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Broomsticks and Snitches and …College Students?

12 Nov

There are very few things that can make me wish I lived on the East Coast. (I can’t handle the cold. California’s a chilly 54ºF right now and I’m wearing three layers, fuzzy socks and huddled under a blanket…)

However, this weekend, I would brave the bracing cold of a New York fall for the Fourth Annual International Quidditch World Cup (Muggle version).

Blurb from the official website says “On November 13 and 14, 2010, 46 official Quidditch teams from around the world – a total of 757 athletes – will descend on New York City for the Fourth Annual Quidditch World Cup. The teams are from 42 colleges and universities, three high schools, and one local community team, all from the USA and Canada.”

(Two countries involved, so it’s officially “international” and “from all over the world” apparently.) (Alright, to be fair, there are over 45 countries in the actual league, so that’s International, even if the actual cup isn’t yet.)

See the following video from last year’s World Cup for an idea of what it’s like.

The rules are pretty simple, modified though they are so that we mere Muggles can play this game of wizards. The players’ positions and duties are basically the same: Seeker, Chasers, Keeper, Beaters. The only real difference is that the snitch is real person (usually dressed in gold or yellow, sometimes with wings) to make up for our sad lack of actual magical flying golden balls. Well, that, and the fact that the broomsticks and Bludgers don’t really fly on their own either…

Sports and nerdiness are not completely separate, it seems. And the combination is pretty close to awesome.


3 Oct

I wasn’t trying to recite part of the Japanese alphabet. I’m talking about how the Wii helped me get off my insolent, glued-to-a-screen ass and stand on a board while paddling for 2 fucking hours on a sunny Saturday in September.

I know the Wii Fit already aids in encouraging people to exercise from the comfort of their own home, but being a former cross-country/track runner (you wouldn’t believe that I used to be HARDCORE AND ACTUALLY IN SHAPE. Nowadays I’ll walk two flights of stairs and attempt to catch my breath), I’m a huge advocate of participating in OUTSIDE RECREATION.

So I’m thankful for my friends that have generously-sized living rooms and multiple Wii remotes. Because true to my lazy nature, board games take too much time to set up. I tested out Wii Sports Resort the same week it released at my friend’s house, and what my girl friends and I learned that night was–never challenge me in a real-life duel because you might actually die.

Wii Sword-fighting

Wii Swordplay, image via gamezone.com

Wii Sports Resort Canoeing

Wii Sports Resort - Canoeing. Image via videogameblogger.com

Crazy sword antics aside, one of the sports that tired us out completely was canoeing. This prompted us to actually go kaYAKING. I went kayaking once, when I was at cross-country camp at Catalina Island. Yeah, I was athletic … once upon a time. We started throwing out ideas of REAL-LIFE-OUTDOOR-EXERCISES and we came upon paddle-boarding, which my friend (The host) had done a while ago. There were 4 of us that night, and though it took us forever to assemble and actually pick a date to participate in OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, we finally did it. It was very enjoyable and my entire body was sore for a non-embarrassing reason! I could proudly tell people that I was sore from PADDLE-BOARDING and NOT FROM PLAYING 6 HOURS OF TWILIGHT PRINCESS. Because most people don’t know what paddle-boarding is, and when I say that you literally stand on a BOARD and PADDLE, it makes you sound BADASS. To be honest, paddle-boarding isn’t hard at all.

Paddle boarding

Hot chicks paddle-boarding (not me, not Megan, not Marize. Sorry.) Image via southfloridaadventures.com

Wii Sports Resort even encouraged me to contemplate archery. I researched nearby archery sessions and found some for the weekend. Unfortunately, waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning by myself is asking too much. I guess the Wii can only encourage me to change so much of my lifestyle.

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