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Superheroes in Art

17 Jan

Art with a capital A, too.

With graphic novels gaining literary appreciation, why shouldn’t comic book art gain the same respect?
Honestly though, I’m not all that convinced about the general public’s ability to make that cognitive leap without some help, and I think I’ve found just the way to do that. Meshing comic book superheroes with more classic art might make it easier for people to appreciate comic art on its own.

Check out Superhero ModRen 1 and Superhero ModRen 2 . They’re Photoshop competitions where people have combined superheroes with fine art and some are pretty amazing.
(Admittedly, a lot do look just like bad Photoshop, but others are impressive.)

These are some of my favourites:

Geek Gingerbread

24 Dec

I’m going to share these with you because I’m rather proud of some of them (and hopelessly embarrassed by others).

Consider it an early Christmas present with one condition: you’re not allowed to make fun of my frosting skills…or lack thereof.

Captain America

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan




Black Canary

The Doppler Effect

Sheldon Cooper's Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman



Not a Red Shirt



At Your Fingers

8 Dec

Does anyone remember that fantastical exhibit the Metropolitan Museum of Art had 2 years ago showcasing superhero-inspired high fashion creations? Which was also then given its own, extremely memorable spread in American Vogue? (see below for a quick refresher)

A Catwoman-inspired outfit by Dolce & Gabbana, from Vogue. Image via stylefrizz.com

And then, American designer Diane von Furstenberg designed a capsule collection inspired by Wonder Woman shortly afterwards… this, I was only lukewarm towards. If I’m a grown woman with a day job tinkering away in the office on my keyboard, I’m not sure I’d want to wear a wrap dress with a glittering star slapped on the side.

Diane von Furstenberg Holiday 2008. Image via nitrolicious.com

Now, nOir Jewelry has teamed up with DC Comics for their 75th anniversary to launch a limited-edition line of superhero-inspired JEWELRY. I commend the fashion industry for being the leaders of sometimes-bottomless risk-taking in hopes of making a few extra bucks. These crossovers don’t always work, but I give brownie points for effort. You know, I do cosplay and all, and I do own that infamous “Video games destroyed my life good thing I have two extra lives ” tee from Threadless, but for some reason the only person I could ever see these rings on is Ke$ha.

I'm not crazy, right? Ke$ha needs these. Image via refinery29.com

And it’s not only because I’ve had “We R Who We R” stuck in my head for the past 3 days.

Click to open the video. I apologize in advance if you have this song stuck in your head for the next week. Just listen to "Whip My Hair" to boot it out of your brain.

Justice that is not Old. Yup.

26 Nov

I love DC’s animated universe. If it existed in corporeal form, I’d marry it (regardless of its gender and the law involved with that… although I suspect it’d probably be male just because there aren’t that many major superheroines in DC canon…)


Think about it though; DC has definitely had the best run of superhero animated TV shows:

  • the old noir-ish Batman, which is the earliest animated Batman I remember watching, and its setting is definitely one of the first images my mind turns to when I picture Batman
  • Batman-Superman Adventures, where Lois had that ridiculous/cute pink and white convertible and Bruce Wayne looked devilishly handsome
  • Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, which was dramatically mature enough that you didn’t have to be a kid to enjoy it
  • Batman Beyond, which was awesome on it’s own merits because it told a great story of an alternate DC future, but also tied into the Justice League universe with that amazing time-travel episodeBB
  • Teen Titans, with its mix of Japanese anime expressions and American animation that somehow worked to make a quirky, kid-friendly TV show
  • Batman the Brave and the Bold (oh my god, that show is so much fun) which is the campy, sunny-side up version of Batman, reminiscent of the old Adam West TV show but with a self-awareness of its campy nature
  • The Batman, where the animation was beautiful, even if all his gadgets glowed blue and were not at all conducive to stealth
  • Even Static Shock, which was about a side character that was still better than most of the other kids’ TV shows it was aired alongside
  • The Zeta Project! Almost forgot about that one. Only two seasons, but such a great story.


