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25 Feb

Birthdays, something we as youth under the age of 18 looked forward to every year. But I am not turning 18 in 2 weeks, rather, 24, and I can’t say I’m anticipating it, the getting older part. Sure, I’m having a huge party at a restaurant/bar and getting smashed–isn’t everything we do after the age of 21 alcohol-related? I didn’t realize how “old” I was until I went shopping for fucking RED WINE at Ralph’s in ADDITION to my groceries. Anyway, you don’t care about my birthday. What you do care about though, is that February 21st was the 25th birthday of The Legend of Zelda.

Where can I get one?! Image via answerbag.com

This takes me back to my childhood as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was the very first Gameboy game I had ever played. I would play it at my friend’s house, and we spent so much time trying to clear the first temple we eventually gave up. Then I got internet and looked up the Holy Invisible Hand known as The WALKTHROUGH and learned I just needed to move a fucking BRICK to open one of the doors in the temple. Talk about noob status. (But does ANYBODY remember stealing from the shop owner? Lol.)

After Link’s Awakening, I was pretty hooked on the Zelda games. I also had a lot of free time back then to fuck around, slash at chickens and destroy bushes for rupees. Now I just hunt for treasure chests because that’s obviously more efficient.

Link's Awakening. Image via vgchartz.com

The Legend of Zelda has come a long, long way. Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks are two of my favorite games, and I can’t wait for Skyward Sword to release later this year (for the Wii), Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. The game developers top themselves every time, and the magic of this is that they aren’t reinventing the wheel–I truly appreciate how they take advantage of the console each particular game is released for. Skyward Sword is supposedly more difficult than Twilight Princess as it fully incorporates the Wii Motion Plus control and therefore, you cannot aimlessly swing the remote around thinking you’re going to destroy your target…. not that I do that.

1up.com has a damn intensive tribute to TLoZ, which you can visit by clicking the first part of this sentence, but below are just some of my favorite TLoZ ITEMS, which have now become pretty damn iconic:

(not in any particular order)

1. Grappling hook (Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass) – seriously so helpful for jumping around and nabbing treasure chests. Where can I get one in real life to encourage my already indolent lifestyle?

Image via piranhazone.com

2. Spirit Flute (Spirit Tracks) – I liked that you actually had to blow into the DS (as opposed to just pushing buttons for the Ocarina), but when you’re doing that at the doctor’s office (especially if you’re a 20-some year-old female), you don’t look cool.

Image via zeldadungeon.net

3. Boomerang – I seriously looked forward to acquiring this item every game, the grappling hook is like a slightly more Indiana Jones-esque boomerang, because it’s not as practical as the boomerang. “Practical as the boomerang”, a phrase I may never use outside of gaming.

Image via gametrailers.com

4. Bomb Arrow (Link’s Awakening, Twilight Princess) – So you can’t get this anywhere but seriously, bomb arrows are bomb. Unless you don’t release it in time…

Image via zeldadungeon.net

5. Phantom Sword (Phantom Hourglass) – HELL YEAH KILL THEM PHANTOMS.

Lol you gotta love Oshus. Image via wikia.com

6. Fishing rod (Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass) – Still one of my favorite ways to kill time in-game and receive cool prizes. LIKE PIECES OF HEARTS OHHHH YEAH.

Image via wikia.com

7. Bomb bag – Because you can never have enough bombs

image via zeldadungeon.net

And just because people love to remix Zelda songs,  here’s the one I’m currently listening to:

A Legend of Zelda post is not complete without a mention of THE LEGEND OF NEIL.

Felicia Day as the fairy, absolute gold. Image via nerdreactor.com


3 Oct

I wasn’t trying to recite part of the Japanese alphabet. I’m talking about how the Wii helped me get off my insolent, glued-to-a-screen ass and stand on a board while paddling for 2 fucking hours on a sunny Saturday in September.

I know the Wii Fit already aids in encouraging people to exercise from the comfort of their own home, but being a former cross-country/track runner (you wouldn’t believe that I used to be HARDCORE AND ACTUALLY IN SHAPE. Nowadays I’ll walk two flights of stairs and attempt to catch my breath), I’m a huge advocate of participating in OUTSIDE RECREATION.

So I’m thankful for my friends that have generously-sized living rooms and multiple Wii remotes. Because true to my lazy nature, board games take too much time to set up. I tested out Wii Sports Resort the same week it released at my friend’s house, and what my girl friends and I learned that night was–never challenge me in a real-life duel because you might actually die.

Wii Sword-fighting

Wii Swordplay, image via gamezone.com

Wii Sports Resort Canoeing

Wii Sports Resort - Canoeing. Image via videogameblogger.com

Crazy sword antics aside, one of the sports that tired us out completely was canoeing. This prompted us to actually go kaYAKING. I went kayaking once, when I was at cross-country camp at Catalina Island. Yeah, I was athletic … once upon a time. We started throwing out ideas of REAL-LIFE-OUTDOOR-EXERCISES and we came upon paddle-boarding, which my friend (The host) had done a while ago. There were 4 of us that night, and though it took us forever to assemble and actually pick a date to participate in OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, we finally did it. It was very enjoyable and my entire body was sore for a non-embarrassing reason! I could proudly tell people that I was sore from PADDLE-BOARDING and NOT FROM PLAYING 6 HOURS OF TWILIGHT PRINCESS. Because most people don’t know what paddle-boarding is, and when I say that you literally stand on a BOARD and PADDLE, it makes you sound BADASS. To be honest, paddle-boarding isn’t hard at all.

Paddle boarding

Hot chicks paddle-boarding (not me, not Megan, not Marize. Sorry.) Image via southfloridaadventures.com

Wii Sports Resort even encouraged me to contemplate archery. I researched nearby archery sessions and found some for the weekend. Unfortunately, waking up at 8am on a Saturday morning by myself is asking too much. I guess the Wii can only encourage me to change so much of my lifestyle.

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