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1 Nov

I try to watch a new anime every month or so just to keep up-to-date with everything–though I will admit that the new anime I test out usually does not have 100+ episodes. Shorter run series interest me more as I don’t have enough time set aside to hop onto the Naruto cruise.

A friend recently linked me to a new series released by GAINAX (yes, the studio behind Neon Genesis Evangelion) with the funky title, “Panty and Stocking with GarterBelt“. Glancing at the concept art, I thought this was a link to a PowerPuff Girls cartoon. I let the link sit on my Facebook for about a month, until I was reading about the series again on a forum. Also, with a title including 3 of a male’s favorite pieces of female clothing, how could I not be enticed to sneak a peek?

I had no idea what was going on in the first episode, but within the first 10 seconds after the opening sequence, I realized this show is most definitely not for kids. The show incorporates the same animation style as the PowerPuff Girls, including the addition of some tokusatsu styles, but the jokes and dialogue are very vulgar.

Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (not pictured). Image via animenation.net

We are introduced to our lead characters right away–Panty, a feisty, blonde sex-addict; and her sister, Stocking, a gothic lolita with an extreme sweet tooth. I really am not sure where to begin to describe this show. It has a bizarre “Sailor Moon-type” transformation sequence in which the two girls swing around on poles, Panty removing her panties and Stocking removing a single stocking. Panty’s panties (I am very tempted to turn this sentence into a tongue twister) turn into a pistol, Stocking’s stocking revealing itself to be a striped katana. Not much else is explained in the first episode (which is technically 2 episodes in one), besides the mention that these 2 are angels banished from Heaven, who need to battle restless spirits, called Ghosts, that possess various items within the civilian realm and wreck chaos on the city. They receive “coins” for every “spirit” they free, but they pretty much destroy their environment at the same time. I’m assuming that as soon as they collect enough coins they can pay their way back into Heaven… And by the way, Garter Belt is the Reverend who keeps the two in line. Yes, Reverend Garterbelt–the name itself just begging to be made into a creative Halloween costume for next year.

Despite all the very sexual dialogue and images, the show is so outrageous that I am enjoying it like I enjoyed Jersey Shore. Except that 5 minutes of this show would put the Jersey Shore kids to shame. I also happen to be quite fond of the music–not surprisingly the music is by Taku Takahashi of m-flo.

This clip below is NSFW–the “transformation” sequence I mentioned above.

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