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Shit I’m Excited for This Week…12/07/10

7 Dec

Ah, December. The time of year when every TV show feels the need to insert holly and mistletoe and Santa Claus awkwardly into an episode just to be thematic.

But, I’ll stop being such a Scrooge. Christmas episodes are fun! (Say it enough and it’ll be true. Really.) They remind you that you have limited time to go buy people presents and they always have a sappy message that makes you want to hug whoever’s nearest. Aye, it warms me achin’ bones from the inside out, it does.

In the spirit of the holidays, Eureka and Warehouse 13 both have Christmas themed episodes airing tonight.

It’s Eureka, and that show can do no wrong in my eyes. Plus, from what I’ve heard, Taggart’s going to try to prove the existence of Santa Claus. That alone will make the Eureka special worth watching.

In Warehouse 13, apparently Pete and Myka chase a “malevolent artefact-wielding Santa Claus”, which is so much fun to say and will probably be just as much fun to watch.

And, to get you all riled/caught up on the season, SyFy’s having a marathon of the two shows all day today! I approve of TV marathons, no matter what the reason, so yay for that!

Disneyland, You Were the Happiest Place on Earth. But I’m Just Going to Say It Was Because of elecTRONica

16 Nov

I would like to apologize to everyone who hangs out with me from now until … oh, let’s say.. the very last day of this year–I’m apologizing for my continuous chatter about TRON. If you don’t want to endure me raving about TRON during our moment of awkward silence as we’re hanging out over coffee, maybe you don’t want to invite me out for the rest of the year. I’ll understand.

A good friend of mine went to the elecTRONica weekend event at Disney’s California Adventure 2 weeks ago, and immediately afterward, started texting me furiously about possibly making a Tron costume with me. I had mentioned that I wanted to recreate Quorra’s (Olivia Wilde) outfit a couple months ago, for next year’s Comic-Con. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what had gotten him so excited to partake in such a huge project.

I agreed to go to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure to scope out this elecTRONica thing–mind you, I am not a Disney fan. The last time I went to Disneyland was… was when Space Mountain was renovated. That was probably over a decade ago. Wow. I am old. Needless to say, I had a fantastic time at Disneyland and now everyone thinks I’ve gone soft. IF ONLY THEY KNEW HOW MANY POINTS DISNEYLAND GOT IN MY LITTLE BLACK BOOK FOR INCORPORATING THE WORLD OF TRON INTO THE WORLD OF DISNEYLAND.

Enter here for elecTRONica. Thank you Alan Ma for this awesome photo.

The elecTRONica “party” takes place in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot–you enter through a portal similar to the ones seen in the “Tron” trailer. You walk down the “street”, and there are “programs” throwing identity disc frisbees. At the end of the “street” there’s a bar serving “glojitos” and “digitinis”. The “glojitos” come with glowing, color-changing “ice” cubes, and the digitinis are served in glowing, color-changing martini glasses. I had a sip of the glojito and an entire digitini to myself, and I will admit that the digitini was very, very hard lemonade.


Digitini complete with glowing glass. Thanks Alan for this photo!

In the center of the “Tron” street club/party was the DJ stage. There were some people dancing around, and a whole lot of security, as there were children and teens under 21. I wasn’t paying attention to the music the entire hour I was at the stage but the DJ that night played a good mix of top 40’s and Daft Punk.

DJ booth

Near the back of the street club was the viewing room for an exclusive 15-minute sneak peak of “Tron”. I won’t say much but I can only put it this way — I’m going to need to bring extra panties for the actual movie, because 15 minutes of “Tron” pretty much blew my mind and I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the 2-hour movie, in IMAX-3D. I might actually be in Vegas the weekend of the movie, and you know what? I’m still going to go out of my way to watch it, no matter how hungover I might be.

Pretty damn cool sofas. Again, thank you Alan for this photo!

Another notable destination in the elecTRONica party is Flynn’s Arcade. I wish I had a better photo of this, but it is basically a replica of the arcade in the movie. Old school arcade games like Galaxia, Frogger and the actual Tron game are housed in Flynn’s. We got souvenir tokens and I’m still excited about how cool it is even if everyone I’ve showed it to thinks I’m a 5-year-old boy who finally upgraded to playing Legos from Duplos.

Flynn's Arcade. Thanks to Alan Ma for this photo!

Look! It's Atari!

And then there was a holy light that shone from above...

The final thing I’d like to point out about elecTRONica is the Laserman. I at first thought he employed the same technology as pop/electronica musician Little Boots, with her laser harp, but his laser show was at a completely different level. I can’t really describe a laser show on a blog; you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

Laserman performing at elecTRONica

The dance party/street party is only occurring during the weekends at the moment, but after Thanksgiving, the parties will commence nightly. Partying at Disneyland? Being buzzed at Disneyland? Both were previously incomprehensible to me. I, who, never truly enjoyed Disneyland even as a child, finally had a smashing time at the theme park, all thanks to a movie where all the characters wear glow-in-the-dark leotards.

Flynn’s Arcade–been there done that.

