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Are People Like Gerard Way Supposed to Exist?

3 Jan

Happy new years, everyone. 2011. Do you make resolutions? I really don’t. I don’t know what’ll happen for me this year–there are things I want to do and places I want to go, but they’re basically just things I didn’t get around to finishing last year, so… I wouldn’t say they could be resolutions. Anyway, here’s to continued success with our blog, thank you ALL for your support our first 4 months. Now I feel we can put on the big kid pants.

The past two weeks have been very strange for me. People from my past (=awkward high school days) popping up, some cooler than others, some still awkward. So I say “strange” but when I mean “strange”, I mean I enjoy it. I like strange. Strange is preferable to routine. Those of you that know me, understand I have no sense of routine at all–especially in my sleeping pattern. But again, here I go off on another tangent completely unrelated to the subject of this post, Gerard Way.

Yes, I used to listen to My Chemical Romance. Their “The Black Parade” album was on repeat in my car for quite a while… then they kind of disappeared. Now onto the “people from my past” mention, I was hanging out with an old (super, super old–have known for 10 years+) friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a few years, when suddenly we started talking about music (probably my fault) and then randomly, MCR. And then somehow the topic changed to “You know that Gerard Way wrote a comic book right?” Where have I been the past 4 years? Busy being uncool, I guess.

My Chemical Romance Fabulous Killjoys

My Chemical Romance as the Fabulous Killjoys. Image via altsounds.com

Of course I went home and googled that shit. Turns out the comic book is legit (because all comic books “authored” by celebrities already lose that credibility by having their names slapped on the cover somewhere in size 24 font) –it won the Eisner Award in 2008 for Best Finite/Limited Series. I don’t know about you, but the Eisner Award is a pretty big fucking deal. (Way also studied fine art and initially wanted to be a comic book artist/writer)

Of course the NEXT thing I did was run to the nearest comic book store–in my case, Meltdown Comics, and scoop up whatever I could find on The Umbrella Academy (Dark Horse). I only got my hands on issues 1, 2 & 6 but reading through 1 & 2 over my new year’s weekend, I found the story of a dysfunctional “family” with super-“powers” damn fascinating. James Jean‘s fluid and spooky cover art was a plus, and a contrast with the sharp, crisp art style of Brazilian artist Gabriel Bá.

Umbrella Academy / Gerard Way Gabriel Ba

Cover art for Umbrella Academy Issue 2. Image via bscreview.com

Although I wish there was a bit more humor and violence (too much Mark Millar reading lately), Way’s The Umbrella Academy has very fascinating characters that I want to learn more about, set in a world that may or may not be our own…. I mean… the Eiffel Tower being a spaceship? I would never have guessed. A second series was released in 2008, titled “The Umbrella Academy: Dallas”, with a third series slated for release sometime after MCR’s “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” titled “TUA: Hotel Oblivion”.

But if you’re still following MCR (like I haven’t really been doing), you’ll see that their recent album introduces a new SET of characters Gerard came up with; he even directed the video for “Na Na Na“. The video includes scenes mimicking a comic layout.

I have to say that after reading TUA and being familiar with MCR’s music, Gerard Way is my fucking hero. He’s doing what he’s always wanted to do and succeeding.


Diaries of a Tron:Legacy Fanatic

20 Dec

Dear Diary,

I have a feeling my friends are all tired of me dominating their Facebook feeds with back-to-back posts about Tron:Legacy… as if the billboards and commercials weren’t enough already. So I’m going to fangirl in private. I watched the movie in IMAX-3D right after my flight from China, jaw-dropped the entire time. I stepped outside the movie theatre onto the grid of the Real World, imperfect in the way the Grid was “perfect”. I’m glad I got a taste of the Grid when I visited Disneyland weeks before, for the elecTRONica street club/party (read my post about it here). The Daft Punk cameo nearly caused me to wet my pants. Is my life that unexciting that I have to find solace in a fictional, glow-in-the-dark world? Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces, and we are notorious for living in our imaginations 70% of the time. Or maybe I’m just bored of my environment, despite the fact I was traversing in Asia the last week (wait.. that’s another attribute of Pisces… right?)

