already tell you that the battery life on the 3DS is AWFUL. I played for 3 hours and I got the low battery warning. About 5 mins later the game system shut off. Again, I didn’t get to a checkpoint to save. Can you tell it was not such a good night?

On the bright side, with the Lego Star Wars games, you can always go back to a previous level after you’ve acquired certain characters (Jedi’s, Siths, Bounty Hunters…) and access different parts of the stage, so I didn’t really mind replaying certain parts of the game, even though recollecting all those tokens is not so enjoyable the 3rd time around. How is the gameplay on this system with this particular game? It’s very similar to the Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars for the PS3. Obviously, some of the “challenges” have been adjusted to fit the 3DS–use of the stylus, for example. If you’ve ever played one of those Lego video games, you’d probably understand why the difficulty level is generally low on these games, but they are still very enjoyable and clever in adapting the content into a game. For instance, Jedi characters being able to use the Force to move objects around, using your lightsaber to scale walls, cut holes into doorways… the little details were not missed.

I think the one drawback to playing games on the 3DS though, is how I felt the 3D graphics were screwing with my eyes. If you don’t hold the 3DS at the correct angle while you play, the images look blurry and trippy since only the top screen is in 3D. I felt like this after about an hour and a half, then I turned the 3D off. The images then seemed too flat and unexciting to me so I turned the 3D settings back up again. I just don’t think I can play on this system for a long time even though the colors are so vivid and I much prefer the Circle Pad over the Control Pad.

Looking at the graphics on this system though, makes me VERY excited for “Ocarina of Time”, because I look forward to … spending weekends staying at home conquering temples…. and stuff…


31 Mar

If you “liked” us on Facebook, this post will include media I have already posted previously, and then some.

I do spend (time well spent is not time wasted) a lot of time on the internet–guilty of creating my own captions for memes too…. and sometimes I do find some pretty cool shiyet. This cool shiyet is usually in the form of music. Sometimes it’s “a holy light has shone from above”! As in the case of these video game-related remixes below:

1. Super Smash Bros. Melee MIX by Middle Finger Music

2. The Legend of Zelda Electrixx Remix by Electrixx

3. Star Wars intro by Asian Trash Boy (not a video game but it’s too superb for me not to post)

4. Nintendo mash-up with Legend of Zelda theme, Mario Bros. theme and Tetris theme by Yenn

5. Sonic the Hedgehog theme mash-up with ATB’s “Don’t Stop” by FunWithBonus

6. Tetris theme (Boo Remix)

7. Ocarina of Time electro medley by The Bea7nix

8. Tomb Raider theme (Lo-Gravity Remix) by Vertigo

And these are all guaranteed to be much more interesting with some Captain Shepard dancing: http://www.gifsoup.com/view/321301/shepard-dance.html

There are a ton of other remixes out there but these are just a few of my favorites; it’s always nice to see these classic melodies being remixed and reintroduced.


30 Mar

The title of this post is a very accurate representation of my face upon opening the box and deflowering my new 3DS. In fact, my face still kind of looks like this. It is a good thing I have no roommates, she/they would not approve of the current situation in my bedroom right now. Enough of my blabbering. You want to see the system, and I will give you a visual guide below, because I know you don’t really care to read at 8am on a Wednesday morning.

I got the black version.

The new stylus! Very sleek, love that the length is adjustable.

Compared to the DSi (back view). The stylus is located at the back of the 3DS.

Right side, stacked on top of the DSi. The 3DS is slightly thicker.

Left side showing volume control and SD card slot, compared to the DSi.

Main menu.

Different set of controls compared to the DSi, there is now a "Home" button!

If you're tired of the 3D you could switch it off or adjust the depth using this to toggle.

Hardware aside, I have not received my Lego Star Wars game yet (should be tomorrow) so I can’t write up my gameplay experience yet. HOWEVER, I did receive these interesting “AR Cards” that are fucking magical. Fucking. Magical. See below as I tried to capture my excitement:

Don't bend these babies.

You will see what these do, mwahahahahahhaah!!

If you find "AR Cards" on the home menu, follow the directions. First, it told me to line up the AR Card in a well-lit area, placing the card like so on a flat surface. I have taken a series of photos showing the card on my notebook as well as the graphics displayed on the screen.


Excuse my messy nightstand. Oh and yes, that is a Lego Stormtrooper Alarm Clock.

Onto the next level! To truly experience the 3D effect you are encouraged to move around, as long as you stay within 14" of the card. I had to move in order to shoot some of the targets. I realize how lame I must look while doing this.

Boss level, ahahahaha.

Now you may be wondering (or not) what the character cards do. Like the DSi, you can also take photos on the game system. I had a little too much fun with this.

The Link card. Photo is from the SD card. You can make him change poses.

Samusssssss. I don't have enough LIGHT in this damn room. I was going to setup Samus to fire at my Gundam model. Oh well.

Heh heh heh. I am so immature.

YEAH, Link vs Ryuk. When will you EVER see that outside of this blog? That's right.

There are a ton of other features that I did not write about but I’m sure you’ve read about the 3DS everywhere else and we don’t so much like to regurgitate information without adding our own spin to it on this blog.

One last thing I want to point out is the Mii Maker. You can walk around and try to pick up other Mii’s Mingle. Apparently, leaving your 3DS on “sleep mode” and having your wi-fi enabled, your Mii shared, will help to alert you of other Mii’s in your area as you walk around.

