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18 Feb

This past week has been a pretty important for console gamers everywhere–

1) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 released February 15, which I still have not gotten my anxious fingers on yet, but with a hyper combo like Deadpool’s I am simply wetting my pants sitting here typing and thinking about it. Seriously, what a great mishmash of characters this time around. (And if you’ve been reading this blog since our conception last August, you may remember MegaWoman raved about X-23’s appearance in the game)

(Hell yeah he just beat you down with his life bar and health bar)

2) Dead Island was announced the very next day (Feb. 16), which even prompted my non-video-gaming friends to send me the trailer, oohing and aahing. I mean it, 5 people sent me the trailer in one day. Either I resemble a zombie in the day-to-day or they associate me with zombie games or… T_T Regardless of what reasoning they harbored in their minds as they posted and forward the video to me in Facebook and Gmail, the trailer definitely has a cinematic (when I say cinematic I mean there’s a tinge of emotion) feel, and though I think I will check out the game when it comes out, I don’t know if I want to delve into yet ANOTHER zombie venture. Perhaps it’s because I currently feel like a zombie and have no desire for anything zombie-related. Temporary bias.

Also, any blog post titled “Game on”, in actual reference to games, needs to be followed by That “The Guild” video, as below. You can thank/hate me later when you find yourself humming this song until 5pm.

Happy Thanksgiving! <3

24 Nov

Ah, thanksgiving break…to bad I didn’t post this on Monday or something, since we have been off from school this whole week. But I was working. I love my job at the library, but I hated having to go into work at a certain time because then you have to plan your whole day out, which seems like it will go by so fast. ;_; But I got all my hours in for this week for once, and we even got to close early on Wednesday! ^_^

Thanksgivng was ok for me this year. We always go down to my step-sisters grandfather’shouse(which is down the street XD ) and eat there. It was odd though, because not as many people were there and my step-sister’s grandmother, since she recently passed away. But the food was good! (But all I really eat is turkey..and the home-made rolls…roollllss) After that, I came home and had a wonderful nap! ^_^

*sigh* Today is Friday. Only three more days left of this relaxing holiday break, and yet my room is still a mess. >> I have so much I want to do. I hate being lazy.

No, no, I am not addicted to the game..yet. o.o But since I’v been playing, I wanted to see if anyone else had an acoount. So far I have two charaters. My first was an undead, since Meaghan was already those big tarun things. o.0 Then Meaghan came over and we hooked her laptop up through my DSL and we both played WoW..right by each other…so in order for us to play at the same level, we got to be night elfs. ^__^ It makes leveling up and whatnot go by so much faster with a buddy helping ya out. ^__^


Here are my two charries..yeah, Mathrie is a little short. o.o Plus it was a random name, since everything else I wanted was taken, even most of the random names. ><;; On the night elf, I was just messing around to see if Ashli was taken, and it wasn’t..so there she is. XD She has on those cute little Old Navy shorts on. ..not really. Ah, joking with Meaghan. XD

So if you are on, don’t mind sending me a message. ^_^ Right now I am on a two week trial, I think I will be buying an account soon, but for now I am unable to do some things. (Meaghan said somehing about chatting in the general chat..? Oh well..)

Now I am off to…I guess play in photoshop..or something. I need to make a layouttt. ;_; Hopefully I will get one done.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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