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“I’m tolerating your presence, what more do you want?”

22 Dec

It was about 3 wks ago that I first raved about “The Guild” graphic novel series, so you should be caught up to where I am now–which includes having watched all the episodes, bonus videos and reading the entire comic series… wow I don’t have a life at all…

Hitting shelves today is the next installment of “The Guild” comics–“The Guild: Vork”, which, obviously, provides a detailed backstory about our favorite socially-challenged guild leader.

The Guild: Vork. Image via darkhorse.com

After having watched “Despicable Me” and “The Other Guys” on my plane ride back from Asia, I keep finding myself snickering upon remembering notable quotes from both movies, snickering by myself–since both movies came out so long ago, and not that many people I know watched them. And now, I will add lines from this comic into my life, to further (unintentionally) disconnect myself from society.

By the way, if you still have not picked up a special gift for your special PC-gaming friend yet, “The Guild” season 4 DVD was just released YESTERDAY, available exclusively on Amazon.com and iTunes. This DVD includes the “Game On” music video, the making of the “Game On” video, a Back to Cheesybeards featurette, Oh Mommy! featurette focusing on Avinashi (Zaboo’s Mom), the Cheesybeards commercial, gag reels and more behind the scenes footage. It’s also only $11, which is about the same price as a dry and tasteless panini you’d buy at a downtown cafe. The iTunes download contains even more bonus footage, so if you’re already sitting in front of the computer and refuse to move unless a second cup of coffee demands it, you might as well just open up your iTunes Store and click around. Just because you’re in the office this week doesn’t mean you’re actually working anyway.

But if your spending is tight this season, some financial advice, below, from Vork.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the g-spot, may you spend more of your holiday time interacting with real people than with avatars!!

Trying to Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories… Part 2/2

6 Dec

Sadly, it took me an entire week to read the entire “The Guild” graphic novel–picked up this weekend from my favorite comic book store in Los Angeles, Meltdown Comics–but on the plus side, I went out and socialized. Needless to say it was a good weekend–I plowed through 3 comics while waiting in line for the LUNA SEA 20th Anniversary World Tour at the Hollywood Palladium. Yeah, Japanese rock… I still listen to it.

But I digress. It’s no surprise that “The Guild” is one of my favorite series’ in the history of my life, and this graphic novel prequel is a definite must-have for all “The Guild” fans. I think it’s interesting how Day chose to leave Codex’s background unmentioned in the web series. I feel the novel actually works so well in this aspect, as loyal followers of “The Guild” can see how the characters have “changed” throughout the story in its entirety, especially with Vork’s character.

The Guild graphic novel Felicia Day

Someone needs to add this to the list of Epic Vork Quotes thread in The Guild forum

In Sean Becker’s foreword of the graphic novel, he mentions that “…Felicia would be free from the restrictions that come with the show’s web budgets and get to enjoy the creative freedom that only comics can provide”–so true, as half the novel takes place within the game. We even get to witness Codex upgrade her gear. It is pretty awesome. And sad that I can relate.

We’re introduced to Codex’s “rockstar-wannabe” ex-boyfriend, Trevor, who I want to suckerpunch. We’re also introduced to the orchestra Codex was formerly playing with–both of which helped to convince Codex to spend more time in game than IRL. I mean, if I had a terrible, washed-up, unappreciative boyfriend who made me take care of dirty laundry (not in a literal sense) and suddenly became unemployed, I’d probably want to kill things all day too. It’s less expensive than retail therapy. I wouldn’t even need to get out of bed, even. I am.. in no way encouraging anyone to do this, by the way *insert smiley face with halo here*

I don’t think I would recommend this to newcomers to “The Guild” series, even if this is a prequel. I feel as though Day wrote this for the fans, and the way the story is written (mostly how it concludes), is definitely more enjoyable to viewers of the series. It’s a quick read, and is silently cajoling me to re-watch the entire series again, which is probably a really bad idea considering I do have to go to work in 3 hours. Damn you, internet.

Trying to Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories… Part 1/2

29 Nov

“Trying” is the keyword. I say “trying” because I end up reading comic books while eating dinner by myself (because I’m a loser) or watching old clips of “Naked Gun”–yesterday only though, because Leslie Nielsen passed yesterday and he will be missed greatly by this Asian girl who grew up watching the “Naked Gun” movies.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. By that, I mean, you made a mental note to go to the gym first thing after work on Monday, but you are actually sitting here reading this blog post munching on your leftover turkey. I did my pilates yesterday so it’s ok for me to bum here while researching The Guild’s 3rd and final installment in their graphic novel series. (It was released last week on Wednesday)

As a huge “The Guild” fan, I was pleased to hear that the graphic novel would be written as a prequel to Codex’s foray into the Game. I’ll be the first female to admit that Felicia Day has written “Codex” in a way that encourages females to embrace themselves for who they are–because no matter how you’ve fucked up your first date or how you’ve made an intimate moment very awkward, Codex has done worse. So, thank you, Felicia Day, for that, I feel better already. Each character has a more developed backstory, as avid Guildies have limited information about Tinkerballa, who first meets Cyd in novel #1, unknowingly. This is good because right now, Tinkerballa, to me, is just that stereotypical Asian bitch who likes white guys and rolls her eyes all day.

Image via spawnkill.com . Oh, Cyd, you say all that us females are actually afraid to say out loud.

What I found appealing with the comic is that the art style is drastically different from the 2D versions of our favorite Guild characters during the opening sequence of the webisodes. I am truly relishing the attention to detail in the graphic novel, most notably in Cyd/Codex’s clothes and her facial expressions. I must say that some of the characters have gone through the graphic novel-superhero treatment–becoming more attractive in terms of their body proportions (ahem Vork) but the witty dialogue is still present, as the novels were all written by Day, who also writes the web series.

Because I have not yet touched volume #3 this post has been separated into 2 parts. Part 2 will include my final analysis of the graphic novels in their entirety.

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