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Geek Gingerbread

24 Dec

I’m going to share these with you because I’m rather proud of some of them (and hopelessly embarrassed by others).

Consider it an early Christmas present with one condition: you’re not allowed to make fun of my frosting skills…or lack thereof.

Captain America

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan




Black Canary

The Doppler Effect

Sheldon Cooper's Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman



Not a Red Shirt



Star Wars/Trek Christmas

21 Dec

My contribution to geekify our holiday decorations:

I haven’t made paper snowflakes since elementary school, but apparently it’s just like riding a bike: you never forget. Or, well, learn new tricks despite being an old dog. ‘Twas a lot easier than I expected.

So that you can make them too:
Stormtrooper stencil
Boba/Clone & Vader stencil and instructions


And, on a slightly related Christmas note, I give you this cartoon, which made me laugh:

Bah, Humbug! And Tribbles too.

10 Dec

Christmas is a time when people get all dressed up and go to the theatre. Not just Chinese food and the cinema: the Theatre (with everything that the capitalisation implies).

After seeing The Nutcracker for the twentieth time in a row, shouldn’t you try something …a little more exciting?

I have the perfect solution: A Klingon Christmas Carol.
(You might think I’m making that up for alliteration’s sake, but I’m really not.)

Not just a pure translation of the Dickensian classic, this is an adaptation where Scrooge is a Klingon warrior who recovers his honour and courage when three spirits visit him, just in time to save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate.

In case you didn’t know, Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) is one of the most complete fictional languages out there. There are hundreds of people who are conversationally fluent in it. There’s a multi-day convention held by the Klingon Lanugage Institute dedicated solely to the study of the language. Works of Shakespeare have been translated into Klingon. Everything from novels to opera, poetry, greeting cards, songs…the list of original and translated Klingon works goes on and on.

For those of us who aren’t so good at pronouncing or deciphering the guttural sounds of the space warrior race, the play’s narration is in English and it comes with supertitles so that you can follow along.

The play runs until December 19th at the Greenhouse Theater in Chicago.

: for more info.

If I had money, I wouldn’t have it for long

30 Sep

…because I’d spend it all at ThinkGeek.com.

The Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter would be a great start to a Trekkie-themed kitchen.

It really is the perfect shape

It’s inspirational. I’d want to make pizza from scratch (it’s easier than you think, and usually more delicious than ordering from Domino’s) and I’d give my creations appropriately alliterative titles.

  • Picard Pepperoni.
  • Data’s Deep Dish.
  • Three Cheese Chekov
  • Spock Sausage
  • And, of course, the James T. Kirk, with everything on it.

(Did those sound dirty to anyone else? Maybe my mind’s just in the gutter…).

I’d use it to cut my pizza into shapes like this:

And I’d complement it with bottles of Romulan ale, opened using this. Or, for a classier evening and more exotic pizza flavours, Klingon blood wine, opened using this.

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