I went to see the movie again the next day at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood–a dazzling laser show preceded the viewing.

Tron:Legacy laser show at the El Capitan Theatre.

A replica of the shiva device transporting you into the Grid (at the El Capitan)

I must say I enjoyed the movie more the second time… and who am I kidding, I have to see it again with my dad, for whom I just bought a Tron Light Cycle toy for (I got the Kevin Flynn one). The more I look at that toy the more I realize I should have bought one for myself… I mean, it LIGHTS UP!!!!!! Damn it’s cool.

!!!!! Now I really want one for myself!!!!

While at the Disney store next to the El Capitan, I also picked up the hard copy of the Tron soundtrack. I must point out 2 extremely cool things about this item:

1. The CD resembles an identity disc–it’s completely black on both sides, the top side printed with circles of turquoise.
2. The CD insert explains how the soundtrack was created, starting with Daft Punk meeting with director Joseph Kosinski at 101 Cafe in Hollywood, WHICH IS LITERALLY DOWN THE STREET FROM WHERE I LIVE! HOLY CRAP!!!!

Tron:Legacy soundtrack CD

Reverse side of Tron:Legacy soundtrack CD

After viewing the movie for the 2nd time, listening to the soundtrack on repeat, and cozying up in bed with my Tron:Legacy artbook, I started sketching the details for my Quorra costume (next year’s Comic-Con), trolling the web for screencaps and promotional images. I guess it’s no wonder my friends all associate me=Tron. Sigh.

And while scouring the internet for images, I stumbled upon this poster of BRILLIANCE!! I need more music posters to adorn my room, anyway. AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Unfortunately it was only sold with the pre-order of the soundtrack. But you know what that means! Time to eBay.

Tron:Legacy Daft Punk limited edition poster. Image via highsnobiety.com

Well, that’s enough Tron talk for now. Better get back to work and contemplate things happening in real time, like Christmas and potlucks.

The Menace

P.S. Cool elevator unit in my Guangzhou hotel. Portal into the Grid?

Why do I feel like I'm the only one who is giddy over these things 😦

Trying to Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories… Part 2/2

6 Dec

Sadly, it took me an entire week to read the entire “The Guild” graphic novel–picked up this weekend from my favorite comic book store in Los Angeles, Meltdown Comics–but on the plus side, I went out and socialized. Needless to say it was a good weekend–I plowed through 3 comics while waiting in line for the LUNA SEA 20th Anniversary World Tour at the Hollywood Palladium. Yeah, Japanese rock… I still listen to it.

But I digress. It’s no surprise that “The Guild” is one of my favorite series’ in the history of my life, and this graphic novel prequel is a definite must-have for all “The Guild” fans. I think it’s interesting how Day chose to leave Codex’s background unmentioned in the web series. I feel the novel actually works so well in this aspect, as loyal followers of “The Guild” can see how the characters have “changed” throughout the story in its entirety, especially with Vork’s character.

The Guild graphic novel Felicia Day

Someone needs to add this to the list of Epic Vork Quotes thread in The Guild forum

In Sean Becker’s foreword of the graphic novel, he mentions that “…Felicia would be free from the restrictions that come with the show’s web budgets and get to enjoy the creative freedom that only comics can provide”–so true, as half the novel takes place within the game. We even get to witness Codex upgrade her gear. It is pretty awesome. And sad that I can relate.