You can make a Mii! Just like the Wii! Do I really look like this? WHO KNOWS. MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

It’s My Birthday I’ll Play Pokemon If I Want To

7 Mar

Although I do like Pokemon a lot, it does not get my pants all wet. I’m referring to the Black Dude Who Loves Pokemon. If you haven’t seen that yet I highly suggest you watch it, that way you can imagine my excitement -100% of the sexual jokes. That man is just horny about Pokemon.

Anyway, I did reserve my copy of Pokemon White at Gamestop and immediately went to pick it up, disappointed that it did not come with coolfreestuff–I heard that Target was giving away ARTBOOKS with your purchase of Pokemon Black or White, and there was also a special edition DSi that came with either Black or White. I have other useless crap to collect so of course I did not purchase the special edition DSi. (By “other useless crap” I mean, that I ordered the “Tron” collectors’ edition package which includes the remix CD, a glow-in-the-dark Daft Punk/Tron poster, and a 5-disc DVD/CD.)

Special edition Pokemon Black + DSi. Image via google.com

Special edition Pokemon White + DSi. Image via google.com

I finally beat the Elite Four in my Pokemon SoulSilver game today so I felt it was appropriate to start playing Pokemon White. Loading the game into my DSi, I immediately realized that the new intro to Pokemon was pretty epic. Some kid gets CROWNED. What is this, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!?!?! After I made that remark, my friend who ALSO purchased the game said the exact same thing.

I did a really stupid thing and forgot to save after leveling up my Pokemon to a good level and after catching 2 Pokemon and leveling THEM up as well so it was a fail-tastic hour of my life, but if you had lost interest in playing the Pokemon games I will briefly highlight what I thoroughly enjoyed about this new edition of the series:

1. Battle animations. The pokemon do not just stand there and move a few pixels forward. They actually fold their arms or bounce around. My Oshawott looks like a flailing otter. Still cute though.

2. Seasons. You start off playing the game during Autumn, and leaves blow around the screen for a dramatic effect. I wonder if you get to change your attire come Winter because walking around in a short-sleeved jacket would not be wise.

3. Guessing what type of new Pokemon you will encounter. I don’t really do my research whenever I hear about new Pokemon, I just guess by the name and how it looks, and like to be surprised, pleasantly or not. The developers made it easy for us lazyasses by making the water Pokemon (my favorites) looking like they came from the ocean, or coloring them blue. Because if there’s one thing I learned from video games, blue=water.

4. That one Pokemon not chosen by you or your rival is no longer FOREVERALONE. (Usually the plant Pokemon, amirite??) You start with 2 friends in the town–Cheren and Bianca. Bianca is an airhead, I am sorry. Not hating on the girls here. She has a big ass though, lol.

Cheren & Bianca. Image via pokemon-sp.jp

5. The game is finally supposed to be harder. I can see this already as I have been running into the same 2-3 Pokemon in the first 2 cities, so you’re a bit stuck with training these Pokemon in order to progress properly in the game.

I wish I could say I played the game a lot more but UNFORTUNATELY I FORGOT TO SAVE PROPERLY SO…. I am going to sit in the corner and facepalm for the rest of the night.

I also found this comic today which illustrated my exact experience at Gamestop today…


3 Oct

I wasn’t trying to recite part of the Japanese alphabet. I’m talking about how the Wii helped me get off my insolent, glued-to-a-screen ass and stand on a board while paddling for 2 fucking hours on a sunny Saturday in September.

I know the Wii Fit already aids in encouraging people to exercise from the comfort of their own home, but being a former cross-country/track runner (you wouldn’t believe that I used to be HARDCORE AND ACTUALLY IN SHAPE. Nowadays I’ll walk two flights of stairs and attempt to catch my breath), I’m a huge advocate of participating in OUTSIDE RECREATION.

So I’m thankful for my friends that have generously-sized living rooms and multiple Wii remotes. Because true to my lazy nature, board games take too much time to set up. I tested out Wii Sports Resort the same week it released at my friend’s house, and what my girl friends and I learned that night was–never challenge me in a real-life duel because you might actually die.

Wii Sword-fighting

Wii Swordplay, image via gamezone.com

Wii Sports Resort Canoeing

Wii Sports Resort - Canoeing. Image via videogameblogger.com

Crazy sword antics aside, one of the sports that tired us out completely was canoeing. This prompted us to actually go kaYAKING. I went kayaking once, when I was at cross-country camp at Catalina Island. Yeah, I was athletic … once upon a time. We started throwing out ideas of REAL-LIFE-OUTDOOR-EXERCISES and we came upon paddle-boarding, which my friend (The host) had done a while ago. There were 4 of us that night, and though it took us forever to assemble and actually pick a date to participate in OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, we finally did it. It was very enjoyable and my entire body was sore for a non-embarrassing reason! I could proudly tell people that I was sore from PADDLE-BOARDING and NOT FROM PLAYING 6 HOURS OF TWILIGHT PRINCESS. Because most people don’t know what paddle-boarding is, and when I say that you literally stand on a BOARD and PADDLE, it makes you sound BADASS. To be honest, paddle-boarding isn’t hard at all.

Paddle boarding

Hot chicks paddle-boarding (not me, not Megan, not Marize. Sorry.) Image via southfloridaadventures.com

Wii Sports Resort even encouraged me to contemplate archery. I researched nearby archery sessions and found some for the weekend. Unfortunately, waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning by myself is asking too much. I guess the Wii can only encourage me to change so much of my lifestyle.

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