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Parental Controls Suck ASS

17 Oct

It’s a really sad day when I am celebrating the fact that I am now an administrator on the home computer and I have no more parental controls on the internet. Yes, sad day it is. Why, you ask? Because my mom went a little overboard with the new computer and thought “Well, all my other kids have blocks, so why not my 18 year old as well?” Actually, I’m not sure if that was her reasoning, but it was pretty stupid. The stupid things wouldn’t let me go to cosplay.com!! I can go to those sites on the school computers!! ><;;; Soooo, I demanded to have them taken off, because it was just ridiculous. If I really wanted porn, I could go out and buy it. Well, I pissed off my already pissed off and stressed mom so she didn’t change it. Then she had a bunch of days where she was working and she ‘forgot’ her password. Who knows if she really did, but I don’t think she did. But who cares. So, today, I get home and omg I have everything back. AND I can download music and stuff!! OMG Yeah…

I also found her debit card and I want food. Hmmm…(no one is here and there is no food ;____; ) and I can’t get a hold of anyone. Where is everyooonnee?!?!

The past weeks have been stressful. My nose stopped hurting about two weeks later and I started to switch it out with a cute gold ring. I put it in for the first time for the Tiger Army concert. OMG THEY WERE FUCKING AWESOME. I wish I could see them again. There are only a few English/American bands out there that I really like, and Tiger Army is most definitely one of them. Listen to their stuff. they rock. I bought an awesome shirt with Nick 13(lead singer and guitar) and took this picture:

Yeah, I’m a dork, but oh well. I loves it.

So why I am at it, why not post more photos? I thought that since I have my new camera, I want to start making this blog more of a photo blog..thing.. I think people enjoy photos because sadly you don’t have to read. xD And they are fun to see who is actually beyond these crazy entries. ^^;;;

This was after I got my hair cut. I wish I could style it like this again. ><;;; Stupid professional hairstylist. xD And this was when Juan and I were in the car wash. xDD

OMG MYSPACE PHOTO!1!!1 xD This was after we got back late at night from eating which was after the blasted Gatorfest pageant. >> I looved my hair and makeup + dress even if I didn’t win anything. It’s just a small stupid thing that is rigged through the ass. >>;;;

This is what happens when the only person around at the time in the band hall before a football game is Valerie and I and I have a camera. xDD She lurves the myspace photos. yes…we are dorks, we know. Thank you. xDD

Switch Day. ’nuff said.

Now I am going to find something to eat. -____-

~ Cookies and Lolitas ~

20 May

Meaghan and I traveled all the way to Houston today for the Project: Harajuku gathering….and we did not find them..or anyone in lolita, or with the group. >>;;;;;; So much gasss. BUT, oh well. I talked to the girl who runs the whole thing and she said she was there at the same time we were, we just never caught each other. ;____; It makes me really sad every time I think about it. We missed each other. We were there, we just didn’t find either one. ;___; SOO, when Meaghan and I gave up our search, we sat down a bit and took pictures. <33 Enjoy my freckly face of doom and Meaghan’s beauty and cuteness. <33

Fear my melting cookies! They were good, I promise! Even after being melted, unmelted with AC in my truck, then melted again…and so on….

Meaghan is the cutest thing. And I tried with the curls…and I was testing out new stuff. xD I forgot to put on my makeup!! ;_; I just had a little bit of blush and eyeshawdow on because I had to rush off to work and then to the gathering. >>

…so enjoy my cookies. o___o …I can’t think of anything else to say. … Fun fact: Meaghan and I listened to 59 songs on shuffle on her Ipod on the whole trip, to and from. xD

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