Now, I’m looking forward to Cartoon Network’s new Young Justice cartoon.

Its animation looks beautiful and high-quality. The few clips I’ve seen make it look like a quick-witted and action-packed adventure that is both age appropriate and yet entertaining for older geeks to watch.



My only teeny tiny qualm is that it seems to mix superhero ‘generations’. Robin is Dick Grayson and KidFlash is Wally West, which match…except for the fact that they were never a part of Young Justice, they were in the Teen titans. Plus the costumes that they’re wearing are closer to the ones usually worn by Tim Drake and Bart fromthefutureIcan’trememberhissurname, who actually were in Young Justice. Plus, Superboy’s a member of the team, and he’s supposed to be the same ‘generation’ as Tim, not Dick. (For anyone who actually knows the DC multiverse, the show’s supposedly set on Earth 16. I don’t know, but it might match the team members of YJ in that ‘verse.)

But, I can easily sweep those incongruities aside if the show turns out to actually be as awesome as it looks like it’s going to be. 

It will start to air regularly in January 2011, but there’s a one-hour pilot premiere TODAY, November 26th, on Cartoon Network at 7/6 central. (I’m definitely going to be watching…and practically buzzing with anticipation until then and probably squealing with excitement during the actual show whenever they make any comic book references I understand. Watch it or watch me; either will be entertaining. )


33ish Ideas for Simple Geeky Costumes

29 Oct

Unlike The Menace, I’m a lazy geek with minimal sewing abilities. Rather than attempt and fail to construct detailled and elaborate costumes, I stick to costumes that work with what I have in my closet and require the purchase of three accessories max.

Here are some simple, quick, yet geeky costumes that you can put together in time for Halloween (which is only three days away!). These are the ones I thought up yesterday; any other ideas?



Wolverine: Wife beater. Jeans. Dogtags. Leather jacket. Prop claws. Cigar, Sideburns. Five bucks for plastic claws, three for fake sideburns  and scruff (free if you’ve got the hairy genes to grow it yourself).

Superboy: Black T-shirt with red Superman S (can be made out of red tape). Jeans. Sunglasses optional.

Bruce Wayne: Suit. Shirt unbuttoned to reveal Batman symbol underneath?

The Penguin: Tuxedo. Umbrella. Top Hat. Pointy nose. Cigarette in holder. Monocle.

Warren Worthington III: Blonde hair. Jeans. Large angel wings.

Silver Surfer: Silver speedo. Silver bodypaint. Silver swim cap to make yourself look bald. Silver surfboard (can just be carboard cut into the shape and spray painted). Contacts if you want the full effect.

Dr. Manhattan: Blue bodypaint. Blue swim cap to make yourself look bald. Draw in a circle with a dot in the centre of your forehead. Contacts and dark eye makeup. Black biker shorts or speedo or man thong or…you know.

Angel: Dark clothing. Leather jacket. Hair gel. Broody attitude. Maybe vampire fangs.

Waldo: Red and white striped shirt and beanie. Reans. Round glasses. It’s so much better if you surround yourself with people dressed similarly but slightly differently so that it’s like you’re actually hidden in a Where’s Waldo book.

Chuck: White short sleeved shirt. Skinny grey tie. Pens in pocket. Nerd Herd nametag. Bonus points if you have a hot blonde girlfriend in a orange tank top or leather.

Shaun of the Dead: Red tie. White shirt. Red pen in pocket. Nametag. Bloody cricket bat. Bouquet of yellow flowers. Zombie best friend a plus.

The Hulk: Purple shorts. Green body paint. Dark hair.

Severus Snape: Long black robe. Wand. Greasy hair. Big nose and Slytherin colours optional.

Captain Hammer: Hammer T-shirt. Cargo pants tucked into combat boots. Welder’s gloves.

Hiro Nakamura: All black clothing. Draw on a soul patch. Samurai sword.