Flynn's Arcade token

Flynn's Arcade token from elecTRONica

Don’t Turn the Lights On

5 Nov

I am very lucky to be able to listen to electronica music all day at work. I don’t know where I’d be without it. So you can imagine my excitement earlier this week when Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” was finally circulated around the web, and I can only count down the minutes until my coworker taps me on the shoulder to tell me she knows it’s been on repeat for the past 4 days.

She hasn’t yet, so I’m going to continue with my elecTRONica and spotlight the “Tron” pop-up shop setting up November 19 at Culver City’s Royal/T cafe. Royal/T may already be familiar to all of you who have a SLIGHT interest in maid cafes. Keyword: SLIGHT. It comes as a bit of a surprise to me that the Tron pop-up would take place at Royal/T–the last time I went was for the Hello Kitty retrospective. My mistake for associating Royal/T with all things adorable.

The “Tron” pop-up store will infuse together 3 drastically different areas of interest–high-end fashion, cutting-edge technology and somewhat, nerd culture. I will be waiting on opening day to see how this works together since A) I work in fashion, B) I started this blog. Goldilocks might have just found her perfectly hot cup of tea at Royal/T come November 19.

The store will feature $800 shoes from shoe artisan Jerome Rousseau, designer jewelry indirectly inspired by the film (I say indirectly because the designers did not sculpt the jewelry for Tron), as well as other limited-edition “Tron” goodies from labels such as Oakley.

I wonder if the store will sell these amazing Anastasia Radevich heels?

Anastasia Radevich light-up shoes. Image via luxirare.com

As with the Hello Kitty exhibition I attended, Royal/T has also created a special “Tron” menu, including an “Identity Disc” cake–white-chocolate lava cake with blueberry sauce (I think I have to see this to determine if it even appears appetizing).

HOWEVER. If you are seeking to purchase the Daft Punk-composed soundtrack to the movie, it will not be released until December 7. The store closes December 23, so if you’ve run out of Christmas options for all your Tron-giddy friends (and maybe you have a couple G’s to throw down?) you’re gonna be making a lot of people very happy this holiday season. Hell, you might even make some new friends.

Tron pop-up store

Tron pop-up "concept" collage. Image via latimes.com

A ray of hope in light of Skynet’s inevitable rise

3 Nov

Anyone else worried about the upcoming robot apocalypse? I think I have news that might help ease your fears a little. Robots will soon be able to  feel!

Well, kinda. They’ll potentially have artificial skin which allows them to touch and feel that way.  (UC Berkeley Press Release).


Bet I know who's squeezing more tightly.


So, in the future, not only does it mean that they’re more likely to be able to appreciate things like the soft fur of fluffy kittens (Gratuitous Kitten Pictures), but I’m sure that it means they could also feel eventually feel pain.

I am soft and squishy and robots are metal and very hard to bring down. In the event that Skynet overtly takes over (with the amount of satellite and other surveillance already in place and the pervasiveness of technology in our society, you know it’s probably already conscious and surreptitiously manipulating us even as you read this), I want to take comfort in the knowledge that setting this thing on fire while whacking at it ineffectually with a baseball bat is still going to have some minimal effect.


My weapon(s) of choice for the zombie apocalypse too


Next step = emotion chips a la Bladerunner, right? Or A.I. Or Bicentennial Man. Or any of the million other robot movies where we deal with our fears about being eradicated by superior beings that we’d created by giving them emotions and foibles and eventually defeating them (with lotsa explosions)….


20 Sep

So, it’s my birthday soon. I’m not saying that so I get a shitload of birthday wishes – I’m not an attention whore (love me, please.) I say this because this year, my birthday came early. That’s right. I got a Droid X. Once that beautiful baby comes in the mail, I am going to tear that cardboard box apart like a horny teenage boy tears the clothes off a ready-and-willing chick. I fucking love technology.

I love technology so much that I think the sole reason I like Back to the Future II as much as I do is because of that bit in the futuristic McFly residence where you see all those neat little gadgets, like that ceiling fruit basket and the cell phone glasses and that FUCKING AMAZING HYDRATOR. You know, when Lorraine puts that tiny dehydrated version of a Pizza Hut pizza into that machine and she says something like, “level four” and then a regular-sized pizza comes out? That blows my face off, every time. And the hoverboard! Oh man. I want to marry that entire trilogy; I could watch those over and over again. Or maybe I’d just settle for marrying Marty McFly. He’s cute and funny, I don’t care about height in a guy – we could be good together.

But before I go off on a really uninteresting tangent about Marty McFly’s sex appeal, let’s draw attention to one tiny fact – ELIJAH “FRODO BAGGINS” WOOD IS IN BACK TO THE FUTURE II?! In the scene at the ‘80s diner – Marty goes up to two little kids at the arcade game – Elijah Wood’s one of them. Those beautiful blue eyes have been in so many good movies – Back to the Future II, Lord of the Rings, Sin City, Flipper… yeah, I said Flipper. Yeah, it’s the dolphin movie. Whatever, Flipper pwns Free Willy. Marine mammal battle – won. I feel as if I should mention a cool thing to balance out the Flipper lameness. I’ve seen Terminator 2 too many times to count. That’s cool, right? RIGHT?!

… alright, I’mma distract you now with a fucking hilarious video from the Easter Eggs on the Fellowship of the Ring DVD. Dominic Monaghan plays a prank on Elijah Wood. Enjoy:

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