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Time Travel Theories

19 Apr

So, there are three main types of time travel. Or, at the very least, that’s the way I tend to classify time travel events in my head whenever I think about it. Which I kinda do a lot, because I’m that much of a nerd. Whatever.

With slight adjustments for the details of a particular time travel event, I really believe that these three categories can be applied to explain and classify every instance of time travel in comics/movies/books/TV shows/etc.


1. Time is Unchanging: All time travel that happens was always meant to happen. There’s just one timeline; all events are fixed and built into it and can’t be changed. In fact, trying to change or avoid things often means that you, the time-traveller, are the one who makes them happen.

Ex: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure| Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban| Kate and Leopold| Premonition| Supreme| Timeline.


2. Time as a River: Time travel can change certain things, but the things that were meant to happen will happen eventually. You might be able to change small details or delay things, but eventually the timeline will correct itself. It’s like throwing rocks into a river: pebbles make ripples, where you can see the tiny effects, but it won’t change the major flow.

Ex:  Doctor Who| Journeyman| Terminator| The Time Machine


3. Time Changes into Alternate Timelines: The act of time travel always causes a change of some sort, and an alternate timeline branches off from that moment. This is where the most significant changes can happen and so it’s the most commonly seen. This one’s the most complicated just because different ‘verses deal with the role of the traveller and the state of their timeline in so many different ways.

Some ‘Role of the Traveller’ options:

  • merge with your other self and have memories of both timelines (I’ve only ever seen this in Harry Potter fanfiction, but it exists)
  • replace your other self (Batman/Superman Absolute Power)
  • cause yourself to never be born (why Marty fades in Back to the Future)
  • you and the other you(s) can exist simultaneously (old and young Spock in the ’09 Star Trek movie);

Some ‘State of the Timeline’ options:

  • jump between the past and the future making and seeing changes instantly
  • changes in the past create a new timeline, completely erasing yours giving you nowhere to jump back to
  • jump to the future and return to the past to create a new timeline based on what you learned

Ex:  13 Going on 30| Back to the Future| Batman/Superman: Absolute Power| Charmed| Cinderella 3: A Stitch in Time| Eureka| Heroes| Star Trek


Can you think of more examples of time travel?

Is there anything that doesn’t fit into these categories? Anything that should be reclassified?

Questions for Zack Snyder

28 Mar

March 25 was a very important date for all nerds. It was the date on which the conglomeration of all nerds’ wet dreams came into fruition–Zack Snyder’s “Suckerpunch“. Hot chicks in skimpy outfits, weapons, monsters, dragons, supposedly awesome visual effects, ass-kicking, Carla Gugino… what more is there to say?

Yeah, I definitely was NOT prepared for THIS MOVIE. Image via filmofilia.com

All of those items could amount to epicness at the level of Scott Pilgrim, or create a soup that has way too many ingredients (bad analogy but I really cannot think of anything else at this time), and if you went to the midnight screening on Thursday, the first thing you did after the movie was probably update your Facebook status about how horrible the movie was, which would then deter many who were interested in this movie. Well, despite my friend’s gchat status of: my brain is jelly… which he explained, “that’s what the movie did to me”, I still went to see the movie on Friday night, and I must admit, though I lowered my standards very, very much (I had just watched “Hall Pass” recently, and that was not a good movie either…. I mean I seriously lowered my standards), “Suckerpunch” left me speechless. Speechless because I do not understand how a movie like that didn’t go straight to video. DVD. Whatever. Of course, my friends and I were completely at a loss for words after the movie, but after about 15 minutes, I had many, many unanswered questions for Zack Snyder, to which I can only hope somebody can provide me with some type of closure with. See below (spoiler alert, if you even care):

1. Why did you (Zack Snyder) hire the same visual effects team as M. Night Shyamalan? I am referring to the team that worked on “The Last Airbender“. I watched “300” more than once and I know what you are capable of. You have the money to hire a better team. Why did you deprive us of bearable graphics? The effects in the movie made me truly appreciate how beautiful the graphics are … on the PSP.

Really awkward snow scene that could have been superb? Check.

2.  In the first fight against the 3 “samurai” warriors with glowing eyes, was there zero gravity in that space? How did Babydoll’s measly little blade hold up against their weapons, which were about 100x bigger and heavier? I do not understand that, especially since she was flung around like a ragdoll, but her sword was able to cut through their armor? Please explain that to me, that would never work in a video game.

3. Why were Amber and Blondie in a mental institution? They seemed pretty normal to me.

4. Also, why did the above two characters only have… 2 lines in the entire movie?

5. Why is Vanessa Hudgens’ character’s name “Blondie”? She is not blonde. Backstory please.

This actually doesn't even look like Vanessa Hudgens. Image via filmofilia.com

6. Why would you make the girls in a mental institution prostitute themselves? That is just a recipe for disaster, seriously.

7. Why don’t you ever see Babydoll dance? I am unconvinced that her awkward swaying, paired with her creepy, innocent gaze, can distract a fat man from a scantily-clad female from stealing his gold-plated lighter from his breast pocket.

8. What year is this movie supposed to be in? The 30’s? 40’s? If so, why is the first song we hear Bjork’s “Army of Me”? Mind you, this was not background music, it was music used for Babydoll’s first dance. This also confused me.

9. How did Rocket die with just a little wound in her side!? The other girls got a fucking bullet in their heads. Please explain.

10. Why is Babydoll the only one in a skimpy schoolgirl outfit when the other girls are all in skimpy military-inspired outfits?