Baroness: Skin tight, all black clothes. Awesome boots, Glasses. Red Cobra symbol on your chest, (can be made using red tape). Maybe a prop machine gun and ammo belt. Wig if necessary.

Catwoman: Skin tight, all black clothes. Cat ears. Broad gold belt at hip level (can be made out of spray painted cardboard?) and gold coin necklace. Mask. Wig if necessary. Or, alternatively, just boots and a whip.

Ramona Flowers: Cute, punk clothes. Several belts. Colourful wig. Rollerblades or cool boots. Those goggles might be a little hard to find, but you could do without them and still be recognisable. Circle purse with a star. Giant hammer is a plus.

Emma Frost: Blonde hair. White lingerie/bathing suit/corset. White boots. White cape.

She Hulk: Suit. Purple undershirt for a hint of who she is. Green body paint. Wig if necessary. Nametag and briefcase optional. (As a law student, it’s my go-to back-up costume)

Smurfette: White dress. Blue bodypaint, Blonde wig if necessary.

Black Canary: Black bathing suit. Leather jacket. Fishnets. Combat boots. Blonde wig if necessary. Motorbike optional.

Poison Ivy: Green body paint. Red wig if necessary. Leaves glued to a bikini.

Starbuck: Backwards black racerback tank top. Khakis. Combat boots. Hexagonal dogtags. Cigar. Short blonde hair. Tattoo on left arm.

Barbara Gordon/Oracle: Red hair. Wheelchair. Glasses. Laptop and escrima sticks optional.

Leia: Extra large white turtleneck. Long white skirt. Belt. Hair in distinctive buns.



The Doctor and Companion: so many options here, including but not limited to:

  • 9: Leather jacket, Jeans. Dark shirt. Big nose and ears.
  • 10: Blue or brown pinstriped suit. Slight sideburns. Converse. Trenchcoat optional.
  • 11: Bowtie. Suspenders. Fez. Dress shirt and sweater(vest).
  • Rose: Pink or purple. Dirty blonde hair.
  • Martha: Red leather jacket. Jeans.

Mulder and Scully: Suits that look like they’re from the 80’s. Trenchcoats. Red hair for Scully.  You can print out prop X-Files FBI badges.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent: Lois = suit and Daily Planet press pass (can be printed from the internet).

Clark = Option 1: Flannel. Jeans. Glasses. Shirt unbuttoned to reveal Superman Symbol underneath. Option 2: Business Casual. Tie. Glasses. Daily Planet press pass. Shirt unbuttoned to reveal Superman Symbol underneath.

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts: Pepper = suit. Crazy high heels.

Tony= Option 1: Wife beater. Jeans,. Goatee. Glow-y arc reactor hanging around his neck and under the wife beater. (I’ve arc reactor necklaces for sale in Halloween stores so I know it’s available; or you could use two glow sticks and electrical tape to achieve the same effect.) Option 2: Suit with arc reactor glow showing through.

Cloak and Dagger: Black guy with a goatee in a black cloak. White girl in skin tight white clothes with relevant sections cut out. Blonde wig if necessary.

Jay and Kay: Suits. Sunglasses. One black guy, one white guy.

Pumpkin Pi: Orange shirt with pumpkin face (can be made using black electrical tape). Pi shirt.

Batman III Villain Thesis (IV of IV)

14 Oct


Potentials for the next movie: Better Options

Bane: a recognizable name to anyone who knows Batman.

He’s smart, has articulated political and moral beliefs, and still has the comic book strength.

He can be a pure ‘strong man’ for Batman to display his fighting abilities; although Batman fought LoS ninjas in the first movie, there weren’t as many opportunities for serious fighting skills to be displayed in TDK. Bane’s strength comes from weird fluids being pumped into him; given Scarecrow’s use of drugs in BB, it’s a believable premise that fits in with Nolanverse.

But, the problem is that he breaks Batman… literally. He was there to challenge, and deal a serious blow to, an established Batman; a Batman who had set up his stable, crime-fighting practice in Gotham; who had a family to support him; who already has the ‘cool’ factor of the goddamn Batman as an integral and confirmed part of his character.