We’re introduced to Codex’s “rockstar-wannabe” ex-boyfriend, Trevor, who I want to suckerpunch. We’re also introduced to the orchestra Codex was formerly playing with–both of which helped to convince Codex to spend more time in game than IRL. I mean, if I had a terrible, washed-up, unappreciative boyfriend who made me take care of dirty laundry (not in a literal sense) and suddenly became unemployed, I’d probably want to kill things all day too. It’s less expensive than retail therapy. I wouldn’t even need to get out of bed, even. I am.. in no way encouraging anyone to do this, by the way *insert smiley face with halo here*

I don’t think I would recommend this to newcomers to “The Guild” series, even if this is a prequel. I feel as though Day wrote this for the fans, and the way the story is written (mostly how it concludes), is definitely more enjoyable to viewers of the series. It’s a quick read, and is silently cajoling me to re-watch the entire series again, which is probably a really bad idea considering I do have to go to work in 3 hours. Damn you, internet.

Trying to Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories… Part 1/2

29 Nov

“Trying” is the keyword. I say “trying” because I end up reading comic books while eating dinner by myself (because I’m a loser) or watching old clips of “Naked Gun”–yesterday only though, because Leslie Nielsen passed yesterday and he will be missed greatly by this Asian girl who grew up watching the “Naked Gun” movies.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. By that, I mean, you made a mental note to go to the gym first thing after work on Monday, but you are actually sitting here reading this blog post munching on your leftover turkey. I did my pilates yesterday so it’s ok for me to bum here while researching The Guild’s 3rd and final installment in their graphic novel series. (It was released last week on Wednesday)

As a huge “The Guild” fan, I was pleased to hear that the graphic novel would be written as a prequel to Codex’s foray into the Game. I’ll be the first female to admit that Felicia Day has written “Codex” in a way that encourages females to embrace themselves for who they are–because no matter how you’ve fucked up your first date or how you’ve made an intimate moment very awkward, Codex has done worse. So, thank you, Felicia Day, for that, I feel better already. Each character has a more developed backstory, as avid Guildies have limited information about Tinkerballa, who first meets Cyd in novel #1, unknowingly. This is good because right now, Tinkerballa, to me, is just that stereotypical Asian bitch who likes white guys and rolls her eyes all day.

Image via spawnkill.com . Oh, Cyd, you say all that us females are actually afraid to say out loud.

What I found appealing with the comic is that the art style is drastically different from the 2D versions of our favorite Guild characters during the opening sequence of the webisodes. I am truly relishing the attention to detail in the graphic novel, most notably in Cyd/Codex’s clothes and her facial expressions. I must say that some of the characters have gone through the graphic novel-superhero treatment–becoming more attractive in terms of their body proportions (ahem Vork) but the witty dialogue is still present, as the novels were all written by Day, who also writes the web series.

Because I have not yet touched volume #3 this post has been separated into 2 parts. Part 2 will include my final analysis of the graphic novels in their entirety.


21 Nov

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter!

I’m still so split about that fact that they’ve split the movie into two parts. Part of me is repulsed by the overt attempt to milk as much profit from this movie franchise as they can. The cheapskate Indian part of my is unhappy that I’ll  have to pay for overpriced movie tickets twice in order to see both halves of the same story.

Then again, the Harry Potter fan in me is delighted that my beloved series is lasting for so long. This two part movie gives me two additional things to still be excited about now that the books have all been published.  For all I know, the last movie might fizzle, and all my excitement will be for nothing… but seeing the posters on the sides of buses and on billboards and ads on TV/Hulu still makes me smile and gives me this little burst of ‘happy’ until the movies prove otherwise.

The HP7.1 was awesome. I don’t know if I’d say it’s the best of the seven so far (I’m still a huge fan of the fifth because I think it’s the best movie version of a very long book) but it was good! So much better than the sixth movie, which sometimes felt like just two people talking and they’d switch out who those two people were.

7.1 has a similar feel to movie 6 and 5, in terms of colour and a bit of tone, but it’s not as dark or slow. And, overall, I think it’s a great rendition of t he book. No spoilers, so I’m not going to tell you where it ended or how it played out too much, but let’s just say that they actually managed to make the boring, camping-in-the-forest part of the book not boring.

Seeing the movie reminded me of just how much I love this series. I’m off to re-read the books again. Let’s hope that sates my HP appetite for a little bit. Probably won’t last too long though, and soon I’ll be scouring the web for snippets about HP7.2.

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