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It’s My Birthday I’ll Play Pokemon If I Want To

7 Mar

Although I do like Pokemon a lot, it does not get my pants all wet. I’m referring to the Black Dude Who Loves Pokemon. If you haven’t seen that yet I highly suggest you watch it, that way you can imagine my excitement -100% of the sexual jokes. That man is just horny about Pokemon.

Anyway, I did reserve my copy of Pokemon White at Gamestop and immediately went to pick it up, disappointed that it did not come with coolfreestuff–I heard that Target was giving away ARTBOOKS with your purchase of Pokemon Black or White, and there was also a special edition DSi that came with either Black or White. I have other useless crap to collect so of course I did not purchase the special edition DSi. (By “other useless crap” I mean, that I ordered the “Tron” collectors’ edition package which includes the remix CD, a glow-in-the-dark Daft Punk/Tron poster, and a 5-disc DVD/CD.)

Special edition Pokemon Black + DSi. Image via google.com

Special edition Pokemon White + DSi. Image via google.com

I finally beat the Elite Four in my Pokemon SoulSilver game today so I felt it was appropriate to start playing Pokemon White. Loading the game into my DSi, I immediately realized that the new intro to Pokemon was pretty epic. Some kid gets CROWNED. What is this, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!?!?! After I made that remark, my friend who ALSO purchased the game said the exact same thing.

I did a really stupid thing and forgot to save after leveling up my Pokemon to a good level and after catching 2 Pokemon and leveling THEM up as well so it was a fail-tastic hour of my life, but if you had lost interest in playing the Pokemon games I will briefly highlight what I thoroughly enjoyed about this new edition of the series:

1. Battle animations. The pokemon do not just stand there and move a few pixels forward. They actually fold their arms or bounce around. My Oshawott looks like a flailing otter. Still cute though.

2. Seasons. You start off playing the game during Autumn, and leaves blow around the screen for a dramatic effect. I wonder if you get to change your attire come Winter because walking around in a short-sleeved jacket would not be wise.

3. Guessing what type of new Pokemon you will encounter. I don’t really do my research whenever I hear about new Pokemon, I just guess by the name and how it looks, and like to be surprised, pleasantly or not. The developers made it easy for us lazyasses by making the water Pokemon (my favorites) looking like they came from the ocean, or coloring them blue. Because if there’s one thing I learned from video games, blue=water.

4. That one Pokemon not chosen by you or your rival is no longer FOREVERALONE. (Usually the plant Pokemon, amirite??) You start with 2 friends in the town–Cheren and Bianca. Bianca is an airhead, I am sorry. Not hating on the girls here. She has a big ass though, lol.

Cheren & Bianca. Image via pokemon-sp.jp

5. The game is finally supposed to be harder. I can see this already as I have been running into the same 2-3 Pokemon in the first 2 cities, so you’re a bit stuck with training these Pokemon in order to progress properly in the game.

I wish I could say I played the game a lot more but UNFORTUNATELY I FORGOT TO SAVE PROPERLY SO…. I am going to sit in the corner and facepalm for the rest of the night.

I also found this comic today which illustrated my exact experience at Gamestop today…

Still Trying to Catch ‘Em All

3 Mar

Oh, Pokemon, how you take me back…to my carefree days of simply school and hanging out at friends’ pads. All I ever had to worry about that time was which Pokemon to start with, not figuring out which day of the week I’d like to sacrifice to do my taxes.


Above, as you can see, was my first portable game system–I did geek out and get the special edition Yellow version that came with the Pokemon Yellow game…. Sometimes I wonder why I continue to play Pokemon–the concept is ALWAYS the same–catch your damn Pokemon, train, battle…. it’s not that exciting, but part of me likes to rekindle that digital part of my childhood and perhaps after I played SoulSilver I realized what a big difference (in terms of enjoyment) adding the Safari Zone and the option to explore Kanto was. Sure, the game is 2x as long as the original series but I’ve only logged 45 hours so far and am about to combat the Pokemon League.

So of course when I first heard of ANOTHER edition of Pokemon to release this year (3/6, specifically–that’s Sunday, folks, mark your calendars if you care) I had to google some details about Pokemon Black and Pokemon White–what will the developers add this time???

New features of Black/White (incentives for me to play):

1. Triple battles – 3-on-3 battles – 3 Pokemon at one time, holy sh*t. The battle screens have finally been updated as well; I wonder if the Pokemon will still be animated with  a forward lunge to signify an attack?

2. Pokemon Musical – I’m not sure I care too much for this but sounds… interesting. At least GAME FREAK was being creative? Though I must admit I spent a little bit of time in the photobooth with my Pokemon in SoulSilver… … …

Image via pokemonblackwhite.com

3. Seasons in the Unova region – A new area created for Black and White, this time we will have endure actual SEASONS, the environment changing as the game progresses. I wonder if certain Pokemon will be easier to catch during, for example, winter? This will definitely make the game exciting as I’ve become used to the alternate reality of the Pokemon world in the previous games, in which there is only one season, not unlike where I currently live in Southern California.

4. The Battle Subway – This might be the answer to our desires to battle more in order to up the levels of our Pokemon… unless you just take the Rare Candy route… yeup, you know what I’m talking about.

The Battle Subway. Image via pokemonblackwhite.com

I already reserved my copy of Pokemon White to pick up from GameStop so hopefully I’ll have some time to do a quick write-up of my first couple hours of gameplay!

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