Unless there’s been a pretty significant time lapse between TDK and the 3rd movie, Batman just won’t be at that point in his storyline. At this point, he’s still n00b!Batman; he’s still exploring his job and figuring out his position in Gotham. He doesn’t need a villain as major as Bane to bring him down..it would be overkill.

Poison Ivy: would be one of the best choices, in my opinion.

She has an environmental preservation aspect, which could bring in relevant and current political and moral issues, both for depth in the movie and to give the fictional setting more substance.

Plus, she’s a girl! She can bring sexiness and seduction without emotional involvement. Nolanverse Batman hasn’t had to deal with a female villain yet, and I think he needs to. The problem is that there aren’t really many female Batman villains who aren’t just sidekicks (Ex: Harley, Queen of Hearts, even Talia).

Despite Uma Thurman’s hair in the Batnipples movie, Poison Ivy could be pulled off in a modern, and believable way for Nolanverse (maybe as an ecoterrorist?).

The Riddler: the other major villain who’d would be a good choice.

He’s got the traditional Batman mental craziness, and he’s not so bonkers that he’d be unbelievable in Nolanverse.

Since they managed to pull off the purple Joker costume almost elegantly, I have faith that they could make that green question-mark suit work for him.

His use of riddles and clues gives Batman a chance to exercise and show off his brain/detective skills. One of the most important elements of the Batman character is that he’s not only extremely well trained, but that he’s practically a genius. Although we’ve seen in BB and TDK that he can solve problems with his brain (and with help from Lucius and Alfred and his money etc), I really want Bruce to showcase the fact that he is usually one of the smartest people in the room.

Agree/Disagree? Can you think of anyone I should have considered?

Batman III Villain Thesis (III of IV)

13 Oct


Potentials for the next movie: Some Options

Penguin: just a mob boss with a quirky sense of dress and a pointy nose and funny name (Oswold Cobblepot? Really?What kind of parents do that to their kid and don’t expect him to grow up damaged?).

Although he’s one of the most recognizable/famous Batman villains, using him in the 3rd movie wouldn’t really add anything to the story that we haven’t seen before (via Carmine Falcone and the misc. mob bosses in TDK).

Catwoman: She’d give Batman a chance to expand his crime-fighting duties beyond just street crimes and into more investigative things, like burglary. Could help him get back into the Gotham PD’s good graces by working with them to recover things she’s stolen, but it might be too quick a reconciliation after the end of TDK.

While she is a great Batman villain (definitely one of the most recognizable names), I don’t think she should be in the next movie mainly because she’s an actual romantic interest. Of all his relationships, I’ve always felt like the ones that were closest to working out were Selina Kyle and Talia al Ghul. Since Talia doesn’t seem to exist in the Nolanverse (or wouldn’t be able to without a little evasive manoeuvring around the backstory Ra’s gave us in BB), Selina becomes the one love interest that should be fully delved into.

The sexual tension between Batman and Catwoman is what makes her an interesting villain, and without that done properly, I don’t think she’s worth it as a villain for the 3rd movie. Because Rachel only just died in TDK, it’d be too soon for him to jump straight into a real relationship.

Firefly: minor arsonist with a quirk. He could easily be a throwaway started villain or super-tiny side plot, just for filler. His psychological issues make him interesting enough to be included.

Arson’s a crime we haven’t really seen before, and could be an opportunity for Batman to develop/display investigative skills as well.

Mad Hatter: uses mind control chips in people’s hats. It could be interesting to bring in a paedophilic Alice-obsessed aspect to him in order to make him darker and creepier. Plus, he could bring in a technological/sci-fi aspect with the mind control chips.

But, it’s messing with minds again, and I think we got enough of that with Scarecrow in BB. The danger is that his Lewis Carroll obsession might come off as ‘crazy just for the heck of it’ if not done properly; it might be difficult to justify a Joker-level of crazy and pull it off again with a seemingly random literary theme.

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