11. Why did you borrow the Orcs from Lord of the Rings for the dragon-fighting scene? I couldn’t hold in my laughter.

If you watched the movie you know what I'm talking about. Image via blog.activehome.co.uk

12. Speaking of the dragon-fighting scene, how is it that Babydoll’s tiny little blade pierced through the huge-ass dragon’s head and killed the beast? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. It’s like sticking a pocket knife through the top of a Hummer, that shit isn’t going to stop the Hummer from going along its merry way, you know.

13. How did all the girls instantly trust Babydoll’s plan to escape? They just met her. Girls don’t trust that easily.

14. In the second fight with the steam-powered German soldiers, how is that Babydoll’s tiny pistol shot down the plane? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

15. My final question because I no longer want to contemplate this movie: Why couldn’t you just make this into a video game? Would have had lower expectations, and I wouldn’t have any of these questions because I usually don’t question the dynamics in a video game.

Because you’ve already spent probably 10-15 minutes of your time reading this blog post, and you probably want to get something out of it, I suggest you save your $13 for a nice dinner somewhere and just wait until this movie releases on DVD… in 2 months.

Firefly Returns (sorta)

6 Mar

Reading the title of this post might have given you the (false) hope that the cult-classic TV show Firefly was finally getting more than 14 episodes…but, alas, you would be mistaken.

(Yes, I let you believe it for a sec. Bad Marz. But, rather than just being mad at me, reflect! Reflect on why you felt that angry at my raising and dashing of your hopes and remember that it is because Firefly is awesome. It’s awesome and you love it and even that brief moment of hope was totally worth it because it reignited and reminded you of your love of this series.)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, SHAME on you. Firefly is easily the one TV show that every single geek has to see.

Here’s your chance to watch it on TV, conceivably in the right order…already better than when it first aired. The Science Channel (of all things) is going to be airing all 14 episodes of the Firefly TV series on Sunday nights.

For me and other lovers of all things space cowboy, our favourite cancelled-before-its-time TV show is baaaack.

The Science Channel’s making it more science-y (and thus relevant to the channel’s title) by explaining the theoretical concepts behind the fiction. Apparently, terraforming might not be that far away.

The two hour pilot, Serenity, plays today at 8:00pm ET. Episode 1, The Train Job, will play at 10:00pm.  Every Sunday from now on, they’ll replay the episode from the week before at 9:00pm and play the next/new episode at 10:00pm. Watch it! That’s an order you should be happy to follow.


2 Mar

I’ll cut straight to the chase–I don’t understand why Costume Craze has released their Sucker Punch costumes already. Halloween is 7 months away, and unless you want to surprise your significant other with one of these outfits, a lingerie collaboration with Halloween Club might have been more appropriate at this time?

I must say that the costumes and styling looked 1000000x better in the trailer, on these busty models the clothes look … hm… I mean, at least they are variations of the typical, sexy insertoccupationhere ?

Image via reelmovienews.com

I’m dissing the outfits now, but I’ll probably end up scrambling that one week before Halloween to assemble my Baby Doll outfit because I procrastinate.

Images via costumecraze.com


The Adjustment Bureau

16 Feb

I just saw The Adjustment Bureau and these are my (spoiler-free) thoughts.

Highlights of the movie, for me:

  • Matt Damon as a politician: that man is so earnest and boy-next-door trustworthy….I’d vote for him. He’s an easy hero to root for and I really feel like making “Matt Damon for Congress” bumper stickers now.
  • Emily Blunt”s ballet: I usually can’t stand modern dances, but her movements were liquid and exquisite and so damn beautiful to watch.
  • The interaction between the two main characters: it was not a typical romance in the ‘I can predict their every line’ kind of way. Their conversations were quick and took unexpected turns that made them interesting to listen to and witty where the movie could have just been sappy or boring. You only get snippets of their relationship, but I’d have happily watched them interact for the whole time.
  • The Adjustment Bureau: uniforms, equipment, and offices. More like a regimented dress code, but put-together men in fedoras and trench coats make me happy. Their Marauder’s-Map style books of people’s futures were fun animation to watch. And, of course, their offices were beautiful and marble in an old-fashioned way that was gorgeous to look at.

If you don’t know what it’s about, there’s the trailer:

The movie itself is a lot less ominous and suspenseful than the trailer seemed. Wikipedia called it a “thriller, sci-fi, action, romance” and if I had to organise those adjectives in terms of what the movie actually contained, it’d be “romance, sci-fi, action, thriller”. It’s more of a boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy fights supernatural forces keeping him and girl apart kind of movie. I  didn’t notice the ‘thriller’ aspect of it at all, and I’m normally a wimp about these things.

It’s based on a short story by Philip K. Dick who is a classic science fiction author; although you might not have read his work, you’ve seen his ideas in a million things by now. They might seem old hat to anyone who has watched modern sci-fi, but he was one of the first to write down so many major themes and tropes that we see all the time nowadays. Bladerunner, Total Recall, Minority Report, Paycheck: all canonical sci-fi films, all based on his stories.

I suppose that’s what made the whole movie feel so familiar. The major themes of free will vs determinism, ominous agencies controlling your lives, the fight to reclaim your fate, etc are all things we’ve seen in science fiction and fantasy before. The Adjustment Bureau, however, did it well enough to be an enjoyable, if leisurely, ride.

It had potential that it didn’t quite live up to (I’d have loved to see more about the hatted men’s powers or how they affected the lives of people other than the main characters) but it was still a good movie. I’d consider it a belated Valentine’s Day movie for anyone who can’t stand romcoms or drama, but still wants a “we’re meant to be together” kind of story with minimal cheese.


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